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Published on September 22, 2021

The tech industry continues to grow, making it an appealing profession for anyone just beginning their careers or embarking on a career change. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the number of software developers could increase by 22% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average projected growth rate across all professions.

Many in the tech industry make relatively high salaries, too. BLS figures show that the median income for software developers reached $107,510 in 2019.

Programming professionals -- such as web developers, software developers, and software engineers -- work at major technology companies, like Facebook and Google. Others choose the self-employed route, which allows them to set their own schedules.

For these reasons, many people decide to make the career switch to programming. However, for some, this can seem like a daunting step; after all, changing professions means investing more money and time into training. An increasing number of career switchers are asking the question: Can you learn to code for free?

These days, the answer is yes. Coding bootcamps often offer free introductory coding courses in addition to their months-long programs that can cost thousands of dollars.

This guide features a list of reputable free coding bootcamps. You can also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of free coding courses, and whether they're worth your time.

Free Coding Bootcamps for 2022

Alchemy Code Lab true

Alchemy Code Lab offers software development training based in downtown Portland. Among its programs, it offers a week-long course that is completely free. This virtual course includes 30 hours of instructor-led training. Since the course follows an online format, students can live anywhere in the U.S.

Distance learners log on from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, and learn about the basics of coding. The course can serve as a foundation for more advanced bootcamps. Students also need to complete "pre-work" before the class begins.

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App Academy true

In addition to facilitating two immersive software engineering courses, App Academy also offers its entire bootcamp curriculum to individuals for free. Learners can work through over 1,500 hours of material at their own pace. The curriculum covers full-stack coding skills and languages like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

Students can receive support by chatting online with the App Academy coder community. However, individuals who sign up for the free plan do not have access to other benefits like job placement services, instructor support, and the alumni network.

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Code Platoon true

Code Platoon operates as a nonprofit organization, and offers full-stack coding bootcamps specifically for military veterans, active service members, and their spouses. Students who fall into one of those categories can enroll in Code Platoon's introductory coding bootcamp, which trains students in the fundamentals of JavaScript for free.

The course follows a self-paced format and includes 12 sessions. Students watch 2.25 hours of instructional video and complete 140 coding challenges throughout the course. Learners can enroll in this remote program from their homes.

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Codecademy true

Codecademy offers a wealth of instruction in different coding languages and frameworks through a free online database. The catalogue includes courses like "Learn Python 3," "Learn JavaScript," and "Analyze Data with SQL." Individuals can access these courses and work through them on their own without a traditional classroom format.

Codecademy's free classes generally offer introductory knowledge. If students want to learn more, they can upgrade to a pro account for a monthly fee. Pro classes cover more advanced material and a greater variety of skills and programming languages.

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Codesmith true

Codesmith offers a variety of free learning resources, including a "New to Coding" program that introduces students to JavaScript functionality and concepts like arrays, objects, and loops. Codesmith runs its free courses on an online learning platform, which includes coding challenges. In addition, students can receive support from mentors -- a rare feature for free coding courses.

Individuals who do not want to take a structured course can watch videos about web development and JavaScript on Codesmith's YouTube channel. They can also participate in in-person meetups if they live near Los Angeles or New York City.

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Eleven Fifty Academy true

Eleven Fifty Academy operates as a nonprofit coding and cybersecurity school in Indianapolis. Students may enroll in classes locally, or they can take advantage of free online courses that last 2-3 hours. Eleven Fifty Academy hosts these courses as livestreams during evenings and weekends so that working professionals can join.

These courses take an introductory approach to programming, covering skills like HTML, CSS, cybersecurity, and UX/UI design. Students also receive information about the paid bootcamp options available at Eleven Fifty Academy.

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Epicodus true

Epicodus offers coding bootcamps in Seattle, Portland, and online. Individuals interested in coding can take advantage of Epicodus' one-day free coding workshop, which lasts for four hours. Epicodus facilitates these workshops online, and they allow potential bootcamp students to take a sample class to decide whether they are interested in enrolling. Students who participate in this free workshop are generally new to coding.

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Flatiron School true

Flatiron School runs multiple immersive bootcamps in specialties like software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity. Students can also enroll in a free online coding bootcamp meant as a preparatory course for its more intensive bootcamps.

The free coding course at Flatiron School includes 75 hours of material, including instruction in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby. Even though the course is self-paced, students can take advantage of support from technical coaches and tools and collaborate with fellow students. This free course includes interview prep as well -- a rare component of free coding bootcamps.

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freeCodeCamp true

freeCodeCamp is a donor-supported nonprofit offering coding courses and tutorials entirely for free. The free coding courses cover topics such as responsive web design, information security, data analysis using Python, data visualization, machine learning, and JavaScript.

Courses last 300 hours and require five hands-on projects. Students receive a certificate upon course completion that they can add to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, students can work through a coding interview preparation course. Students also have a chance to connect and network with other coders through the school's online forum, GitHub, and Twitter.

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Fullstack Academy true

Fullstack Academy facilitates coding bootcamps in New York City, Chicago, and online. Students may sign up for an online introduction to coding course for free. This program includes 15 hours of self-paced instruction and covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals.

Complete beginners may benefit most from this course. Additionally, this class can serve as a first step to enrolling in one of Fullstack Academy's more intensive bootcamps.

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General Assembly

General Assembly offers immersive bootcamps focusing on topics like software engineering, UX design, and data science. Although General Assembly charges tuition for its bootcamps, it also publishes several free resources online.

Students can find classes, guides, and other tools in an online database of free educational resources. For instance, they can view an introduction to coding livestream, read an ebook called "A Beginner's Guide to SQL, Python, and Machine Learning," and take a free online course teaching web development basics.

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Hack Reactor

In addition to its online and in-person bootcamps, Hack Reactor offers two preparatory courses -- one of which students can take for free. Course material covers basic JavaScript skills through hands-on exercises.

The free version follows a self-paced format, and it can serve as a good option for anyone who works well independently. The premium prep course costs $250 and comes with real-time, one-on-one support from teaching assistants.

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Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy provides software engineering courses for women online and at its San Francisco location. For students who do not necessarily want to commit to an extended bootcamp, Hackbright offers a free online learning module. The six-week course introduces students to the basics of Python programming. Each lesson lasts about 1-2 hours, which students can work through at their own pace.

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Springboard offers a free online Python course that focuses on Python for data science. The program uses a real dataset, and learners solve problems as they make their way through four units. Students learn about data science tools, transforming data for analysis, and exploring data through plots and statistics.

Students can enroll in the course any time and work through it at their own pace, without an instructor. This course is not for complete beginners; although students do not need advanced knowledge of Python, they should have some foundational skills.

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Udacity offers multiple free online coding courses, including a free introductory JavaScript course. The course lasts about two weeks, and introduces students to concepts such as data types and variables, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, and objects. The course follows a self-paced format, and students learn through practice and interactive quizzes. They can also connect with other learners through a student support community.

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Are Bootcamps a Good Alternative to Traditional College?

Our 2021 Bootcamps Trends Report found that "Almost half (48%) of all business leaders surveyed, and 56% of those from tech companies and organizations that hire for tech roles, said that bootcamps will play a pivotal role in meeting future workforce training needs".

Are Free Coding Bootcamps Any Good?

Free coding resources vary in quality. The programs listed above fall into two main categories: free preparatory courses and free learning resources.

Many reputable bootcamps offer free introductory or prep courses intended to get those new to programming up to speed before they apply to the bootcamp's paid programs. Anyone can enroll in these programs to learn about the basics of programming. They are also a good way to find out if a specific bootcamp is a good fit before you apply. However, if you enroll in these free prep courses with the intention of becoming an expert programmer within a few weeks, then your expectations may be too high.

Other organizations, like freeCodeCamp and Codecademy, offer completely free resources for people who want to learn coding. The entire purpose of these organizations is to help people learn programming skills for free, and they're funded through alternative means like donations. freeCodeCamp even grants certificates of course completion so that students can use these free courses to help launch a programming career.

You may find other free coding bootcamps or classes not included on our list. However, some programs lack substantive learning resources, and some may include unadvertised fees. Make sure to go over course descriptions thoroughly and read reviews to ascertain these programs' legitimacy. You can also reach out directly to the schools or organizations offering these bootcamps and ask them questions about outcomes and costs.

Pros and Cons of Free Coding Bootcamps


Free coding bootcamps are a low-risk way to dip your toes into the coding world and see if programming is a good career option for you. Enrolling directly in a paid bootcamp requires investing thousands of dollars and dedicating several months to studying. Choosing a free bootcamp eliminates the risk of losing the money and time you could spend on a paid bootcamp if it turns out not to be the right career choice for you. Free bootcamps are usually self-paced and flexible. Instead of having to attend class sessions at specific times and following a structured schedule, students usually work through the material at their own pace. This means that students who work full time, care for families, or attend school can fit these free programs into their schedules. Students don't need to commit to any financial investment. Free bootcamps allow students to start their studies without any payments. They can decide whether they want to invest thousands of dollars in bootcamp tuition later on.


Free coding bootcamps generally do not offer live support. Many free coding programs employ a self-paced format, and students can access the course materials at any time. But students also typically do not have access to the lecturers, advisors, or mentors that would come with a paid bootcamp. Free bootcamps usually only offer foundational training, not the in-depth training needed to land a job. If aspiring coders go this route, they may need to enroll in a more immersive bootcamp that offers advanced training later on, or pay for advanced coding courses offered by other educational providers. Free coding bootcamps typically do not offer job placement assistance or career counseling. Almost all bootcamps that charge tuition include these services as a part of the program, which can help students get a good return on their tuition investment. But if students rely on free bootcamps, they must prepare their job search materials and make industry connections on their own.

Will Free Coding Bootcamps Help Me Get a Job?

You can land a programming job after attending a free coding camp. However, this requires significant self-discipline and hard work. Since these programs typically use a self-paced format, students cannot rely on an instructor or schedule to keep them on track. Instead, they need considerable motivation and a solid work ethic to succeed.

It also requires you to choose a bootcamp that adequately prepares you for a job. Although many well-known coding bootcamps offer free preparatory courses, they often will not teach you all of the skills you need to begin a tech career.

Instead, consider a more comprehensive resource like freeCodeCamp. Each module requires 300 hours of study, and students can learn advanced programming skills. Plus, students receive a certificate once they complete each course, which can be added to a resume or portfolio.

Enrolling in a bootcamp that charges tuition may be a surer route to getting a job with maximum salary potential. Although these programs generally cost thousands of dollars, many offer income share agreements or deferred tuition plans that don't require students to pay until after they have graduated from the program and found a job.

Students can also pay for a bootcamp through monthly installments or loans, and some bootcamps even grant scholarships. In addition, a graduate's increased salary potential may help offset bootcamp tuition costs. Many bootcamps and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting publish data about employment rates and average earnings for bootcamp graduates, helping prospective students decide whether to invest in these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Coding Bootcamps

Are free coding bootcamps worth it?

The answer to this question really depends on you, the student. Think about your goals: Do you know for sure that you want to start a career in programming? In that case, enrolling in a free prep course might not be for you. But if you want to enroll in a free bootcamp as a test run to evaluate coding as a potential career, then introductory courses can certainly have value.

Are there free online coding bootcamps?

Yes. Several organizations offer free online coding bootcamps. In fact, free bootcamps delivered online are often easier to find than free in-person bootcamps, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are there free in-person coding bootcamps?

You may be able to find some free in-person bootcamps at local schools, libraries, and community centers. However, these are less common than online options.

How much does a bootcamp cost?

According to data collected by BestColleges in 2020, the average coding bootcamp costs $13,579, but tuition can vary from just a couple thousand dollars to over $20,000.

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