The 15 Best Coding Podcasts in 2022

Coding podcasts are an accessible and entertaining niche for tech enthusiasts. Browse the best programming podcasts for both new and experienced coders.
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Because of their accessibility and virtually endless breadth of content, podcasts have become a highly pervasive digital medium. A 2021 survey conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital found that 41% of American consumers at least 12 years old reported listening to podcasts in the past month.

Coding and programming podcasts are no exception. Casual techies, aspiring development professionals, and experienced industry leaders can enjoy this podcasting niche. Listeners can explore a variety of content about industry conventions, innovation, career development, best practices, and coding languages.

1. Code Newbie

This podcast is produced by CodeNewbie, an organization that provides support infrastructures, including forums, blogs, and a social networking platform, for people new to coding.

The podcast discusses areas like entrepreneurship, neurodiversity in the tech industry, and maximizing a coding background in project management roles. The podcast also incorporates more technical topics like the practical uses of various coding languages and database architectures.

2. Software Engineering Daily

This podcast features technical interviews with industry leaders who reflect on changes to the software engineering landscape. They also discuss the roles that evolving software infrastructures play in current markets, such as the roles of venture capital investments in tech startups.

Many conversations revolve around specific software modifications within influential companies, like Venmo and WordPress.

3. Javascript Jabber

On this podcast, experienced JavaScript developers and expert guests touch on essential coding skills and technologies in beginner-friendly conversations. Hosts break down topics like core web vitals, blockchain, supply chain security, and front-end architecture.

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4. Software Engineering Radio

Since 2006, Software Engineering Radio has delivered educational content for professional software developers. Experienced listeners can use this podcast to stay updated on industry-specific innovations and more niche tools and techniques.

Developers can explore interviews with industry leaders, access more technical tutorials, and listen to discussions surrounding the intersection of software development and fields like business management.

5. Shop Talk Show

This podcast focuses specifically on UX and front-end design-related subjects. Content is ideal for experienced and intermediate-level front-end developers who wish to learn about new techniques, products, and systems.

Some episodes delve into the applications of particular programs like Kirby CMS, Prisma, and Terraform. Other episodes cover general topics like building strong developer teams and working with popular web browsers.

6. The Real Python Podcast

This beginner-friendly podcast approaches a broad mix of topics related to Python programming. Hosts typically reference tutorials and other informative materials, so new users can build a strong knowledge base.

Listeners can learn about the best approaches to handling code errors, testing and documenting code, and processing images. They can also learn about analyzing audio and related software infrastructures like PyScript and Dask.

7. The Changelog

Changelog listeners can explore software topics through an innovation and progress-oriented lens. This podcast consists of interviews with industry leaders, hackers, entrepreneurs, and other experts that can provide insight into software's changing applications.

Many topics are not overly technical and do not require an advanced understanding of software development.

8. Front End Happy Hour

A group of software engineering panelists from influential companies like Twitch, Netflix, and LinkedIn host this front-end development and career advancement-centered podcast.

The panel engages with high-profile guests and touches on an eclectic mix of topics, including job hunting, branding strategies, and leveraging non-traditional backgrounds. The informal conversation style and career-development discourse makes this podcast suitable for professionals entering the tech industry.

9. Hanselminutes

With content suitable for both experts and beginners, this tech podcast provides a platform for innovative developers to discuss new ideas and products.

In addition to more technical focal points like 3D printing and AI developments, this podcast touches on more human-centered topics, too. Examples include teaching coding to children and entering the tech field with a background in the arts.

10. Learn to Code With Me

Hosted by a self-taught front-end developer, this podcast is designed to help beginners grasp coding fundamentals and launch careers in tech using accessible resources. Discussion largely surrounds career development and building in-demand skills.

Guests and interviewees recount the ways in which they pursued various tech niches. Learn to Code With Me also has an accompanying blog that helps connect learners to affordable and accessible instruction tools.

11. Coder Radio

This talkshow-style podcast explores the current software development landscape, often through an innovation and business-oriented lens. The hosts discuss the products, trends, influences, and conventions of ‘big tech' and how these impact consumer habits and technology professionals' roles.

12. Programming Throwdown

This podcast is intended primarily for computer scientists and software engineers. Listeners can build a knowledge base and expand familiarity with different software niches. Episodes delve into the applications of specific coding languages or systems like WebAssembly, Metaverse, and Kubernetes.

13. Coding Blocks

A trio of full stack web developers and software engineers hosts Coding Blocks. This podcast focuses on conventions and best practices within different software architectures and technologies.

Key topics include database design and the inner workings of object-oriented programming languages like C#, Ruby, and Java.

14. Developer Tea

Developer Tea is designated for software developers who hope to enhance their careers, maximize learning, increase productivity, and improve their understanding of development subjects. This podcast, hosted by the director of engineering at PBS, offers a more introspective view on their field.

15. The FreeCodeCamp Podcast

FreeCodeCamp is a nonprofit organization that aims to help its audience learn to code using free resources. It offers roughly 3,000 hours worth of free coding curricula. The podcast is available to supplement interactive lessons and tutorials.

It often features stories of professionals who have followed non-linear paths to rewarding coding careers. Although the FreeCodeCamp podcast no longer makes new episodes, it has maintained a strong fanbase as it helps people learn to code for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Podcasts

Can you learn to code with a podcast?

Yes. Podcasts can be an informative and enjoyable tool for listeners learning to code and who have an interest in coding-related topics. However, podcasts alone do not usually have the structure, visual aids, or set curricula needed to teach coding effectively. Learning to code typically requires taking courses or watching tutorials with clear visual components.

Fortunately, many coding podcasts have accompanying blogs, tutorials, and other resources that learners can access to aid their learning.

What are the best podcasts for new coders?

Content for new coders often touches on how to learn coding and launch a career in the tech industry effectively. Podcasts like Learn to Code With Me, Code Newbie, and FreeCodeCamp are designated for people new to working in tech. Creators often include links to tutorials or other resources to accompany audio content.

Other podcasts, like the Changelog, speak about more non-technical subjects, like business, career development, and entrepreneurship.

What are the best podcasts for experienced coders?

Experienced coders may enjoy podcasts like Software Engineering Radio, Programming Throwdown, or Coding Blocks. These podcasts are more appropriate for listeners who have substantial experience in coding or software development. They use more advanced jargon and emphasize advancement within the tech industry.

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