Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans

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  • Some bootcamp programs offer scholarships to cover 50%-100% of veterans' tuition.
  • Many other programs will offer diversity scholarships that can be awarded to veterans.
  • There is a significant discrepancy between programs on how much a scholarship will cover.

Coding bootcamps have exploded in popularity over the last ten years with nearly all demographics, including student veterans.

Bootcamps offer an education in a generally well-paid and high-demand job market, with a far smaller time requirement than traditional university programs. This can be highly alluring for veterans looking to jumpstart a new career in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, coding bootcamps are often not cheap, leaving many students to find alternative payment options or scholarships. The good news is that veterans often have various financial assistance possibilities at their disposal. Many programs accept the GI Bill, which is the primary way veterans can cover most, if not all, of their tuition fees. If a student is not able to use their GI Bill for any reason, scholarships are the next best way for veterans to reduce the cost of a bootcamp. Military personnel are included in many scholarships aimed at promoting diversity.

Additionally, many programs offer various forms of financial assistance, including deferred payment plans, loans, or income share agreements, where students do not pay for the program until they have finished and found employment. Between all of the available options, veterans should be able to find a way to make their education affordable and start their new civilian career path.

Find the Right Coding Bootcamp For You

Coding Bootcamps That Distribute the Most Funds

Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a coding bootcamp specifically for veterans and their spouses. They offer numerous scholarship options, including scholarships that cover the full $18,000 for women, Black, Hispanic, or transgender veterans and their spouses. There are also scholarships covering up to $15,500 for those who do not qualify for the other categories. Since Code Platoon is specifically for veterans, the scholarship application process is integrated into the general application process, making it quick and easy to apply.

Inventive Academy

At Inventive Academy, 25% of the scholarship opportunities are reserved for student veterans. The scholarships cover 100% of the cost of the program and include job placement assistance after students graduate.

To apply, students need to send a 3-6 minute video highlighting why they qualify for and deserve the scholarship. Specifically, they are looking for strong communication skills, a passion for learning, and the ambition and drive to be successful during and after the program.

Zip Code Wilmington

Zip Code Wilmington offers full-ride scholarships ($6,000) for veterans, those on active duty, reservist military, and spouses. If you have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement left by the start of the class, Zip Code Wilmington can also provide assistance to help students get funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

They do not publish any further information regarding their scholarships, so interested students need to email them.

DevPoint Labs

DevPoint Labs offers a scholarship covering 50% of the program's cost ($8,800). The Opportunity in Tech Scholarship is not specifically for veterans but rather for general diversity representation. Because of this, it might be more difficult for student veterans to receive a scholarship as the category is much wider.

In order to apply, students need to fill out an application, answer essay questions explaining why they are the best candidate, and provide a letter of recommendation.

Turing School

Turning School also offers scholarships for general diversity rather than specifically for veterans. In every cohort, two students are awarded a $4,000 scholarship towards the total cost of $25,000.

In order to apply, students need to answer four short essay questions of 200-300 words each. A scholarship panel will then determine which students should receive the vouchers based on the student's passion, determination, and financial need.

Comprehensive List of Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans
Provider Scholarship Name Scholarship Amount Regular Tuition
Code Platoon Transgender Veteran Scholarship $18,000 $18,000
Code Platoon SkillBridge Scholarship $18,000 $18,000
Inventive Academy Veterans Scholarship Program Up to 100% coverage $11,000
Zip Code Wilmington Military Scholarship Up to 100% coverage $6,000
Code Platoon Veteran and Spouse Scholarship $15,500 $18,000
Code Platoon MilSpouse Scholarship $15,500 $18,000
DevPoint Labs Opportunity in Tech Scholarship 50% off $8,800
Turing School Diversity Scholarship $4,000 $25,000
Metis The Metis Scholarship $3,000 $11,000
LEARN academy Military Scholarship $2,000 $14,500
Flatiron School The Access Scholarship Up to $2,000 $16,900
The Academy at Suncoast Developers Guild Hero Award Scholarship $1,900 $14,900
Coding Dojo Military Re-training Scholarship $1,000 $16,495
Fullstack Academy Veterans Pay-Upfront Scholarship $1,000 $18,910
Claim Academy Veterans Scholarship $500 $15,498
Thinkful Vets in Tech Scholarship $100 per month $16,000
Alchemy Code Lab Diversity in Tech Scholarship 5-70% coverage >$24,000
BrainStation Veterans Scholarship Varies $15,000
DeltaV Code School Diversity Tuition Award Varies $12,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Bootcamp Scholarships for Veterans

What are my other payment options for a coding bootcamp?

While military scholarships can be a great help, they are far from the only way for veterans, active military, and spouses to pay for an education in coding or development. If available, using funds from the GI Bill is the best way to help veterans pay for their education.

Many bootcamps accept the GI Bill and have specific departments to help students navigate the application process. Depending on if the student has previously used their GI Bill or not, it might also cover the full cost of the program or bootcamp.

What is deferred tuition?

Since coding bootcamps may cost several thousand dollars, many students need help covering the cost. One option some programs offer is deferred tuition. Every bootcamp does it slightly differently, but generally, students are required to pay a small upfront fee for their course, then pay the rest either after they graduate or find their first job in the industry.

As is often the case with loans, students who defer tuition payments generally end up paying more overall for the program, but in a more manageable way. Programs offer various payment options, so it is important to find one that works best for your financial needs.

What are some coding bootcamps for veterans?

Code Platoon is the only bootcamp that is specifically and only for military personnel and their families. However, Code Platoon only offers a bootcamp in full-stack development, so it might not be a good match for everyone. Galvanize also has a program specifically for service members still on active duty.

Other bootcamp programs have special scholarships or offers for veterans but are not veteran-only programs.

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