Top 5 Online GED Classes

Top 5 Online GED Classes

October 8, 2021

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Offering students the opportunity to earn an equivalent to a high school diploma, the General Education Development (GED) exam is a practical pathway for many individuals to boost their employment opportunities and gain access to higher education.

The test covers four subjects broken into separate exams: mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts, social studies, and science. Like other standardized tests, students who set aside time to study and prepare often tend to earn top scores.

Online GED classes and test prep materials provide test-takers with a flexible and affordable way to boost their test scores. Additionally, many programs offer free test prep materials. This guide highlights some of the best online GED classes you can take.

1. Official GED Testing Service

The official GED Testing Service offers many online test prep services for students wanting to ace their exams. The website serves as a platform for live online classes, recorded lessons, and a catalog of thousands of practice questions. In addition to providing test prep services, individuals can sign up and take the GED test online.

Whether a student wants to select individual testing subjects or take a comprehensive approach covering all subjects, they have access to experienced instructors ready to answer any questions. Test-takers can also tackle practice tests crafted by the same folks who write the GED exam.

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2. Kaplan

A recognized name within the standardized testing world, Kaplan offers a self-paced course that students can access on pretty much any device. Whether on their phone or a laptop, students can conveniently access practice tests and questions that are aligned with the official GED test objectives.

Along with video instruction, Kaplan instructors answer any questions students have within 24 hours. Additionally, enrolled learners can access the program's video library at any time.

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3. Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep supplies test-takers with free GED resources, including practice tests, flashcards, and comprehensive study guides. The $0 option does involve advertisements, although students can pay $5 for an ad-free version, making this an inexpensive resource for students.

In addition to the free and standard paid option, students can access a premium option that includes bonus content in all testing areas. All test prep options highlight both the information you'll need to know and handy test-taking skills that can help you ace your exam.

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4. UGO Prep

UGO Prep offers test preparation options that include free GED classes online and premium options where students can access both comprehensive and individual subject courses. The two-week, fast-track courses include practice questions, simulated exams, and review guides.

Enrolled learners can access dozens of practice tests for all four sections of the GED exam. UGO provides 1,500 practice questions along with study guides that cover test content and test-taking skills.

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For about $60 a month, students have access to's extensive list of test prep materials. Through videos, assessment quizzes, and study guides, students can gain critical knowledge and test-taking skills while engaging with GED prep content at their own pace. provides ample resources that help test-takers understand the test's structure and scoring, as well as tips and tricks they can use to prepare for test day. Students also have access to practice tests and GED flash cards.

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Can You Take the GED Test Online?

In addition to online test prep, students can take their GED test online. While other websites may claim to offer legitimate diplomas, the GED Testing Service is the only accredited provider of online GED tests. The official GED website also provides a useful tool to find local, in-person testing sites.

Students interested in an online test must have a computer with a webcam and a reliable internet connection. Test-takers should also have access to a private workspace and have a government-issued ID handy. Online test-takers must pass a GED Ready practice test for each testing section within 60 days of their test date.

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