Best Bootcamps to Learn .NET 2023

Many bootcamps teach .NET either as part of broader development programs or as a stand-alone course to learn this popular Microsoft framework.
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  • Providers like Microsoft commonly offer .NET training programs online.
  • A variety of free and flexible courses exist for all experience levels.
  • .NET is favored among developers for its adaptability and versatility.

If you are interested in building Windows applications, .NET is an invaluable tool. It is secure, flexible, and able to support the entire application development life cycle, thanks to the high levels of support programs, APIs, tool sets, libraries, and compilers.

Released originally in 2002, Microsoft has brought .NET through nine updates, keeping it as an important tool for developers.

You can learn .NET programming quickly and affordably through online coding courses or bootcamps, which are explored in this guide.

What Is .NET?

.NET is a software development framework developed by Microsoft. It provides a platform for building and running various types of applications, such as web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications.

It's a flexible and powerful framework that allows developers to create applications in multiple programming languages, including C#, Visual Basic, and F#. It also includes a rich set of libraries and tools that simplify common programming tasks, such as data access, networking, and security.

You can deploy .NET applications on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can also run it on a variety of devices, from servers and desktop computers to smartphones and IoT devices. Overall, .NET is a popular and versatile framework that is widely used and known for its performance, security, and scalability.

How to Learn .NET

Aspiring .NET programmers can access bootcamps and courses to launch their careers fast. Bootcamp providers commonly offer .NET-specific programs online. Many colleges and universities also offer standalone courses in .NET programming through their professional studies or continuing education divisions.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps provide an accelerated, career-oriented program for tech professionals. You'll gain hands-on experience and build a portfolio to qualify for programming jobs upon completion. Coding bootcamps offer an accessible, more affordable path to employment and an alternative to an undergraduate degree.

Online Courses

Many open-source platforms offer online courses in .NET for every budget, schedule, and learning style. Some providers offer .NET courses for free, while others may require a small fee. You may pursue an online course to enjoy greater flexibility and pay less to learn .NET than in a bootcamp.

  • Microsoft: Microsoft offers various free online tutorials and courses for emerging to advanced .NET professionals. You can choose to build a web-, mobile-, or text-based application using .NET. Microsoft also offers instruction in machine learning, C#, WPF, and game development.
  • .NET Academy: This provider offers online courses in C# programming language for .NET professionals. You can choose to pursue beginner, intermediate, or advanced tutorials. The provider also indicates that VB.NET and F# programs are coming soon.
  • edX: Among the largest providers of online open courseware, edX offers introductory courses in C#, object-oriented C#, and .NET Core. You can also use .NET as a foundation to explore edX courses in Xamarin, Azure, or ASP.NET applications.
  • Udemy: Udemy offers various specialized courses in C# and .NET for programmers at all experience levels. You can explore how to use .NET in design patterns, parallel programming, or in building an e-commerce site.
  • Pluralsight: Pluralsight offers an online course for professionals looking to switch careers from other IT jobs to .NET development. The course focuses on professional development through real-world examples and practical projects.

Pros and Cons

Online Course Pros

  • Flexibility (mostly online)
  • Fast completion times
  • Includes career skills for immediate employment
  • Free or low-cost

Online Course Cons

  • Cannot foster in-person collaboration
  • Offers only a high-level overview of skills
  • May not meet minimum entry requirements for some jobs
  • May require an extra fee to obtain a completion certificate

Bootcamp Pros

  • Flexibility (online or in-person)
  • Fast completion times
  • Prepares students for immediate employment
  • May have lower tuition than other educational options, often with payment plan options

Bootcamp Cons

  • Cohort-based model may offer less personal attention from instructors
  • May not dedicate enough time to professional development
  • Cannot replace a degree for highly advanced tech jobs
  • Students may not be able to afford this financial commitment

Best .NET Bootcamps and Courses

Pricing Disclosure: The prices listed below were collected from product websites in March of 2023. However, given the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the tech space, prices are subject to change throughout the year. To get the most up-to-date information about pricing, contact providers directly.

Claim Academy

  • Location: Remote, St. Louis
  • Program Cost: $15,498
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Accepts GI Bill®
Evening & Weekend Options

At Claim Academy, you can choose from several bootcamp tracks, including C#/.NET, Java, and JavaScript. In addition, you'll learn about software engineering best practices and the management and communication needed for technical projects.

The full-time program is taught over 12 weeks, and the part-time program can last between 3-5 months. By the end of the program, you'll have access to networking events and career coaching.

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Coder Foundry

  • Location: Remote
  • Program Cost: $14,900 (full time), $99/month subscription (self-paced)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Self-Paced

Career Services
Start For Free

In the full-time program, you'll learn .NET, SQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript over 12 weeks, with daily live classes and stand-ups. If, for any reason, you decide the course is not for you, you can get your full tuition reimbursed within the first two weeks.

Coder Foundry also offers a self-paced .NET bootcamp, which includes access to almost 100 hours of online course material. The program aims at preparing you to go from novice to full-stack web developer. Throughout the .NET program, you can learn the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and C# on your time and at your pace.Instead of charging a flat fee for the course, Coder Foundry charges per subscribed month. Depending on how often you pay, it can range anywhere from $99 a month to $594 a year.

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Coding Dojo

  • Location: Remote
  • Program Cost: $16,995
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time

Accepts GI Bill®
Career Services

While primarily a full-stack software development bootcamp, one of the specialization options for the course's final section (weeks 11-14) is .NET. You'll learn about object-oriented programming, SQL, and C# and its frameworks. You'll also put your new knowledge to the test by creating a mini event planning app and a mini online marketplace.

After graduation, you will have access to career services, but unlike many other programs, Coding Dojo offers lifelong access.

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Eleven Fifty Academy

  • Location: Remote
  • Program Cost: $13,500
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Accepts GI Bill®
Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

This software development program is broken into three sections. In the first section, you'll focus on front-end development with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C#, and APIs. The second section focuses on back-end development, where you will design and build a WebAPI using ASP.NET. You'll also start designing UX and UI design and testing.

The final section requires you to complete a project showing your ability to develop in the .NET environment. Finally, you must complete a full-stack group project.

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  • Location: Remote, Portland
  • Program Cost: $12,700
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

You can enroll in the 27-week full-time program or the 40-week part-time option. The curriculum covers introductory programming, JavaScript, C#/.NET, and job preparation. Toward the end of the program, you must put in over 150 hours at an internship. One of the unique services from Epicodus is that it allows you to defer payment until you land your first job. You must pay an enrollment deposit; otherwise, you can defer and pay 9.8% of your salary after graduation.

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The Tech Academy

  • Location: Remote
  • Program Cost: $7,950 (full time), $9,800 (part time), $2,800 (self-paced)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time, Self-Paced

CIRR Member
Evening & Weekend Options

The Tech Academy also offers a program that specifically focuses on .NET and C#. In addition to covering C# and .NET, this program covers JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL basics.

The bootcamp provider offers both an instructor-supported option — meaning live classes — and a self-paced option with pre-recorded material. The Tech Academy also has open enrollment, so you can begin whenever you want.

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What Can You Do With .NET Programming?

Software Developer

Software developers create applications for computers and mobile devices. They may specialize in developing a particular type of software, such as games or social media platforms. Developers typically work alongside programmers and quality assurance testers to facilitate the entire life cycle of a software product.

Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $120,730

Software Engineer

Software engineers plan and manage the life cycle of software and systems development. They often direct individuals or teams of programmers and software developers, testers, and quality assurance analysts. Employers may prefer candidates with experience in IT project management.

Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $120,730

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test code to ensure computer software and application functionality. While a programmer may specialize in .NET, they should also be able to use various other common languages. Computer programmers work closely and sometimes share responsibilities with software developers.

Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $93,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning .NET

Is .NET easy to learn?

Developers like .NET because it is a versatile, object-oriented framework. You can quickly master .NET, which is compatible with many other languages, including C# and VB.NET. Experienced professionals in management or other IT specializations can pursue .NET to switch to a programming career.

Programmers can also take a course or enroll in a bootcamp to learn .NET for a particular type of mobile, gaming, or e-commerce app.

Where can I learn .NET for free?

Microsoft offers its own free tutorials in .NET and supporting software applications. In addition, many open courseware providers, bootcamp providers, and even some universities offer free or low-cost coding courses and programs in .NET. However, you should research any free program before enrolling. Some courses let you start for free but ultimately require a subscription or membership fee.

What is the best way to learn .NET?

With so many courses and bootcamps available, anyone can master .NET quickly and affordably online. Beginner programming students can access online courses to learn .NET programming through sites like Microsoft, .NET Academy, and edX.

Providers of .NET courses and bootcamps develop their programs to help students meet the minimum education and experience requirements for many software development jobs. These programs also suit people already working in IT who want a refresher in .NET or a new career.

How long does it take to learn .NET?

If you are completely new to programming, learning how to use .NET might take a couple of months to get a good understanding. It is not particularly challenging or complicated to learn, but the first introduction to development can be tricky to wrap your head around.

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