9 Fun Coding Projects for Beginners

These beginner coding projects can help you learn coding fundamentals. Explore the best coding projects for resume building and skill development.
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Coding is an in-demand skill across industries. By some estimates, JavaScript has over 16.4 million global users, Python has about 11.3 million users, and C++ has over 7.5 million users.

However, learning to code can be challenging. Fortunately, trying simple, creative coding projects can be a fantastic way to exercise the practical applications of coding principles. Beginner coding projects are a great way to gain experience and build the skills you'll need to tackle more sophisticated projects.

What Are Coding Projects? Why Are They Important?

New coders can create simple, interactive projects using languages like Python, HTML, CSS, C++, and JavaScript.

And coding projects aren't just for practice. Junior developers and coding professionals should build a coding portfolio of completed works to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Having an array of resume-friendly projects and experiences can help early-career coders compete for high-paying jobs. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for web developers, computer programmers, and software developers ranged from $77,200-$110,140 in 2021.

Coding Bootcamps for You

Top 9 Coding Projects for Beginners

These fun beginner coding projects are ideal for early-career coding professionals who want to hone their skills and build their resumes.

1. Build a Simple Application

Many people interested in software and application development can exercise their skills by building a basic mobile app with languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

The application's premise doesn't need to be original or market-ready. As a beginner, you can create simple tools like calendars, calculators, drawing tools, or to-do lists.

2. Develop a Basic Game Using JavaScript

New coders can learn a great deal from developing simple, interactive games with JavaScript. Coders often need to create their own framework from scratch, making this a relatively challenging project for beginners.

Games allow creators to gain familiarity with physics engines, asset management, and collision detection. Although game possibilities are broad, coders can start with simple variations of established games like tic-tac-toe or Tetris.

3. Create a Simple Tool

You can also create simple tools like unit converters and countdown timers using Python. You can build an application's framework and use utilities like unit conversion to develop various projects, such as currency conversion or weight conversion tools.

To build timers, coders can practice creating data fields and interactive start buttons.

4. Build a Basic Website Using HTML and CSS

New coders, particularly those interested in web development and UX design, may embrace the opportunity to create a website using code. Creators can choose to build the site from scratch or use a template.

You can determine design elements and site capabilities, such as the capacity for user profile pages, databases that store user information, product pages, shopping carts, and checkout features.

5. Contribute to an Open-Source Project

Fun coding projects for beginners do not have to be solitary. Open-source projects allow anybody to access and modify software, which makes them powerful tools for collaboration and community-building.

You can practice modifying open-source software, receive feedback from more experienced developers, and expand your professional network.

6. Develop Your Own Chess Game in Java

Programming a chess game is more complex than JavaScript games like tic-tac-toe, and creators should have foundational programming experience before taking on this project.

Creators have to use complex algorithms, elements of artificial intelligence, and a variety of input and output variables to construct an interactive chess game.

7. Create Your Own Calculator

Building a calculator is an excellent project to practice programming input and output values. Coders must create a layout for the calculator, as well as an algorithm that can process numbers and perform mathematical equations. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are great languages for this project.

8. Build a Slideshow With JavaScript

Building a slideshow is an ideal project for beginners interested in using JavaScript for web development. You can practice using document object models in a browser. You can also reuse your slideshow framework for different web design projects.

9. Redesign a Website

This project allows coders to redesign a website using an HTML template with preexisting elements rather than creating a new site from scratch. This can be an ideal exercise for coders learning the basic elements of web development.

Coders can add or alter the site's layout, multimedia content, text, and other UX elements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Projects

Are coding projects good for resumes?

Employers may look for coders based on their education level, relevant credentials, and prior work experience. However, companies want to hire professionals who have proven their ability to complete coding projects end-to-end.

Even simple coding projects, such as building basic applications, tools, or web pages, can be valuable assets on a resume. These projects help demonstrate that you're competent in specific coding languages and have the skills to overcome common technical problems.

How do you start a coding project?

Many top coding bootcamps and courses help students exercise key concepts through beginner coding projects. Social networking sites like freeCodeCamp.org have tutorials, templates, forums, and other resources learners can use to kickstart projects. Coders should also research which projects or skills are applicable to their desired careers and conduct independent study in those areas.

How do you present a coding project?

A resume filled with successful coding projects can help applicants stand out to employers. However, many coding projects are interactive and cannot be meaningfully observed from a resume document.

Websites like GitHub provide platforms for professionals who want to organize and showcase their portfolios online. Alternatively, coding professionals can create a personalized website where users can access old and new projects and learn more about their specialty areas and background.

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