Flatiron School Review


Denver, New York, Remote
Disciplines Offered
Cybersecurity, Data Science, Product Design, Software Engineering
Payment Options
Installments, Loans, Up Front

Flatiron School provides immersive, outcomes-driven coding bootcamps online and in person. The Denver campus focuses on data science, product design, and software engineering. The New York City campus offers cybersecurity, data science, and product design bootcamps.

Additionally, Flatiron School provides full-time online courses with scheduled class times and part-time online options allowing students more flexibility.

The bootcamp works with over 500 industry partners, including Amazon, Wells Fargo, Airbnb, and Dell. Graduates receive up to 180 days of one-on-one career coaching with mock interviews and resume reviews.

Flatiron School Courses

Flatiron School offers immersive bootcamps in cybersecurity engineering, data science, product design, and software engineering taught by industry professionals. Students can complete a full-time Flatiron School bootcamp — online or in-person — in 15 weeks or part-time in 20-60 weeks. Flatiron School also provides free prep courses and corporate training.


  • Cost: $16,900 ($500 deposit)
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 15 weeks (Full Time), 40 weeks (Part Time)

Students study the core ideas in network security, including protocols such as DNS and 802.11 (WiFi). They learn how cybercriminals attack these technologies, study wireless protocol security, and learn Python and penetration testing. Students must complete a final capstone project using skills acquired from the cybersecurity curriculum.

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Data Science

  • Cost: $16,900 ($500 deposit)
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 15 weeks (Full Time), 40 weeks (Part Time)

This Flatiron School bootcamp focuses on basic Python programming, data organization, statistical distributions, and data science modeling. Students develop skills using fundamental and advanced machine learning and multiprocessing tools like PySpark and Amazon Web Services. Participants must also complete a final large-scale data science and machine learning project.

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Product Design

  • Cost: $16,900 ($500 deposit)
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 15 weeks (Full Time), 40 weeks (Part Time)

Flatiron School's product design bootcamp focuses on designing digital products like computer programs, mobile applications, and websites. Students learn skills for working on cross-functional teams, product strategy, and basic languages such as CSS and HTML. Students can select specializations in user experience design, user interface design, or user experience research.

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Software Engineering

  • Cost: $16,900 ($500 deposit)
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 15 weeks (Full Time), 40 weeks (Part Time)

Students learn the fundamentals of programming using foundational languages, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. They study Ruby frameworks, databases using SQL, object-relational mappers, and back-end web API. Students complete a group project in each of the four phases, and the bootcamp finishes with a large-scale instructor-guided project.

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Flatiron School Admissions Process

Applicants need strong analytical, critical thinking, and research skills. There is a three-step admissions process: a written application, an admissions interview, and an assessment test.

The assessment is a cognitive aptitude test analyzing math, logic, and spatial and verbal reasoning. After the admissions test, an admissions representative will discuss the score and next steps.

Students can also take free courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and API integrations. And the Career Prep Lite lesson offers a glimpse into the career coaching available to Flatiron School students.

Flatiron School Payment Options

Upfront: Students may put down a $500 deposit and pay the remainder of the tuition before the first day of class.

Installments: Students who qualify for EdAid pay a $500 deposit up front and 12 monthly zero-interest payments.

Loans: Students who qualify through one of Flatiron School's Ascent and Climb financing partners can apply for loans. There are 36-month and 42-month options. Additionally, students attending an in-person Flatiron School bootcamp may qualify for a cost-of-living loan of up to $7,500.

Scholarships: The $1,000 Access Scholarship is a financial assistance award. Some students may be eligible for another $500. Additionally, learners who show excellence in all aspects of admissions may be eligible for a maximum scholarship of $2,000.

The Women Take Tech Scholarship is a $1,000-$2,000 tuition credit for new eligible students who identify as women. Scholarships are limited and available only for full-time bootcamps.

Flatiron School Student Outcomes

It's essential to take time to research student outcomes before enrolling in a bootcamp. Also, be wary of bootcamp-provided outcomes, read the report carefully, and contact the provider for more details if needed.

Flatiron School publishes student outcomes and an in-depth annual jobs report on its website. A third party audited the school's 2020 Jobs Report.

The review includes data on how Flatiron School gathered the information and how it defines key metrics. Additionally, the bootcamp reports that alumni have found jobs at companies such as Spotify, Microsoft, and Intel.

Graduation Rate

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flatiron School Coding Bootcamp

What is Flatiron School?

Flatiron School is a tech training provider that offers intensive bootcamps in cybersecurity, data science, product design, and software engineering. Industry professionals work with the bootcamp to design the curriculum and teach these short, intensive programs.

Bootcamps are available online and in person. In addition to student programs, the company provides technology education solutions for organizations. Flatiron School started in 2012 and currently ranks as a top coding bootcamp.

Is Flatiron School worth it?

According to Flatiron School reviews, completing an intensive bootcamp is worth it.

Students learn various skills and tools, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, web frameworks, and SQL. Additionally, Flatiron School provides flexible in-person, online, full-time, and part-time learning options for working professionals.

Flatiron School offers career coaching and connections with industry partners. Financing options include installments, loans, and scholarships to help with bootcamp costs.

Is Flatiron School hard to get into?

Flatiron School may be harder to get into than other coding bootcamps. Students must complete a written application, an interview, and pass an assessment test as part of the application process.

The school's admissions assessment tests problem-solving and critical thinking skills in math, logic, spatial, and verbal reasoning. The 15-minute-long assessment can include up to 50 questions, but the school doesn't expect students to complete all of them.

Flatiron School bases its final decision on a combination of the application, interview, and test. Administrators base the target scores on scores from successful professionals in cybersecurity, data science, product design, and software engineering.

Is Flatiron School free?

Flatiron School's bootcamps cost $16,900. But there are several free lessons available to learn about basic coding languages beforehand. Flatiron School also offers some free courses, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby.

Learners can also explore API integrations and take the Career Prep Lite lesson to discover what career coaching is available at Flatiron School.

While bootcamps aren't free, students do have a few options to cover bootcamp tuition, including an interest-free installment plan. Some applicants may qualify for a tuition loan and cost-of-living loan. Flatiron School also offers two scholarships for full-time bootcamps to qualifying students.

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