8 Best TOEFL Prep Books for 2021

8 Best TOEFL Prep Books for 2021

By Steve Bailey

Published on January 7, 2021

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The TOEFL exam allows nonnative speakers to demonstrate their English proficiency through listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Many colleges and universities require this exam before admitting international students.

This list describes some of the top TOEFL prep books, which can help students boost their performance on the test. These prep books include practice questions, strategies to use on test day, and the reasoning behind the answers to various questions. Students who use a good prep book can develop a comprehensive understanding of the TOEFL.

Why Use a TOEFL Prep Book?

A TOEFL prep book helps international students understand the exam and the ways in which they can best demonstrate their English skills. Generally, students with relatively strong English abilities find more value in these prep books. Students who feel confident in some areas but less confident in others can also use these prep books to improve specific skills. If you don't want to buy your own prep book, check with your school or local library — they may have resources you can borrow.

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Top Choice:

The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test, 6th Edition

This guide helps students combine their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to demonstrate their English proficiency on the TOEFL. Students can review hundreds of practice questions and sample essays closely aligned with those found on the test. The guide also includes thorough explanations of all four exam sections.

$$$ on Amazon

Kaplan's TOEFL iBT Prep Plus, 2020-2021

Kaplan's guide helps students master their English skills in listening, writing, reading, and speaking. The book includes four complete practice tests and more than 450 sample questions, along with answer explanations. In addition to the book's content, students gain access to online resources like self-paced video tutorials from TOEFL experts.

$$ on Amazon

Barron's TOEFL iBT, 17th Edition

This guide features strategies and tips to help students master the skills needed to pass the TOEFL exam. Students can learn the key concepts behind each exam section and view expert-led video lessons. Students can also build confidence by taking up to eight one-hour practice exams.

$$$ on Amazon

Barron's Essential Words for the TOEFL, 7th Edition

Focused on vocabulary, this study guide helps students prepare for the various words and phrases they may encounter on the TOEFL exam. The book outlines "purpose" vocabulary found on the writing and speaking sections, while also defining and providing examples of 500 must-know words.

$$ on Amazon

Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1, 3rd Edition

Written by the company that makes the TOEFL test, this guide features recently retired test forms that align closely with the writing, listening, reading, and speaking questions students encounter on the actual exam. This resource works well for students looking to understand how to construct a proper answer to a test question.

$$$ on Amazon

Test Prep Books' TOEFL Preparation Book, 2020 and 2021

This prep book provides proven strategies for mastering the reading, speaking, writing, and listening portions of the TOEFL exam. Students can practice their skills through a variety of practice questions, and then check their work with the book's detailed explanations.

$$ on Amazon

Mometrix's TOEFL iBT Secrets Study Guide

Through this guide, students learn to master the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections of the TOEFL exam. Students can review practice questions and watch video tutorials covering a variety of key concepts.

$$ on Amazon

The Princeton Review's TOEFL iBT Prep, 2020

In addition to outlining proven test-taking strategies, this prep book offers practice drills for each of the TOEFL exam's four sections. Students can review grammar basics, build their vocabulary, and learn how to write a great essay.

$$$ on Amazon

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