Easiest College Majors and Degrees

Earning a bachelor's degree can boost earning potential and job opportunities. It doesn't have to be grueling. Here are the easiest college majors and degrees.
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One thing to consider when choosing your college major is rigor. Depending on your skills and interests, some majors will be easier to complete than others.

For example, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors have a reputation for demanding coursework and complex curriculum.

But don't forget — the easiest bachelor's degree for one person might be challenging for another. You should weigh the pros and cons of each program, including potential careers after graduation, to find the best fit for your personal interests, strengths, and aptitudes.

Here's our take on the easiest college majors, from education to criminal justice.

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1. Anthropology

Anthropology majors examine humanity, with courses on archeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology. The major can help you develop strong analytical and writing skills that may lead to careers in museum studies, the public sector, archeology, and community services.

A bachelor's in anthropology program traditionally lasts four years. Students can study fascinating topics like Central American archeology, forensic anthropology, and American culture.

Anthropology will often come easier to students with writing, research, and problem-solving skills.

Popular Jobs for Anthropology Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Anthropology Professor or Researcher $85,000
Archeologist $63,940
Community Service Manager $74,240
Market Research Analyst $68,230
Museum Worker/Archivist $53,420
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

2. Business

Business isn't just one of the easiest college majors — it's also the most popular major. Business students can strengthen their analytical and leadership skills while taking industry-focused classes.

As a business major, you'll study core topics like accounting, management, and organizational behavior. With a bachelor's in business administration, you can pursue lucrative careers in finance, marketing, and human resources.

Business might not be the easiest degree to get if you struggle with analysis, statistics, or persuasive writing.

Popular Jobs for Business Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Accountant or Auditor $78,000
Budget Analyst $82,260
Financial Analyst $96,220
Market Research Analyst $68,230
Project Management Specialist $95,370
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

3. Communications

A communications degree is great for those who are fascinated by the media and the news industry. You'll take classes like visual storytelling and multiplatform content creation as part of your degree.

Communications majors study public relations, mass media, journalism, and business communication. You can specialize your degree with concentration options like public relations, journalism, or technical writing.

In a communications program, students foster strong writing, public speaking, and analytical skills.

Popular Jobs for Communications Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Editor $73,080
Public Relations Specialist $67,440
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $125,620
Reporter or Journalist $55,960
Technical Writer $79,960
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

4. Criminal Justice

Learn about law enforcement, criminology, and the legal system as a criminal justice major. Specialize your degree with a concentration in homeland security, law enforcement administration, or juvenile justice.

With a bachelor's in criminal justice, you can pursue a career as a federal law enforcement officer, paralegal, or forensic science technician. It's the ideal major to launch a criminal justice, public policy, or law career.

Popular Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Correctional Officer $49,610
Forensic Science Technician $63,740
Police or Detective $69,160
Private Investigator $52,120
Parole or Probation Officer $59,860
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

5. Education

If you love learning and teaching, an education major might be the easiest bachelor's degree. You'll gain hands-on classroom training through a student teaching experience that can enhance job opportunities.

With a bachelor's in education, you can become an elementary school teacher, high school teacher, or special education teacher. Outside of teaching, the degree can prepare you for opportunities in training and development.

Popular Jobs for Education Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Elementary School Teacher $61,620
High School Teacher $62,360
Instructional Coordinator $66,490
Middle School Teacher $61,810
Special Education Teacher $62,950
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

6. English

Love reading? Then, you may thrive as an English major since it's one of the most reading-heavy majors. An English degree is also considered one of the easiest college majors. As an English major, you'll study literary criticism, rhetoric, and writing.

After honing communication, analytical, and research skills, you can pursue work as a writer, teacher, or public relations specialist.

Popular Jobs for English Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Advertising or Marketing Manager $138,730
High School Teacher $62,360
Librarian and Library Media Specialist $61,660
Public Relations Specialist $67,440
Writer or Author $73,150
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

7. Health

Interested in healthcare? Then, a health major might be a great investment. The healthcare field is one of the fastest-growing industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Within health, you can major in nursing, healthcare administration, health science, or nutrition to qualify for jobs with a bachelor's degree. But consider your career goals — many healthcare jobs require a graduate degree.

Popular Jobs for Health Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Clinical Laboratory Technologist $57,380
Dietitians or Nutritionist $66,450
Medical and Health Services Managers $104,830
Medical Records Specialist $47,180
Registered Nurse $81,220
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

8. History

Curious about the past? Then history might be one of the easiest majors for you. As a history major, you'll strengthen your analytical, research, and writing skills.

During a bachelor's in history program, you'll study U.S. history, world history, and ancient history. With a history degree, you can pursue work in education, business, media, or marketing.

Popular Jobs for History Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
High School Teacher $62,360
Historian $64,540
History Professor $79,400
Museum Worker/Archivist $53,420
Paralegal $59,200
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

9. Psychology

If you are interested in working with people and helping them better understand themselves and their emotions, psychology may be for you. As a psychology major, you will be able to interact with many different types of people and study human behaviors and how we interact with the world.

However, several psychology career paths require a graduate degree — including school psychologists, counselors, or mental health professionals.

Popular Jobs for Psychology Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Clinical or Counseling Psychologists $90,130
Market Research Analyst $68,230
School Psychologist $81,500
Social Worker $55,350
Substance Use, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors $49,710
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

10. Sociology

Sociology explores human behavior and social institutions. As a sociology major, you'll gain analytical and critical thinking skills. Explore interesting subjects like family sociology, organizational behavior, and social inequality.

Graduates can pursue careers in business, marketing, human resources, and community services.

Popular Jobs for Sociology Majors
Job Median Annual Salary 2022
Career Counselor $60,140
Human Resources Specialist $61,920
College Professor $80,840
Market Research Analyst $68,230
Social Worker $55,350
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions About the Easiest College Majors

What are the hardest college majors?

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The hardest college majors are most commonly in STEM fields. College students typically rank architecture, biochemistry, engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics as the most difficult majors.

What is the quickest degree to get?

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Accelerated online programs are the fastest route to a bachelor's degree. Students who choose the right accelerated bachelor's degree can enter the job market for their chosen field in as little as two years, saving time and money.

Is an online degree easier?

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Generally, online programs are not easier than on-campus programs. The curriculum for online degrees is often the exact same as the on-campus curriculum.

Online programs can offer students convenience and flexibility. However, they also come with the normal stressors of school deadlines, coursework, and exams like in-person programs do.

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