The 30 Best Study-From-Home Essentials for Students in 2023

Planning to study from home this college term? Create the perfect study environment at home with these 30 essentials.
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The perfect study environment can make a big difference in college. In fact, choosing the right study environment is one of the best ways to study effectively at home.

But what's the best way to study from home? Too many college students stack their textbooks on their nightstands or try to write essays from the couch. Avoid the pitfalls of a messy workspace by creating an organized, functional, and stylish study space at home.

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1. Desk

Our Recommendation: JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk

Instead of taking over the couch or flopping on your bed to study, invest in a desk. A good home office desk can make a major difference in your focus and comfort. Our pick is a stylish and durable option that includes shelves and two color options.

2. Stand-Up Desk

Our Recommendation: FEZIBO Adjustable Standing Desk

You can sit or stand while working with this easily adjustable desk. An electronic motor adjusts the desk height from 28-46 inches with the touch of a button. You can program four different work heights to customize the desk to your ergonomic needs.

3. Laptop Desk

Our Recommendation: LapGear Home Office Pro Lap Desk

Work wherever you want with this convenient, portable lap desk. The desk accommodates laptops up to 15.6 inches and most tablets, with a dedicated phone slot and mouse pad. A padded wrist cushion provides ergonomic support. The design also ensures proper ventilation for your electronics.

4. Desk Chair

Our Recommendation: Amazon Basics Padded Office Chair

A good desk chair means less back pain. But expensive desk chairs can easily cost hundreds. Our pick is a padded office chair that prioritizes comfort and adjustability. Modify the seat angle and height to get the perfect match for your desk. The chair also comes with casters for mobility.

5. Seat Cushion

Our Recommendation: 5 Stars United Seat Cushion Pillow

Avoid or relieve lower back pain with this memory foam seat cushion. The cushion works with any chair, including car and plane seats. The pillow helps correct posture to avoid neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. The cushion also supports the lower back and reduces pressure on your tailbone.

6. Desk Lamp

Our Recommendation: Dott Arts LED Desk Lamp

Illuminate your workspace with this sleek LED desk lamp. The minimalist design saves space on your desk. The LED lamp provides three cool white light levels that are easily adjusted. Power your lamp with an AC power adapter or plug it into any USB port or portable battery pack.

7. Wired Headphones

Our Recommendation: Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods provide high-quality audio through a lightning connector, which works with devices operating on iOS 10 or later operating systems. A built-in remote makes it easy to adjust the volume, change your music, and end calls.

8. Wireless Headphones

Our Recommendation: Apple AirPods Pro

These earphones connect wirelessly to all your Apple devices. You can listen to your music, lectures, and audiobooks, and take calls while on the go. Choose from three tip sizes to customize the fit in your ear. AirPods offer noise cancellation and are resistant to water.

9. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Our Recommendation: Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Increase your productivity with a full-size keyboard and ergonomically contoured mouse. The keyboard includes a number pad and media keys. It also provides a palm rest and spill-resistant design. The mouse offers right-handed users comfort and smooth tracking. Both items connect wirelessly to your Windows or Chrome PC.

10. Mouse Pad

Our Recommendation: AmazonBasics Computer Mouse Pad

This gaming computer mouse pad provides a thick, nonslip base to keep it where you want it. The cloth surface promotes smooth and precise mouse tracking that is ideal for use by gamers and graphic designers. The pad measures about 12 inches by 10 inches.

11. Power Strip

Our Recommendation: GE Six-Outlet Surge Protector

A power strip with surge protection helps guard your valuable electronics against power surges. It also allows you to extend the use of your electrical outlets with up to six outlets. Seal outlets when not in use with an easy twist design.

12. Monitor

Our Recommendation: Acer SB220Q Full HD Monitor

Enjoy a crisp, high-definition display on this widescreen (21.5 inches) computer monitor. The monitor connects to your laptop or desktop computer through VGA or HDMI cables, and it has a stand that allows for tilt adjustment. The monitor boasts a super-thin design of 0.24 inches, as well as a 1920 by 1080 resolution.

13. Portable Monitor

Our Recommendation: KYY 15.6" 1080P Ultra-Slim Portable Monitor

If you're planning to move work spaces or you have a very small study space, a slim portable monitor is a major asset. You can connect the KYY portable monitor to a desktop or laptop, and it comes with 2 USB-C Ports plus Mini-HDMI ports. You can even hook a smartphone or tablet to the monitor to upgrade your study game.

14. Laptop Stand

Our Recommendation: Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Turn any surface into a laptop desk with this laptop stand. The stand provides a more ergonomic workspace by elevating your laptop six inches and tilting it forward. This positioning can reduce neck and back pain, and eye strain. It works with laptops that are between 10 and 15.6 inches.

15. Extension Cord

Our Recommendation: GE Three-Outlet Extension Cord

Get more power for your electronics with this 12-foot extension cord. The cord offers three outlets from one plug. The outlet covers twist closed when not in use for added safety. GE rates this product for indoor use in dry locations.

16. Coffee Maker

Our Recommendation: Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Have coffee ready for early morning classes or all-night study sessions. This coffee maker includes a filter basket for easy cleaning and a dual water window to prevent spills and overflows. The auto pause feature lets you fill your coffee cup without waiting for brewing to finish.

17. Mug Warmer

Our Recommendation: Misby Mug Warmer

Keep your coffee warm while you're working at your desk. This mug warmer works well with coffee, milk, and water, keeping beverages at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The device works with most cups. An automatic switch turns the warmer on when you place a cup on it and turns it off when you take the cup away.

18. Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Our Recommendation: AOMASTE Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Most electronic devices emit a blue light that, over time, can make eyes feel dry or tired. Blue light can also disrupt the body's natural sleep patterns. These glasses block 90% of that light, protecting your vision, relieving eye fatigue, and allowing you to sleep better.

19. Planner

Our Recommendation: Artfan 2022-2023 Planner

Never miss an important assignment or event with this 2022-2023 weekly calendar. The calendar includes a monthly view page with a column to track ongoing projects. And its thick paper prevents ink from bleeding through.

20. Printer

Our Recommendation: HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color Printer

Tired of running to print a paper in the library at the last minute only to discover a line? Then grab an affordable color printer. Our pick will upgrade your graphs and presentations thanks to its sharp color, and the wireless option makes it easier to sync with multiple devices.

21. Wi-Fi Extender

Our Recommendation: Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender EX2800

Quickly expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home with this Wi-Fi extender. The extender covers up to 1,200 square feet and supports up to 20 devices. Plug the extender into an outlet and press the WPS button to connect to your router. It supports wireless security protocols to keep your network safe.

22. Whiteboard

Our Recommendation: VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board

This magnetic whiteboard lets you track upcoming assignments and keep up with other notes. The hanging hardware allows you to choose a vertical or horizontal mounting position. The board includes a tray to keep dry erase markers handy.

23. Webcam

Our Recommendation: NexiGo N930AF Webcam

Easily stream video for your online classes or video calls with the NexiGo PC Webcam. This camera offers 1080p resolution and connects to your laptop with a USB 2.0 cable. You can have your camera up and running in under a minute. The webcam includes a built-in microphone and privacy cover.

24. External Hard Drive

Our Recommendation: Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

Organize your digital life with this one terabyte portable hard drive, which works with Mac and Windows computers without the need for extra software. It connects with the USB 3.0 cable included with your purchase.

25. Desk Pad

Our Recommendation: Aothia Leather Desk and Mouse Pad

Some might call a desk pad an optional upgrade, but when you're putting in long hours at a desk, it's essential. Our pick gives you a smooth surface that's sleek, waterproof, and durable. And you can also use it as a mouse pad.

26. Notebook

Our Recommendation: Five Star Five-Subject Spiral College Ruled Notebook

Keep your notes and work organized and accessible with this five-subject notebook. The 200 sheets feature ink-bleed resistance, and the notebook comes with a water-resistant front cover. Additionally, you can easily tear out assignments thanks to the perforated edges.

27. Water Bottle

Our Recommendation: Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Proper hydration helps you concentrate and avoid headaches. This insulated stainless steel water bottle features a spout lid. The insulated design keeps hot and cold beverages at your desired temperature. Choose from more than 20 color options and various sizes.

28. Timer

Our Recommendation: Mooas Cube Timer

This digital timer offers five-, 15-, 30-, and 60-minute timers to help you effectively manage your time. The timer works well for studying, working out, and cooking. The minimalist design is easy to use. Simply place the side of the cube with the desired time facing out, and start the timer.

29. Foot Rest

Our Recommendation: Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

This foot rest can relieve foot, leg, and hip pain caused by long periods of sitting. The ergonomic design improves posture while you are sitting and includes arch support. The memory foam cushion molds to your body, and the nonslip bottom keeps it securely in place. You can easily remove the cover for washing.

30. Desk Organizer

Our Recommendation: SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Keep your files, notebooks, and important papers organized and accessible with this desk organizer. The space-saving design includes a drawer, letter tray, and five upright compartments. The metal mesh construction coordinates with many decorating styles.