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Tech Elevator began offering its coding bootcamp in 2015, combining an industry-aligned curriculum with career development resources. The coding bootcamp celebrated a milestone in 2020 with its 1,000th graduate placed in a new career in software development. Currently, Tech Elevator's coding bootcamp is offered in person and via live remote learning.

Tech Elevator focuses on full-stack web development, offering programs in two formats: a 14-week full-time bootcamp and a 30-week part-time bootcamp. Participants work with databases, APIs, and web frameworks. Programming languages covered in Tech Elevator's coding bootcamp includes .Net and Java. Tech Elevator instructors bring an average of 20 years of experience in the field to the classroom. Project-based assignments help students master real-world skills and build a professional portfolio they can use in their job hunt.

Tech Elevator graduates have found work with hundreds of companies in the tech, finance, and retail industries. The program helps match graduates with companies through interview events, mentoring sessions, and employer showcases. Graduates report an average salary boost of more than $24,000 when they start their new careers.

This Tech Elevator bootcamp review provides information on the program's cost, admissions process, and student outcomes.

Tech Elevator Overview

Locations: Remote,Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

Technical Disciplines: Web Development

Payment Options: GI Bill®, Grants, Income Share Agreement, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

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Tech Elevator Courses

The Tech Elevator bootcamp builds skills in Java or .Net, and students can choose which path to pursue. The curriculum includes lectures and classes Monday-Friday, and students can access the lab any time to work on projects. In the part-time program, students focus on independent self-study on weekdays and participate in a live class on Saturdays. Tech Elevator provides all students with a laptop for the program, as well as any required software licenses.

Tech Elevator encourages students to engage with their instructors and classmates, and it maintains a 12-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio. The remote program option requires students to "attend" online classes that use live conferencing, and participants also complete group assignments.

Full-Stack Web Development

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  • Cost: $16,500
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 14 weeks, 30 weeks

The Tech Elevator coding bootcamp prepares graduates for junior web developer roles. The curriculum includes full-stack web programming using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as database programming using SQL. Students gain experience using front-end frameworks and building APIs. Learners complete coding projects and participate in code reviews.

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Tech Elevator Admissions Process

Applicants do not need to know how to code when they apply. However, an online aptitude test helps the program determine whether potential students possess the natural ability and foundational knowledge necessary for success. Tech Elevator also offers workshops in coding to help prospective students prepare for the bootcamp.

The aptitude test takes about 25 minutes. The company sends an invitation to apply to the program to individuals who scored well on this first assessment. The final steps in the admissions process include an interview with a team leader and a second aptitude test.

Tech Elevator Payment Options

Students can pay the Tech Elevator coding bootcamp price of $16,500 upfront, or take advantage of one of Tech Elevator's other payment options.

Tech Elevator partners with SallieMae and Ascent to offer loans with terms from 3-15 years. Students can also borrow additional funds to cover living expenses while they complete their bootcamp.

GI Bill

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Eligible veterans can use their GI Bill benefits to pay tuition costs.


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The bootcamp qualifies as an eligible training provider in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grants.

Income Share Agreement

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Tech Elevator's income share agreement (ISA) allows students to make an initial $2,000 deposit on their tuition and then wait to pay the remaining amount until after they graduate from the program and find a job paying at least $40,000 annually. Graduates then pay 10% of their salary every month for 48 months, or until they reach 1.5 times the upfront program cost. For more information about ISAs, read our guide.


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Tech Elevator partners with SallieMae and Ascent to offer loans with terms from 3-15 years. Students can also borrow additional funds to cover living expenses while they complete their bootcamp.


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Tech Elevator also offers scholarships to defray some or all of your tuition costs. Some scholarship programs support underrepresented groups in technology, some target students at specific campuses, and others welcome all applicants from any Tech Elevator location.

Tech Elevator Student Outcomes

Tech Elevator is a member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) — a nonprofit organization that promotes verified and standardized bootcamp reporting to help applicants compare outcomes.

Overall, Tech Elevator reports a 93% graduation rate and a 90% job placement rate for its 2021 graduates. These professionals reported an average starting salary of $65,000. More recent student outcome data can be found on CIRR's website.

Tech Elevator combines its industry-aligned curriculum with one-on-one career coaching and career development sessions that cover resume writing, interviewing, and networking to help its graduates find gainful employment.

Tech Elevator Student Outcomes

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  • Outcomes From: Full-Stack Web Development
  • Reporting Period: 2021

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Average Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Elevator Coding Bootcamps

What is Tech Elevator?

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Tech Elevator is a coding bootcamp that began offering tech-focused career preparation programs in 2015. Its 14-week, full-time program focuses on full-stack web development and prepares graduates for positions as junior developers.

Is it hard to get into Tech Elevator?

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You do not need a background in computer science or coding to be admitted to Tech Elevator. The program uses an online aptitude test to determine if applicants have the qualities needed to succeed in their program. The application process also includes an interview and a second aptitude screening.

Is Tech Elevator worth it?

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Whether Tech Elevator is worth it for you depends on your career goals, budget, and learning needs. According to data reported to CIRR, 90% of graduates from Tech Elevator's coding bootcamps in 2021 found work in their field. These graduates reported an average starting salary of $65,000. Graduates see a first-year salary increase of more than $24,000 compared to their pre-bootcamp employment.

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