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Business administration is a sweeping academic field that draws from elements of management, mathematics, social sciences and philosophy. An online bachelor’s degree in business administration provides students with a comprehensive overview of the skills needed to oversee commercial activity, enact positive company changes and collaborate with other business professionals.

Students in business administration programs leave school equipped with a broad skill set. Courses cover economics and financial management, marketing, business law and ethical concepts, as well as fundamentals of communication and leadership. In today’s startup-friendly culture, professors also encourage business administration students to explore entrepreneurial practices.

Below, you’ll find our list of the best online bachelor degree programs in business administration. These programs have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence, positive learning outcomes, diverse course offerings and a positive online classroom experience for web-based students. Students who are considering a degree in business administration are encouraged to start their research with these top online programs.

Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost Graduation Rate Location Description

University of Florida

 2/587.51%Gainesville, FL


This online business program was designed for students residing outside of the Gainesville area. The curriculum addresses business topics in many disciplines, such as statistics, finance, marketing and international business. Students from UF’s BSBA will graduate prepared for a wide scope of leadership roles, or for graduate studies.

Prior to enrolling, students should have completed all seven prerequisite courses or their equivalents. Those who intend to transfer from a college outside of Florida should apply early, allowing at least one month for evaluation of prior credits. Online business majors can start UF in either the fall, spring, or Summer C semesters (but not Summer A or B).

Lectures are often recorded and shared via streaming video. Students can access these videos, along with their course materials, campus email, interactive forums and classroom resources 24/7 on the Canvas and Sakai learning management platforms. Additionally, distance learners will use these systems to access everything from podcasts and pre-recorded presentations to quizzes and campus-wide announcements.


“For me being able to get back into school and to be able to do it while still working full time by being in the online business program is one of the few ways that I was able to accomplish all of my goals while continuing to take care of my family.” - Scott Mallue

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Appalachian State University

 2/569.73%Boone, NC


Ideal for those wanting to prepare themselves for the management and leadership roles most commonly adopted by business students, this BSBA in Management offers a dynamic, tech-centric curriculum. Courses cover business psychology, problem-solving, group syncopation and other important organizational and managerial skills. Additional focus is given to business ethics, statistics and marketing best practices. By developing advanced knowledge of these concepts, the program aims to create leaders that will make effective business decisions while being a source of inspiration.

Distance learners will take advantage of the flexible and versatile Moodle learning system for their online studies. Dubbed ASULearn, students use the portal to participate in classes anytime, from anywhere with a secure internet connection. The college provides a secure ASU account, email and access to learning and productivity software to make online and on-campus education virtually indistinguishable. Appalnet is the central page for obtaining vital course information, receiving tuition updates and accessing popular links and resources.

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California State University – Fullerton

 2/555.72%Fullerton, CA


Cal State believes business is the study of every aspect of social life. Over the course of three years, students will earn the 54 credits required to graduate with their BABA, preparing them to not only work in business, but also for rewarding careers in social work, politics, law, public administration, criminal justice and other service occupations. Students study in cohorts, which mimic the sense of community that can develop in face-to-face classrooms. Once or twice per week, distance learners will complete asynchronous objectives and assignments, including group discussions and quizzes.

The learning environment at CSU Fullerton is powered by Moodle, a portal compatible with iOS and Android mobile platforms. Some of the exercises that students can expect to participate in online include individual and collaborative projects, tutorials, audio lectures and articles. Discussions and chat sessions may, on occasion, be held synchronously at scheduled dates and times. Tests will be proctored by an online service to ensure the integrity of exam results. Students, however, will never be required to visit the Fullerton campus.

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St. Joseph’s College – New York

 4/568.03%Brooklyn, NY


Full-time employment is no barrier to an education at Saint Joseph’s College. Designed for working adults who have already earned their associate degree, this transfer program aims to build on prior work and life experience. Topics of study include business programming, administration and the liberal arts, and a capstone project in organizational management. Online students are assigned a dedicated academic advisor.

In addition to the tools available through Blackboard’s course management system, students can make use of the college’s suite of Google productivity applications, such as open source word processing and time management software. Classes can be completed on any personal computer or mobile device. Peers and faculty collaborate using Telepresence Classroom, which connects live and remote classrooms using televisions, ceiling mounted speakers, microphone systems and webcams for a state-of-the-art classroom experience.

Quick Facts

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University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

 3/578.4%Minneapolis, MN


Designed to prepare students for a career in a variety of enterprising fields, this Bachelor of Science in Business Management offers a comprehensive study of business operations, marketing and advertising entirely online, with explorations of business accounting, leadership, operations and global/business market understanding. Upon graduation, students are able to manage resources and pinpoint operational issues. UMN’s semester-based schedule offers classes during three semesters each year: a 15-week Fall semester, 15-week Spring semester and a truncated 8-week Summer semester.

UMN students use Moodle for their virtual classroom; this platform grants access to engaging, relevant content and course material. Undergraduate students participate in learning modules discussions, download videos lectures and stream live classrooms. Online instruction takes place through active learning classrooms, eTextbooks and interactive media such as quizzes and streaming video. Those who have questions are encouraged to take advantage of the free pre-qualification evaluation by UMN advisors.

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East Carolina University

 2/558.63%Greenville, NC

Undergraduates can select from one of six concentrations with ECU's BSBA in management, such as Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management or International Business. This flexible degree is an ideal opportunity to gain the resources, skills and knowledge needed to excel in foreign and domestic business: students are able to choose to focus on specific countries or regions, such as Asia or North America.

The Office of Continuing Studies is available any time, day or night to field questions or concerns; these support coordinators specialize in navigating the distance services available to online students. The program requires the successful completion of 123 credit hours.

Classroom assignments are accessible via a secure and private campus site, and can be submitted through this portal or via email. Most learning modules refresh on a weekly basis, making coursework predictable, easy to anticipate and accessible 24/7. At the discretion of the instructor exams may require a proctor, although this is not standard practice. Blackboard, the learning management system at ECU, is a user-friendly interface where students can access all necessary tools to succeed in their program.

Quick Facts

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University of Massachusetts – Amherst

 3/575.09%Amherst, MA

UMass understands the global business environment is constantly evolving, and their online Business Administration education produces graduates with all the valuable tools and skills needed to be successful in the modern world. This self-paced curriculum has three start dates a year (Fall, Spring or Summer). Classes may be taken at the rate of one or more a semester, depending on an individual’s goals for graduation. A sample course is in development that will offer prospective students a glimpse of the format and interface they can expect to use as they work toward their bachelor's.

Students use the learning management systems Blackboard and Moodle to access a variety of resources. Distance learners can chat amongst peers on a Tuesday, watch course videos and complete required reading by Thursday, and turn in assignments on Saturday to get a complete on-campus experience from the comfort of their couch.


“Online learning is an excellent fit for me. It provides a better program than a traditional experience with significantly more convenience.” - Daniel Robert, UMass Amherst BBA Program

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University of La Verne

 5/558.59%La Verne, CA

The BA in Business Administration at La Verne aims to create a practical learning experience by blending theoretical knowledge with a student’s existing business skills. Educators place an emphasis on building the essential abilities and core competencies behind every successful business person, such as critical-thinking, ethics and interpersonal relations. Students can also explore a BS in Organizational Management or Public Administration. Some students choose to continue their studies and earn an MBA online as well.

Distance students access their course materials through MyLaVerne. This course management system, powered by Blackboard, is the hub for students to access all online resources. Videos, lectures, presentations, downloadable content, study guides, exams and discussion boards are just some of the tools at the disposal of La Verne distance learners.


"These classes are challenging, but [my wife and I] feel as if it is well worth the effort." - Brian Turner, Organizational Management BS student

Quick Facts

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University of Illinois at Springfield

 2/548.68%Springfield, IL

University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) offers a bachelor of business administration (BBA) online degree that is ranked among the top 20 nationwide by U.S. News & World Report. Students choose from one of two program options: (1) The Business Administration Comprehensive option, designed for students who want a broader foundation of business principles in areas like finance, management, marketing, and operations; (2) The BBA Management Concentration option, which focuses on developing the management skills necessary to lead any type of organization. UIS also partners with local community colleges to allow current students to seamlessly transfer foundation credits to the bachelor of business administration online program.

The online classroom is experienced through the Blackboard learning system. All students complete foundational coursework in accounting, economics, statistics, and other core fields. In addition to core and major coursework, students also complete an engaged citizen common experience as a service-learning requirement. Online students also have access to one-on-one tutoring via UIS’ The Learning Hub.

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Spring Arbor University

 4/553.95%Spring Arbor, MI

The online bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Spring Arbor University offers students a Christian-based foundation in a business-oriented program. Coursework includes organizational behavior, macroeconomic applications for managers, and principles of leadership. The program emphasizes aligning values and identity within an organization and inspiring unity in group action and results. Spring Arbor was recognized as one of the best regional universities in the midwest for 2016 by U.S. News & World Report. All programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Courses are accessed through the Blackboard learning platform, and all students earning their business administration bachelor degree online are assigned a personal Student Success Coach who works with students to provide coaching on various personal and professional development issues. In addition to coursework, students complete a capstone project in which they formulate a philosophy of life as a foundation for building integrity and ethics in business and other personal and professional areas.

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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

 2/555.61%Greensboro, NC

Classes for this 122-credit Business Studies Online program begin in August and January. Most full-time students take two courses per semester, and before they begin formal studies, must have successfully completed all required courses. This curriculum is ideal for working adults, members of the military and transfer students. To qualify, students must first be accepted for university admission, then apply to the Bryan School of Business online program.

Courses at UNC are interactive and provide students with a highly engaging environment. Some courses online will be hosted via the Canvas learning management system; others will be accessed through Blackboard’s course management service. Both portals are mobile-friendly, and each comes with personalized support to ensure that students are never in the dark about how to retrieve (or submit) their course materials.

Quick Facts

  • Students at UNCG have access to online research tips, resources for successful study habits, writing tutors and more via iCampus.
  • The student-teacher ratio at UNCG is 17:1.
  • Adult learners who attend the university full-time are eligible for the same financial aid awards as on-campus students.
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Malone University

 4/551.41%Canton, OH

Students who pursue an online bachelor’s in business management (BA) through Malone University can choose from four different specializations: organizational management and health services, marketing, project, or environmental management. Malone is a Christian-based university that places emphasis on the ethics of honorable business practices. Major coursework requirements vary by emphasis, but common courses include principles of management and leaderships, research and statistical methods, faith and world views, a capstone project in the liberal arts, and others. Malone’s programs are accredited by both the ACBSP and the Higher Learning Commission.

Online bachelor's degree in business administration courses are accessed via the Moodle Online Learning platform, and classes are asynchronous and accessible 24/7. In addition to core and major coursework, all business students complete four learning assessments over the course of the program, including an entry and exit exam, an ethical case resolution, a business critical thinking skills test, and a service learning reflection.

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Wisconsin Lutheran College

 4/561.43%Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) offers an accelerated online degree in business management and leadership. This Christian-based program prepares students with the business skills needed to succeed in a broad range of business and corporate settings. Example coursework includes applied economics, strategic marketing, principles of management, and servant leadership. All of WLC’s programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Class sizes are kept small and faculty members are considered experts in their field. WLC allows students to transfer credits from previous accredited college programs, as well as earn college credits for applicable professional work and life experience. Students also complete a capstone course, which includes developing and presenting a personal leadership portfolio to a group of peers. Online students can complete the business administration bachelor degree online in as few as 20 months.

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Assumption College

 5/570.46%Worcester, MA

The online bachelor's degree in business administration from Assumption College’s Continuing and Career Education (CCE) allows students to choose from a diverse set of concentrations, including accounting, digital marketing, project management, human resources, or a self-designed major. The BBA program requires students to complete 40 courses, with at least 15 taken through CCE. Students can receive a free transfer evaluation online within 72 hours. Assumption is a Catholic-based school and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

All students take a foundational set of 11 core business administration classes, including statistics, business law, corporate finance, and management and organizational behavior, among others. Students also complete a CCE capstone course, a multi-disciplinary and student-designed study. Past projects have included career portfolios, research papers, journals, films, and presentations. Online students have access to free tutoring services in several subjects through a partnership with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium.

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Bryan College – Dayton

 4/552.58%Dayton, TN

Bryan College’s online bachelor of science in business administration degree is offered through the School of Adult and Graduate Studies. Students choose from one of three concentrations: healthcare management, human resource management, or leadership. Students who opt for the degree completion program may be able to earn credit for prior learning by developing a portfolio of previous academic and professional learning based on provided standards. Bryan College’s accredited programs are taught from a Christian perspective.

Online classes are delivered via the Moodle learning management system. Students earning their bachelor of business administration online complete 19 general education and core business classes, as well as four courses in their area of specialization. Students have access to a number of learning resources online, including advanced math tutorials and time management guides. Online course exams require students to schedule a proctoring session on-campus.

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Regis University

 5/559.05%Denver, CO

The BS in Business curriculum at Regis University is centered on ethical business decorum, trends in the industry and developing practical experiences. The diverse range of courses makes this program ideal for small business owners, e-commerce hopefuls and those who seek to advance their existing business careers. In addition to a high school diploma and previously awarded, transferable college credits, Regis expects its applicants to possess professional work experience. In the absence of such, a good-cause exception may be submitted in the form of a letter to the Assistant Dean of the business college.

Presented in five or eight-week accelerated terms, assignments and modules shift weekly to keep students on-track and moving forward. Students log in to the WorldClass learning management system to complete all online assignments, assessments and group study sessions. Courses are asynchronous, and may be completed at any time.

Quick Facts

  • The student-teacher ratio at Regis University is 8:1.
  • 60% of undergraduates at Regis are of age 25 or older.
  • Some students choose to earn their BS and their MBA concurrently at Regis online, saving both time and money.
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Northwood University – Michigan

 4/556.29%Midland, MI

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree online from Northwood University is designed for working adults and can be completed entirely online or in hybrid form. On-campus locations are available in multiple states at the university’s regional education centers, and Northwood offers a wide range of specialization options, including accounting, automotive marketing & management, entrepreneurship, and healthcare management. Northwood’s business program is accredited by both the ACBPS and the Higher Learning Commission.

Students earning their bachelor of business administration online can access the web classroom through the Blackboard learning platform, which is also available on mobile devices. A personal prior learning assessment may be completed for qualifying life and professional credits, and students may transfer up to 92 semester hour credits. Some programs may require an internship or experiential learning opportunity.

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Northeastern University Global Network

 5/5N/ABoston, MA

Northeastern University offers an online bachelor of science in management degree that allows flexible scheduling for busy professionals. Coursework in business law, marketing, project management, international business and other domains prepares students to serve as leaders and problem-solvers in a variety of global business contexts. The AACSB-accredited program is offered in an accelerated format for students who have already earned their associate degree or enough qualifying credits. Rolling admissions allow students to enroll at multiple start dates during the year.

The online class experience is delivered via NU Online and is powered by the Blackboard learning platform. Courses are asynchronous but structured, and students gain real world experience through internships or other experiential learning opportunities. NU provides access to free online tutoring via the Smarthink platform as well. Full-time students usually complete the program in four years, while part-time students manage to earn their business administration bachelor degree online in around seven years.

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University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

 2/560.2%Stevens Point, WI

The online bachelor's degree in business administration from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (UWSP) is offered through the Department of Business and Economics and accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Business students have the option to choose a minor, second major, or concentration with their degree. Program concentrations include real estate, insurance, international business, while foundations coursework covers core business methodology, accounting, and economics, preparing students for a broad range of business careers.

Online classes are accessed via the D2L Brightspace learning management system. Courses may be asynchronous, synchronous, or a combination of both. The number of required classes varies by concentration, but all students are required to complete 14 core business and elective classes. As part of the business administration bachelor degree online program, students also complete a capstone project that involves implementing multifaceted solutions to solve a complex management problem. For added convenience, any required textbooks can be rented via UWSP’s text rental service.

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Baker University

 4/557.68%Baldwin City, KS

Baker University’s online bachelor’s degree in business administration allows students to take one class at a time and still complete its core program in less than two years. An ideal option for professionals looking to advance in their field, Baker’s ACBSP-accredited online business administration program can be started at any time during the year. Each concentration, including finance, healthcare administration, information systems and more, consists of five courses chosen from a list of classes. Students have the option to earn credit for prior learning experiences.

Online courses are asynchronous and delivered through the Moodle learning management system. Students can choose from a wide range of courses, including effective business communication, economic trends in business and leadership, and financial drivers for sustainability. Internships are also available through Baker’s Career Involvement Program. Students must earn a cumulative and major-based GPA of 2.5 to earn their degree.

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University of Illinois at Chicago

 3/559.68%Chicago, IL

An online bachelor of business administration (BBA) through University of Illinois at Chicago prepares students to succeed with online courses that provide a diverse and global set of business skills in analysis, management, and problem resolution. University of Illinois’s AACSB-accredited program draws on innovative research projects in the field, active professional development programs, and research centers in the region to enhance its curriculum.

Students pursuing their bachelor of business administration online have access to the classroom via Blackboard Learn. In addition to general education requirements, students complete 20 BBA core courses in a sequenced format. Courses are offered in an eight-week format, and students may choose a one- or two-course per session track. The final capstone course, which challenges students to create a business strategy and implementation through case analysis and simulation, is the exception at 16 weeks. All students have access to the same student support services as on-campus students, including academic advising, career center, and library services.

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Fitchburg State University

 3/556.75%Fitchburg, MA

Fitchburg State University’s bachelor’s in business administration-management online offers a liberal arts-based curriculum paired with a diverse set of business courses. The program, which is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), has been recognized as one of the best online bachelor degree programs in business administration by U.S. News & World Report. While the degree is offered entirely online, students have the option of integrating face-to-face or hybrid classes if desired.

Online courses are meant to be collaborative and make use of technologies like Blackboard IM and Blackboard Collaborate. Students complete 13 core and liberal arts and science courses online, as well as six major-based curriculum classes. Courses are asynchronous but include schedules for assignments and assessments. A dedicated Online Student Resource Center provides the same student support services available on-campus, and students can preview a sample demo class online before committing to the program.

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Touro University Worldwide

 3/5N/ALos Alamitos, CA

The online bachelor's degree in business administration through Touro University Worldwide (TUW) provides a flexible program option for professionals looking to advance their career. The program is designed to allow maximum transfer of credits from previous accredited universities in order to minimize coursework requirements. Concentration options include criminal justice, human resource, homeland security, accounting, and more. Full-time students can complete their degree in three-and-a-half years, while part-time students typically take seven years to complete program requirements.

Online learning is student-centered, with small class sizes and close relationships with instructors. Courses are structured in eight-week segments and include a combination of general education, core and concentration classes, and electives for students looking to gain knowledge outside of their concentration. Online classes have a similar activity structure, which includes weekly discussions and three graded assignments.

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Old Dominion University

 2/551.58%Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion University’s (ODU) bachelor of science in business administration online is a degree completion program that prepares students to launch or advance their careers in business, government, or nonprofit domains. Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 of the required 120 credits through ODU. Offered through the Strome College of Business, the AACSB-accredited degree includes concentration options in accounting, management, information systems & technology, finance, and marketing.

With over 30 years experience in distance learning, ODUOnline provides access to the same curriculum and faculty as in a brick and mortar setting. Course types vary within program, and may include synchronous, asynchronous, and accelerated courses, all accessible via Blackboard. Synchronous courses are usually streamed live from classrooms on-campus using web conferencing technology. Most courses allow students to take exams online, though some may require arranging for a proctored location. Online learners earning their bachelor of business administration online have access to a variety of innovative resources, including WebEx, free access to the course library, and the iAchieveODU learning app (created by an ODU student), which helps students streamline their academic experience with the ability to track assignments, create study materials, calculate semester GPA, and more.

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Endicott College

 4/573.1%Beverly, MA

The online bachelor’s degree in business management from Endicott College provides students with a broad-based set of business skills in the areas of management, marketing, law, finance, and international business. The liberal arts-based program is designed for working adults, and applicants must be at least 24 years old and have two years of full-time work experience. Students have the option of completing an Assessment of Prior Learning semester-based course to earn life experience credits toward their degree requirements.

Students access online courses through the Canvas learning system. The business management program of study includes 23 general education classes and 18 core business classes. Students also complete a personal research project and a senior thesis over the course of two semesters that aligns with professional goals or a chosen specialization. A variety of student resources, including online synchronous tutoring through the Writing Center and an extensive online library database, are available to online learners.

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Employment Outlook for Business Administration Graduates

Graduates from online bachelor degree programs in business administration are qualified for a wide range of roles within the business community. The career possibilities for students with administrative experience span from small startups to multinational corporations. Some of the more common positions for business administration graduates include the following:

Administrative Services Manager: Administrative services managers ensure businesses run smoothly by maintaining supportive services like mail delivery and digital recordkeeping. Other duties include managing office space, supervising clerical personnel and keeping an inventory. Administrative services managers also monitor technology use and energy consumption in order to manage day-to-day costs.

Compensation or Benefits Manager: These managers coordinate every aspect of financial compensation for employees, including retirement/401K and health insurance coverage. They maintain pay and benefits schedules for all of the employees at their organization, and often assist them with questions or concerns regarding their individual plans. Compensation/ benefits managers also analyze employee data and develop efficient pay structures for their organization.

Financial Manager: Financial managers are in charge of monitoring all fiduciary activities for a company or organization. They produce financial reports, track spending/savings benchmarks and advise on investment opportunities. They also collect data in order to maintain an accurate profile of a business’s financial portfolio. Today’s financial managers rely on innovative technology systems to help them store and update financial records.

Industrial Production Manager: These managers oversee the day-to-day operations of industrial and manufacturing facilities. They are responsible for maintaining quality control standards in all areas of production, from assembly to shipping. Industrial production managers must communicate with suppliers and internal departments, maintain budgets and buying requests, oversee the maintenance of production equipment and resolve defective product issues.

The following table shows the median annual salaries for each of the four positions listed above, as well as projected growth rates for that career path over the next 10 years.

Position Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate
Administrative Services Manager $83,790 8%
Benefits Manager $108,070 6%
Financial Manager $115,320 7%
Industrial Production Manager $92,470 -4%

These occupations represent just a fraction of the positions available to graduates who earn online degrees in business administration. The best online bachelor degree programs in business administration programs familiarize students with the administrative skills and office management systems that propel today’s most successful businesses. The web-based format also offers a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home, making online education a viable option for individuals will full-time jobs, childcare commitments or other obligations that prevent them from attending class on-campus. Whether you hope to find work at a large corporation or build your own startup, an online bachelor’s degree in business administration will serve as a useful first step in your career path.

Financing Your Online Business Administration Degree

Despite the relative affordability of online programs, the need for financial aid is still a reality for most students. But rest assured, loans aren’t your only option. Explore our collection of financial aid resources or dig into one of the following guides to read more about financing your education.

An Overview of Financial Aid

Approximately two-thirds of today’s college students rely on loans to fund their education, but there are plenty of overlooked financing options savvy students can use to reduce the total costs of their education.

Understanding the FAFSA

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first and most crucial step for any student seeking financial aid. Follow our step-by-step guide for answers to frequently asked questions.

Financial Aid for Online College Students

Financial aid for online learning is equivalent to what you’ll find for campus-based learning, but that hasn’t always been the case. Learn about the changes that have taken place and funding opportunities for online students.

Scholarships for Single Parents

Online programs can provide an affordable and flexible option for single parents looking for a more secure financial future for their children. We’ve compiled a list of scholarships for these hard-working parents.

Financial Aid for Veterans and Active Military

Millions in education benefits are available for veterans and active members of the military. Unfortunately, much of this goes unused. Find out if you’re entitled to help with college and start planning for your future.

Best Online Business Administration Programs of 2015
Rank Name Location
1 University of Florida Gainesville, FL
2 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN
3 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
4 East Carolina University Greenville, NC
5 Florida International University Miami, FL
6 University of La Verne La Verne, CA
7 University of Massachusetts - Amherst Amherst, MA
8 California State University - Fullerton Fullerton, CA
9 Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA
10 University of Wisconsin - Platteville Platteville, WI
11 Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA
12 Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX
13 Liberty University Lynchburg, VA
14 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, NC
15 Regis University Denver, CO
16 The University of Findlay Findlay, OH
17 Endicott College Beverly, MA
18 Tiffin University Tiffin, OH
19 University of Nebraska at Kearney Kearney, NE
20 Ohio University Athens, OH
21 St. Joseph's College - New York Brooklyn, NY
22 Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, FL
23 Southeastern University Lakeland, FL
24 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN
25 Appalachian State University Boone, NC