Best Self-Paced Digital Marketing Bootcamps

Discover the best self-paced digital marketing bootcamps. See where a career in digital marketing can take you.
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Digital marketing applies traditional principles of advertising to reach consumers through online platforms such as websites and apps. Professionals in this field must research consumer trends and create marketing strategies for different audiences. Digital marketing specialists often work closely with clients to make sure their brand is represented correctly.

Bootcamps can help aspiring digital marketing professionals learn the basics of the industry. These programs typically take less time and cost less than a traditional four-year degree program. Digital marketing bootcamps can help students gain skills in data analytics and multimedia marketing strategy.

Some digital marketing students may choose to pursue a self-paced bootcamp for increased scheduling flexibility.

In the following guide, we'll explore the top self-paced digital marketing bootcamps. Readers will also find answers to frequently asked questions about enrolling in a self-paced bootcamp.

Best Self-Paced Digital Marketing Bootcamps


  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $4,900
  • Learning Formats: Online

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

Thinkful's bootcamp explores the digital marketing landscape and how to build marketing campaigns. The three-month program offers several payment plans: upfront, month to month, and deferred tuition. Using deferred tuition, students do not pay tuition until after graduation. Thinkful provides individual career counseling and resume writing support to all students.

University of California, Berkeley

  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $9,995
  • Learning Formats: Online

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

UC Berkeley includes classes in paid search advertising and analytics, search engine optimization, competitive research, and customer relationship management. The bootcamp recommends spending 30+ hours each week on classes, coursework, and study.

Applicants to this program do not need to be Berkeley students or alumni. This program offers some scholarships and payment plans to qualifying students.

University of California, Davis

  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $8,495
  • Learning Formats: Online

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

In this program, students learn to use in-demand technologies such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress. Courses include lessons in content strategy and digital marketing for different business models.

The bootcamp does not require applicants to be UC Davis students or alumni. However, UC Davis alumni are eligible for a scholarship to the program if they apply.

University of Central Florida

  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $8,295
  • Learning Formats: Online

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

Students gain hands-on marketing experience, learning the fundamentals of brand strategy and lead generation. This bootcamp partners with Facebook to provide graduates with a complimentary Facebook Certification exam voucher, allowing them to choose a certification in one of the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Science Professional
  • Creative Strategy Professional
  • Media Planning Professional
  • Media Buying Professional

The program does not require applicants to be UCF students or alumni before applying. Eligible students can find scholarships and payment plans through the bootcamp.

Get the Qualities You Want in a Bootcamp

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Accepts GI Bill®

Accepts the GI Bill® as funding for tuition.

Also Available In Person

This online bootcamp also offers in-person options.

Career Services

Offers career services to help you land your dream job after graduation.

CIRR Member

This bootcamp is a current member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. Learn more at

Evening & Weekend Options

Bootcamps are offered during convenient evening and weekend hours.

Job Guarantee

Employment is guaranteed as soon as you finish your bootcamp.

Money-Back Guarantee

Tuition is refunded if you don't land a job within a given time frame after graduation. Visit the bootcamp website for terms and conditions.

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Bootcamp Ranking Guidelines

At BestColleges, we believe the best bootcamp is the one that fits your schedule, your learning needs, and your career aspirations. That's why we often present our recommendations in alphabetical order -- because the real best bootcamp is the bootcamp that's best for you.

Our Methodology

The Bootcamp Team at BestColleges has collected data for over 150 bootcamps to help you find the best bootcamp.

At BestColleges, we believe the best bootcamp is the one that fits your schedule, your learning needs, and your career aspirations. That's why we often present our recommendations in alphabetical order -- because the real best bootcamp is the bootcamp that's best for you.

At this time, our recommendation round-ups feature only immersive bootcamps designed to prepare students for job placement upon graduation.

To be included on our lists, bootcamps must meet the following criteria:

  • Must offer at least one bootcamp in the United States.
  • Must offer at least one bootcamp that is a minimum of 4 weeks long.
  • Must require at least 15 hours of work per week if the bootcamp is part time.
  • Must encourage at least 10 hours of work per week if the bootcamp is self-paced.

Pricing disclosure: The prices listed were collected from product websites in 2022. However, given the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the tech space, prices are subject to change throughout the year. To get the most up-to-date information about pricing, contact providers directly.

Methodology for Recommending Cheap Bootcamps:

  • The bootcamp must meet all of the general criteria listed above.
  • The bootcamp must cost less than $8,000 if it is offered full time, and less than $5,000 if it is offered part time. These numbers were chosen based on data collected by BestColleges in 2020 that determined the average cost of a coding bootcamp is $13,580.

What Is a Self-Paced Coding Bootcamp Like?

Bootcamps offer different learning options to meet students' needs. A full-time bootcamp, like a traditional college degree program, requires students to attend full days of classes throughout the week. Full-time students typically cannot continue working while taking classes.

Part-time bootcamps do allow enough flexibility for students to work while completing classes. Both part-time and full-time bootcamps may offer online, in person, or hybrid models of learning.

Readers interested in bootcamps should also consider synchronous vs. asynchronous scheduling. Synchronous bootcamps follow a set schedule. Students — whether online or in person — attend classes on specific dates and at specific times. Asynchronous bootcamps do not follow set schedules. Students may choose when to complete their work.

Self-paced bootcamps are typically asynchronous and part time. Students choose when to watch videos and complete assignments, moving through the course material at their own pace. Self-paced bootcamps may set an overarching schedule — such as requiring students to complete the entire program within six months — but otherwise allow students to move through the material at their leisure.

Benefits to enrolling in a self-paced bootcamp include:

  • The freedom to schedule classes around work, family, and other obligations.
  • The flexibility to learn class materials at a pace that meets individual learning needs.
  • The ability to retain access to student support resources, such as career counseling, for an extended period.

What Is Digital Marketing Used For?

Digital marketing promotes brands and products to consumers through online mediums such as websites, apps, and social media platforms. Digital marketers must gather and analyze data from online users to better understand how to reach different consumer demographics.

Traditional educational pathways to digital marketing include earning a bachelor's and/or master's degree in this field. However, professionals seeking a career in digital marketing — or professionals already in the field looking to enhance their skills — should consider enrolling in a bootcamp.

Bootcamps teach the basics of digital marketing, such as how to build an online marketing campaign and how to analyze marketing data. Digital marketing is vital to many industries, including tech. The tech industry uses digital marketing analytics to effectively launch new apps and platforms, measure consumer interest, and respond to UX/UI feedback.

Digital marketing can lead to careers such as:

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers oversee a team of marketing professionals to plan marketing campaigns and develop advertising strategies. These professionals often meet with clients to understand their unique needs and negotiate advertising contracts.

These professionals earned a median annual salary of $141,490 as of May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS projects 10% growth for this occupation from 2020-2030, about as fast as the national average for all careers.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers oversee all social media content for an organization, brand, or individual. These professionals write company statements and respond directly to the changing social media landscape. Social media managers often have direct contact with consumers on social media and need excellent communication skills. Payscale data from March 2022 reports that professionals in this career earn an average annual salary of $53,000.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists ensure that their organization appears in the top results of internet searches. Optimizing keywords and tags makes it easier for consumers to find pertinent information and products from a company. SEO is critically important for organizations to stand out among a sea of other products and organizations on the internet.

Payscale data from March 2022 reports that SEO specialists earn an average annual salary of $48,080.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Paced Digital Marketing Bootcamps

Are self-paced coding bootcamps still as credible as full- or part-time programs?

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Yes! Self-paced coding bootcamps are just as credible as full-time and part-time programs. Self-paced bootcamps often feature the same curriculum as more traditional bootcamp formats, with the added benefit of allowing students to work through the material on their own time. Most bootcamps still provide the same student resources in self-paced bootcamps as they do in other bootcamps.

Readers should note that some employers prefer traditional degree programs over bootcamps. Bootcamps are not as regulated as traditional degree programs and do not go through the same accreditation process.

Is digital marketing a lucrative career?

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Digital marketing leads to many career pathways such as SEO specialist, social media manager, and marketing manager. The BLS found that business careers — including those in marketing — earned a median annual wage of $72,250 in 2020.

The BLS also projects that business careers will experience up to 8% growth from 2020-2030 — about as fast as the national average for all careers.

Readers should note that salary outcomes often differ depending on factors like job title, the employee's level of experience, the employee's level of education, and the location of the job.

Are self-paced coding bootcamps worth it?

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Self-paced coding bootcamps can help professionals find new careers or advance in their current careers. These programs may cost less and take less time than a traditional degree program, making them worth it depending on your goals.

Bootcamps often provide career counseling and other student services to help graduates find jobs after graduation. While many bootcamp programs advertise impressive student outcomes, readers should be wary of bootcamps that self-report graduate career data without any third-party verification.

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