Most Popular Majors in Texas

Most Texas college students major in business and management. Learn more about popular Texas majors.
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  • The five most popular Texas majors can prepare you for a high-paying career.
  • You may need more than a bachelor's degree to reach your career goals.
  • You should consider many factors before choosing a major or minor.
  • Most college students in Texas earn a business or marketing degree.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas reported in June 2023 that Texas' economic growth outpaces the nation's by about 30%. Industries experiencing the fastest growth include oil and gas and professional and business services.

A strong economy needs well-trained, educated workers. If you want to settle in the Lone Star State, consider Texas majors aligned with the most in-demand careers. Fortunately, many popular majors in Texas can help you qualify for a first or new job.

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5 Most Popular Majors in Texas

Some degrees make more sense to earn than others, especially in Texas. Before making a final decision about what major to pursue, consider what other students are studying and how those majors align with their goals.

The following majors were determined from 2020 data from the Texas Public Higher Education Almanac.

Business, Management, and Marketing

Texas majors in business, management, and marketing feature core classes in communication, finance, and business computer information systems. Electives in English and mathematics can help you become a better communicator and develop analytical thinking skills.

A bachelor's in business, management, and marketing can prepare you for graduate study, such as an MBA program. You can also use your degree to pursue a sales, banking, management, or insurance industry career.

  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers: Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers use their business expertise to develop promotional campaigns and negotiate contracts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that these professionals earned a median salary of $138,730 as of May 2022.
  • Advertising Sales Agents: Knowledge of business best practices helps advertising sales agents land new clients and maintain accounts. These workers earned a median salary exceeding $58,000 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Market Research Analysts: An academic background in research methods and marketing can prepare you to monitor sales trends and analyze consumer behavior. Market research analysts earned a median salary of $68,230 (BLS, May 2022).

Health Professions and Related Programs

Texas majors in the health professions include dental hygiene, health administration, and nursing. In an RN-to-BSN program, you take classes online or on campus while working full time. Classes help you develop leadership skills emphasizing nursing best practices.

Earning a bachelor's degree in a healthcare topic can train you for one of many in-demand, well-paying careers. You may need a state-issued license or more education to get one of the jobs below.

  • Dental Hygienist: A bachelor's in dental hygiene prepares you to clean teeth and educate patients on dental care best practices. Dental hygienists earned a median salary exceeding $81,000 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Radiologist and MRI Technologist: These healthcare professionals maintain and use imaging equipment, producing images physicians use to diagnose patients' medical conditions. Radiologists and MRI technologists earned a median salary of $67,180 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Registered Nurse: RNs with a bachelor's degree use their academic background in critical thinking and leadership to treat patients and mentor less-experienced nurses. Expect a median salary of $81,220 (BLS, May 2022).

Interdisciplinary Studies

If you're majoring in interdisciplinary studies, you may concentrate in applied arts and sciences, general studies, or liberal studies. Students in the latter major work with an advisor to create a custom curriculum emphasizing at least three academic areas.

Majoring in interdisciplinary studies can prepare you for graduate study or a career emphasizing transferable skills you strengthen through work experience. Work with your school's career center to learn how Texas majors in this field can help you launch your career.

  • Historian: Historians use their research skills and knowledge of the past to analyze primary sources and make new findings. They earned a median salary of $64,540 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Human Resources Specialist: Human resources specialists with a background in interdisciplinary studies interview job applicants and run orientation programs for new hires. Expect to earn a median salary of about $64,240 in this role (BLS, May 2022).
  • Top Executive: Top executives use their education and many years of work experience to direct a department or entire organization. In 2022, the median salary for top executives was $100,090 (BLS, May 2022).


Texas majors in engineering vary by college but may include chemical, civil, or electrical engineering. As a chemical engineering major, you take classes in general chemistry, calculus, and thermodynamics. General education classes in the humanities and English help you develop the communication skills engineers need to write reports and collaborate with peers.

Career opportunities depend on which engineering degree you earn. Academic and career counselors can help you choose the major that aligns with your career goals.

  • Civil Engineer: Civil engineers need a college education to supervise the construction and maintenance of large engineering projects, such as infrastructure. They made a median salary of $89,940 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Environmental Engineer: Environmental engineers help solve environmental problems by writing investigation reports and collaborating with other engineers. Their median salary exceeded $96,500 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers design and test new products, such as consumer devices and industrial equipment. They earned a median salary of $96,310 (BLS, May 2022).

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Texas majors in the biological and biomedical sciences may focus on marine biology. Classes can include genetics, introduction to cell biology, and coastal plain ecology. Your program may qualify you for a merchant mariner's license upon graduation.

Biological and biomedical sciences majors can lead to many careers outside of marine biology, depending on your school and concentration. Earning a promotion for careers like those below may require a master's or significant work experience.

  • Biological Technician: Biological technicians with a bachelor's degree maintain laboratory equipment, prepare experiments, and interpret results. You can earn a median salary of $49,650 in this role (BLS, May 2022).
  • Microbiologist: Microbiologists help find cures for illnesses by developing research projects, supervising others' work, and reviewing the latest scientific literature. The typical professional made about $81,990 per year (BLS, May 2022).
  • Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist: These scientists use their education and training to collect specimens, analyze wildlife populations, and publish research findings. Zoologists and wildlife biologists earn a median salary of $67,4300 (BLS, May 2022).

Other Common Majors in Texas

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that other common Texas majors include the humanities, mathematics, and psychology. Many undergraduates in other states also choose these majors.


The humanities include many majors, such as philosophy and English. Philosophy majors take classes in ancient philosophy, the philosophy of religion, and ethics. As an English major, you take surveys of different literary periods and develop technical communication skills.

You can explore many careers that require a flexible skill set with a humanities degree. Work closely with academic and career advisors to decide whether a graduate degree can help you meet your goals.

  • Editor: Editors correct grammar and spelling, rewrite texts for comprehension, and collaborate with other writers and editors. Their median salary exceeded $73,000 (BLS, May 2022).
  • High School Teacher: High school teachers instruct students in one or more subjects, mentor clubs or teams, and gain new skills through professional development. They earned a median salary of $62,360 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Writer and Author: These professionals use the skills they learned in English classes to write different texts and incorporate editors' feedback. Writers and authors made a median salary of $73,150 (BLS, May 2022).

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

A bachelor's in mathematics emphasizes coursework in calculus, the foundations of algebra, and computer technical math. Your education also features many liberal arts and humanities classes, providing a well-rounded education. Work with an advisor to find out whether a BA or BS can help you meet your career goals.

Texas majors in the natural sciences include chemistry and physics. Your physics major may let you concentrate on applied physics or astrophysics. Majors like these can prepare you for graduate school admissions.

  • Actuary: Actuaries use their math skills to analyze statistical data, develop insurance policies, and make reports to senior managers. Their median salary exceeds $113,990 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Atmospheric Scientist: Atmospheric scientists research the weather and climate using computer models and other tools. They earned a median salary of $83,780 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Budget Analyst: Working as a budget analyst involves reviewing budget proposals, collaborating with managers, and predicting shortfalls. You can expect to earn a median salary of $82,260 in this role (BLS, May 2022).


A psychology major includes core classes in general psychology, statistical methods, and research methods. Your program may then let you customize your education with electives in the psychology of the arts, human factors, or forensic psychology. Other graduation requirements may include participating in research or service activities.

Some graduates use their degrees to apply to a master's or doctoral program. However, a psychology bachelor's degree can prepare you for one of many entry-level careers.

  • Police and Detective: These law enforcement professionals respond to emergency calls, execute search warrants, and testify in court. Police officers and detectives made a median salary of $69,160 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Probation Officer: Probation officers help rehabilitate people in prison by pairing them with work, performing drug tests, and maintaining paperwork. They earned a median salary of $59,860 (BLS, May 2022).
  • Social and Community Service Manager: Social and community service managers use their psychology degrees to develop programs promoting individual and community-wide improvement. These professionals made a median salary of $74,240 (BLS, May 2022).

How to Choose a Major: 3 Factors to Consider

Narrowing down Texas majors involves reflecting on your interests, skill set, and budget. Speaking with friends and family can also help you choose the right major.

Your Interests

When choosing a college major, you must think deeply about which subjects you find meaningful and interesting. By pursuing a major that fits with your interests and strengths, you're far more likely to both enjoy your learning experience and use your degree after graduating.

Your Skill Set

Your skills going into school affect your educational experience and career outcomes significantly. Fortunately, many classes help you develop soft skills transferable to many careers, such as public speaking.

Working with academic and career advisors can help you identify areas of improvement and choose classes wherein you can develop in-demand skills.

Your Budget

Some students feel that the cost of a degree matters more than the prestige of an institution. Understanding how much college really costs is key to a successful educational experience. You should compare the costs of online and on-campus programs to find the one that works best with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Popular Majors in Texas

What is the most popular major in Texas?

Most Texas undergraduates earn a degree in business, management, or marketing. The 2021 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac reported that schools awarded over 21,000 of these degrees in 2020. Health professions and interdisciplinary studies took the second and third place spots.

Consider more than a major's popularity when making your decision. Your interests and economic trends may change significantly throughout your time in school.

What's the most popular major at Texas A&M?

With over 2,000 degrees awarded in 2020, engineering was the most popular major at Texas A&M in 2020. Business, management, marketing, and related support services came in at a close second.

Texas A&M features many other popular majors, including interdisciplinary studies, agriculture, and the biological and biomedical sciences.

What's the most popular major at UT Austin?

Engineering ranks as the most popular major at UT Austin, with the university awarding 1,408 degrees in 2020. Over 1,300 undergraduates graduated with a degree in communication/journalism that year. Other popular majors included business, the biological sciences, and social sciences.

What are the most common majors at Texas Tech?

In 2020, over 1,000 Texas Tech students earned a degree in business, management, marketing, and related support services. The school awarded 868 degrees in engineering that same year. Other common majors included family and consumer sciences, interdisciplinary studies, and communication/journalism. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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