Typically known as the epicenter of the federal government, Washington, D.C. is also a sizable hub for the tech industry. And for good reason -- since the city is home to so many government agencies, the city also supports multiple information technology and communications companies that provide software and data solutions to federal agencies. Additionally, Washington, D.C. hosts several high-profile business-to-business technology organizations that support the federal government, like Blackbaud and HelloWallet.

Real estate company CBRE ranked Washington, D.C. as the third-most attractive place in the country for tech professionals. The city is a great location for women in tech, too. SmartAsset declared Washington, D.C. the best city for women in tech in 2018 based on variables like salary level, gender pay equity, the number of women employed in tech in the area, and the growth rate for women in the industry.

But how do you break into the tech industry in Washington, D.C.? Attending a coding bootcamp can provide a relatively quick pathway to a career in tech. Coding bootcamps can be a great way to learn a new skill, switch into a different industry, or build on your current coding knowledge. Bootcamps also offer ample flexibility, with many options available in person and online, as well as on part-time and full-time schedules.

You can choose from several top coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C. This guide will help you find one that is right for you and give you a better idea of the career outlook for bootcamp grads in the city.

Coding Bootcamps in D.C.

Note: COVID-19 may have impacted the learning format of many bootcamps, with in-person programs frequently moving online. Please contact the bootcamp provider or visit their website for more information on current program availability.

Flatiron School
  • Programs Starting At: $17,000
  • Technical Disciplines: Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Engineering
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time, Self-Paced

Evening & Weekend Options

Job Placement Assistance

Flatiron School offers coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C. in cybersecurity, data science, and software engineering. The software engineering bootcamp is a 15-week program, broken down into three-week modules. The curriculum includes object-oriented programming, JavaScript, and web frameworks.

Students can apply for the Access Scholarship, or they can pay their tuition using loans. Job search assistance includes one-on-one career coaching sessions and interview prep. Flatiron School reports that graduates of its software engineering bootcamp in Washington, D.C. have a 95% employment rate and earn an average starting salary of $70,000. Graduates of the data science program in the city have an 89% employment rate and start out earning $98,000 annually, on average.

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General Assembly
  • Programs Starting At: $14,950
  • Technical Disciplines: Data Science, Software Engineering, UX/UI Design, Web Development
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Accepts GI Bill®

Evening & Weekend Options

Job Placement Assistance

General Assembly offers several coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C., including both full-time and part-time options. Students in the software engineering bootcamp learn multiple languages and web frameworks, like Python, Django, and JavaScript. Throughout the program, students create a professional portfolio of work.

Students at General Assembly can choose between multiple payment options, including paying in installments, applying for a loan, using GI Bill® funding, or applying for a scholarship. Some programs also offer an income share agreement, which allows learners to start their program with no money down and then repay tuition once they have found a job.

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The George Washington University
  • Programs Starting At: $10,000
  • Technical Disciplines: Cybersecurity, UX/UI Design, Web Development
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Evening & Weekend Options

Job Placement Assistance

GW offers multiple coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C. in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. Students in the web development bootcamp can choose between two schedules: a part-time program lasting 24 weeks or a full-time program lasting 12 weeks. The university's other bootcamps all follow a part-time schedule.

Students in all bootcamps receive career coaching services, such as interview practice and help with professional portfolios. Graduates earn a certificate of completion from GW, but do not receive college credit.

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The Data Incubator
  • Programs Starting At: $10,000
  • Technical Disciplines: Data Science
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Job Placement Assistance

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To qualify for The Data Incubator's coding bootcamp in Washington, D.C., students must have completed a master's degree or Ph.D. before starting the program. Additionally, applicants should have prior programming experience and a solid understanding of statistics.

Students in the program complete multiple professionally focused data projects to demonstrate their learning, including a capstone project using real-life data. The Data Incubator reports that over 80% of its graduates secure employment within six months.

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Job Outlook for Bootcamp Grads in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has become a hub for technology, and the region's growth in this industry is likely to continue. WalletHub named the metro area the third-most innovation-friendly environment in 2019. The District of Columbia earned this title based on a variety of factors, including the region's large population of STEM professionals, the amount of available venture capital funds, the area's internet speed, and the city's appeal to millennial workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were over 242,000 professionals working in computer and mathematical fields in Washington, D.C. in 2019. In fact, the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area ranked fourth in the U.S. in its number of software developers. The city was home to 70,780 software developers who earned an average annual salary of $118,110.

Salaries for other tech roles in the region are also high: In 2019, information security analysts earned $117,810 on average and web developers earned an average annual salary of $90,230. All of these salary levels are above the national average for that occupation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Bootcamps in D.C.

What is the average salary for a web developer in Washington, D.C.?

According to the BLS, the average salary for a web developer in Washington, D.C. was $90,230 in 2019. Additionally, the related role of software developer had an even higher earning potential in the city -- these professionals earned an average salary of $118,110 in 2019.

What tech companies could I work at in Washington, D.C.?

From startups to well-established tech companies, Washington, D.C. is full of professional programming opportunities. Tech startups in the area include software firm Optoro, mapping platform Mapbox, and privacy tech company Virtru. Other high-profile companies with offices in the area include Lockheed Martin, Google, and Vox Media.

Are there free coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C.?

While the coding bootcamps in Washington, D.C. included on this list are not free, you can find free coding bootcamps online. Free bootcamps typically cover introductory coding skills and may be shorter than the intensive, career-focused bootcamps featured here. Some bootcamps, like General Assembly, also offer free prep courses that can be taken remotely.

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