The 8 Best Online GMAT Prep Courses

Studying for the GMAT? Here are the best GMAT prep courses to help you ace the exam and impress business schools.
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  • Many business schools require applicants to take the GMAT.
  • The GMAT evaluates test-takers' critical thinking, writing, and math skills.
  • GMAT prep courses can help you study for the exam with lessons and tutoring.

Over 200,000 people take the GMAT each year in hopes of gaining admission into the business school of their choice.

The GMAT evaluates test-takers' critical thinking skills. Individuals write an essay in the analytical writing assessment, analyze data and information in the integrated reasoning section, solve math problems in the quantitative reasoning section, and demonstrate their reading comprehension and editing skills in the verbal reasoning section.

If that sounds a bit intimidating, don't worry. There are many different GMAT prep options to help you get ready for the exam. Read about the eight best GMAT prep courses below.

1. GMAT Official Starter Kit

Official GMAT prep materials offer several options for test-takers on low budgets. Individuals can take the first two adaptive practice exams for free, which score tests with the same scoring algorithm as the actual GMAT exam.

The evaluation also helps you clarify your strengths and weaknesses in the various testing categories, which can help you prioritise how to study. Plus, if you feel like you need any more practice, you can pay to take additional mock exams.

Course Options:

  • GMAT Official Practice Exams 1 & 2: Free
  • GMAT Official Practice Exams 3 & 4: $49.99
  • GMAT Official Practice Exams 5 & 6: $49.99
  • GMAT Official Practice Exams 3-6: $89.98
  • GMAT Official Quantitative Practice: $39.99

2. Magoosh

Magoosh offers comprehensive GMAT prep programs, including instruction and practice questions. Individuals who choose the self-study option can watch video lessons, and premium subscribers can also take advantage of diagnostic tests and a score predictor.

The guided study option includes tutoring services as well. People on this plan get six hours of tutoring in the form of one-on-one video chat sessions. As an added benefit, Magoosh subscribers get 40% off the GMAT Official Starter Kit Practice Exams.

Course Options:

  • Self-Study Math + IR (1 Year): $219
  • Premium (1 Year): $249
  • Guided Study Tutoring + Premium: $799

3. The Princeton Review

You may know The Princeton Review as the company that publishes ACT and SAT prep books, but it also provides extensive preparation for the GMAT exam.

The Princeton Review offers four different plans. All plans are available online, but some also have in-person options. You can choose between a self-paced option, a fundamentals course that includes 27 hours of classroom time, a program that guarantees a score of at least 700, and private tutoring.

Course Options:

  • Self-Paced: $699
  • Fundamentals: $1,299 (also available in person)
  • GMAT 700+: $1,599
  • Private Tutoring: $167/hr (also available in person)

4. Kaplan

Kaplan's GMAT prep course includes live and on-demand options, with over 140 hours of online instruction and practice. The program comes with nine full-length practice tests and a pre-test-day experience. This experience allows test-takers to sit for a practice exam at a testing center.

Kaplan pledges a "score higher" promise, which guarantees test-takers a refund if they don't score higher than their baseline. If you want to learn more about the program, Kaplan offers a free consultation for its GMAT online classes.

Course Options:

  • Self-Paced: $599
  • Live Online: $1,249
  • Live Online PLUS: $1,649

5. Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep offers several course options with different formats based on the assumption that everyone has a unique study style. The complete course includes 27 hours of GMAT classes and six practice tests. Individuals can also learn from a tutor in private sessions.

The GMAT bootcamp prepares students for the exam in 2-3 weeks of intensive study. Manhattan Prep also publishes a free GMAT starter kit, which includes math and verbal foundations e-books and one practice test.

Course Options:

  • GMAT Practice Exams (6 Months): $49
  • Interact GMAT: $999
  • Live GMAT Course: $1,599
  • Online Private GMAT Tutoring: $2,450+
  • GMAT Boot Camps: $2,599
  • In-Person Private Tutoring: $225-$255/hour

6. PrepScholar

PrepScholar publishes GMAT classes for people on every budget. Individuals who enroll in the online course follow a personalized study plan and practice with four computer-adaptive tests. For those who can spend a bit more money, tutoring offers a more personalized option.

You can also read PrepScholar's free e-books and lessons or watch the videos on PrepScholar's YouTube channel. The prep company pledges a five-day risk-free trial with its programs. It also promises test-takers their money back if they don't raise their scores by at least 60 points.

Course Options:

  • Resource Pool Online GMAT Prep: $69
  • Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep: $139
  • Complete Customized Online GMAT Prep: $259
  • Online Monitored Automated Prep Tutoring: $799
  • Online Full Tutor-Led Complete Prep: $1,799
  • Online Maximum Tutoring Prep: $3,399

7. Veritas Prep

Test-takers who opt for Veritas Prep can choose between self study and live class options. They can also participate in the private tutoring plan. The self-study program consists of video lessons and over 5,000 practice questions.

Participants can also take advantage of live online homework help. For live online classes, teachers provide 36 hours of instruction. Students who pick tutoring get seven hours of one-on-one guidance and interview prep. All options come with a free admissions consultation.

Course Options:

  • Self Study: $699
  • Live Class (Includes Self-Study): $1,399
  • Private Tutoring (Includes Live Class + Self-Study): $2,650+

8. The Economist

The Economist facilitates three course options: essential, premium, and genius. These programs last 4-6 months, and students can customize their course to fit their learning styles. The program guarantees a 70-point increase in test-takers' scores or they get their money back.

As an added bonus, participants get a free three-month digital subscription to The Economist magazine. If The Economist GMAT prep seems like a good fit, you can try out a seven-day free trial before committing to the course.

Course Options:

  • Essential (4 months): $449
  • Premium (6 months): $699
  • Genius (6 months): $989

Can You Take the GMAT Online?

While many people take the GMAT in person at a testing center, most test-takers can choose to take the GMAT online, with the exception of a few places where local regulations prohibit this.

Test-takers might choose the online option if they prefer to take the exam in a more familiar environment like home. An online test also can help individuals meet business school deadlines.

Note that even though the online GMAT is remote, it is proctored. You can register for the exam and schedule a time to take the test either in person or online at this website.

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