25 Fastest-Growing Tech Hubs in the U.S.

Tech hubs are emerging all across the U.S., offering high-paying, high-skill jobs. Discover the top 25 fastest-growing tech hubs in the nation.
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  • Computer and information technology careers are projected to grow 13% in 10 years.
  • Fast-growing tech hubs by job growth include Destin, Florida, and Austin, Texas.
  • Fast-growing tech hubs by salary include Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects computer and information technology careers are projected to grow by 13% from 2020-2030. Across the nation, a projected 667,600 jobs will be created during that time. The BLS predicts that the increase in tech careers will be due to a greater emphasis on cloud computing and the need for information security.

As tech careers grow, tech hubs will likely become more common across the nation. Tech workers may now choose between working in established tech hubs like Silicon Valley or newer, up-and-coming tech hubs. New tech hubs may offer advantages such as a lower cost of living than established tech hubs.

In the following sections, readers can discover the fastest-growing tech hubs across the country by job growth and salary. These cities are eager to attract tech workers with high-paying jobs, vibrant communities, and competitive benefits.

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Fastest-Growing Tech Hubs by Job Growth

In this list, readers will find the fastest-growing tech hubs by job growth for the tech industry. This list does not contain all tech hubs across the U.S. We have determined these fastest-growing tech cities through an analysis of the BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages and a 2022 report by 24/7 Wall St.

15. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin has experienced growth in the tech industry since 2015. Some of the top tech companies in the city include Illumina, ServiceNow, and Syndigo. Madison is experiencing growth in the tech industry due to the high volume of biotech jobs in the area. Nearby universities also drive research and innovations in biotech and information technology.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 20.4%

14. Lexington Park, Maryland

Lexington Park, Maryland, offers access to tech careers in the state's 20 military facilities, 60 federal civilian agencies, and 74 federal labs. The city lies in close proximity to other tech hubs in Maryland, including Baltimore and Fort Meade. The low cost of living in Lexington makes it accessible for entry-level tech workers and startup companies alike.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 20.7%

13. Charleston, South Carolina

This city features a community-sourced initiative called the Charleston Digital Corridor that is focused on nurturing and promoting the tech industry in Charleston. Tech professionals can find easy access to tech professional development classes, diversity initiatives, and job boards. Charleston focuses on building a community of tech workers across the city.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 23.8%

12. Tulsa, Oklahoma

In recent years, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has built a city-wide strategy for developing the tech industry through Tulsa Innovation Labs. This city has created programs to develop local talent and support tech startups, as well as nurture innovation at universities and companies alike. Since 2020, Tulsa has welcomed a coding academy and fellowship program at the University of Tulsa.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 23.9%

11. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is home to a competitive workforce, including professional development and training opportunities. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council boasts that operational costs for tech businesses are up to 36% lower in Phoenix than in California. Some tech companies in the city include ZipRecruiter, PayPal, CyberScout, and InfoArmor.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 24.8%

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs has experienced growth over the past few years, particularly by drawing young tech workers to the city. This city offers easy access to the outdoors and plenty of attractions such as restaurants, museums, and parks. Some tech companies in Colorado Springs include Vectrus and Big Data Analytics.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 24.8%

9. Orlando, Florida

Orlando offers resources for startups and tech professionals through its tech hub portal. Professionals can find peer networking, professional development, and other career opportunities. Startups can also recruit workers by posting jobs and showcasing innovation in the industry. Some tech companies in Orlando include Highforge and SkyWater.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 26.8%

8. Portland, Maine

The most populous city in Maine, Portland offers a growing tech hub with nationally recognized companies such as ServiceNow, HelpSystems, and Public Consulting Group, Inc. Portland also provides opportunities for startups and small tech companies to grow and innovate. The city seeks to repurpose old industrial sites into tech innovation centers.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 27.0%

7. San Jose, California

San Jose provides easy access to cutting-edge tech development through defense contracts with military bases and the U.S. government. The city also houses large life science and biotech industries, which rely on tech workers. Some San Jose tech companies include Inseego, Zovio, and Kaios Technologies.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 27.1%

6. Durham, North Carolina

Durham has attracted many tech companies to the area, including large companies like Apple. The city sits in close proximity to Raleigh, another tech hub in North Carolina, allowing for easy access to more tech professionals and companies. Together, the two cities helped found the Research Triangle Park, a 7,000-acre campus for tech companies.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 28.3%

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is just one urban hub in the "Silicon Slopes," an area that also encompasses Provo, Park City, Cache Valley, and Midvale. Named after Silicon Valley, the Silicon Slopes also house many tech startups, but the cost of living is lower and the real estate prices are less expensive than in Northern California. Some Salt Lake City tech companies include Quickbase and Atomic Financial.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 30.0%

4. Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, also known as "Rocket City," remains a leader in space technology and innovation. With close proximity to other major cities, Huntsville's expanding tech industry attracts high-level talent. Major companies in Huntsville include Boeing, General Dynamics, and Google. Some of the top employers in the city include the U.S. Army and NASA.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 30.6%

3. Greeley, Colorado

Greeley offers many of the same attractions as other Colorado tech hubs like Boulder and Denver while providing a cheaper cost of living. Greeley is the tenth-most populous city in the state. Recently, major tech companies like Bitwise Industries have expanded into Greeley, bringing more professional opportunities for tech workers.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 30.8%

2. Austin, Texas

Austin's tech industry has grown over the last few years. The city offers perks like excellent weather and a bustling social scene for tech professionals in the area. Some tech companies in Austin include NVIDIA, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Adobe. Tech professionals also enjoy a slightly lower cost of living in Austin than in some California tech hubs.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 32.2%

1. Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida, offers beach-side living and plenty of growth opportunities for tech workers. Destin houses smaller tech firms and startups seeking to bring innovation to the industry. The cost of living in Destin is much lower than in larger tech hubs such as Silicon Valley or Seattle. The city provides professional development and peer networking opportunities for workers.

Tech Industry Job Growth: 39.4%

Fastest-Growing Tech Hubs by Salary

In this section, readers can find the fastest-growing tech hubs ranked by salary. These cities offer some of the best wages for tech workers in the country. We have determined these fastest-growing tech cities through an analysis of the Dice Tech Salary Report, 2022 Edition.

10. Portland, Oregon

Known as the "Silicon Forest," Portland offers high-paying tech jobs in an area with a lower cost of living expenses than Seattle. According to Portland's TechTown report, there are 30,000 tech workers in the area, of which 32% identify as female. Portland encourages tech companies to prioritize diversity and equity in hiring practices.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 9.3%

9. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles offers competitive salaries to stay current with the market and cover the high cost of living in the city. The westside of Los Angeles, nicknamed "Silicon Beach," houses more than 500 tech companies in its own right, including many startups. Tech companies in the city include Lever, Titan X, Procore Technologies, and Telesign.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 10.2%

8. Detroit, Michigan

Through the growth of the tech industry in Detroit, the city is revitalizing its economy. The city continues to commit resources to growing startups and small tech businesses through nonprofits like TechTown Detroit. Larger tech companies, like Apple and Amazon, also seek to expand their companies in Detroit in the coming years.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 10.3%

7. Tampa, Florida

Emerging as Florida's tech capital, Tampa holds over 25% of all tech jobs in the state, according to Forbes. The city features over 50 software and IT companies, with more likely to take root over the next few years. Through initiatives like the Embarc Collective, Tampa supports tech startups and early-stage tech companies to continue tech growth in the city.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 10.6%

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, already a strong tech hub, seeks to champion diversity in tech through initiatives like the PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative. The city offers easy access to other major cities on the East Coast, such as New York and Boston, while featuring a slightly lower cost of living.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 10.6%

5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle has maintained its status as one of the major tech hubs in the country for years, with large companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google making their homes in the metropolis. Tech employees see competitive pay, which helps mitigate the high cost of living. The city also supports smaller tech companies and startups.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 11.2%

4. Miami, Florida

Over the past few years, Miami experienced increased investment in its tech industry, leading to growth for tech companies and more competitive salaries for tech workers. The city has seen growth in fintech and cryptocurrency businesses in particular. Miami also benefits from its close proximity to other Florida tech hubs.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 11.4%

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago encourages growth for tech startups and makes it easy for professionals to match with tech companies through tools like Built in Chicago. The city offers many perks for residents, including museums, concerts, and sports. Some tech companies in Chicago include startups like ActiveCampaign and Hologram.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 12.6%

2. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has received investments from major tech companies in the past few years, including Apple, Alphabet, Visa, and Microsoft. As more companies open offices in the city, tech professionals will experience increased salaries and more competitive offers. Atlanta also offers a lower cost of living than other major tech hubs like Seattle.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 13.9%

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh has pivoted from its history as an industrial city to one committed to investing in the tech industry. The city offers competitive salaries with a relatively low cost of living. With several major universities nearby, Pittsburgh explores tech research and innovation. Some Pittsburgh tech companies include Gecko Robotics, Duolingo, and Social Solutions.

Tech Industry Salary Growth: 14.0%

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Hubs

Which cities are tech companies moving to?

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Over the past few years, tech companies began spreading out from traditional locations such as Silicon Valley and Seattle and moving to cities across the country with cheaper costs of living and plenty of space to expand. Cities like Destin, Austin, and Greeley have all benefited from this movement.

However, cities with the fastest-growing tech industries may not also correlate to the cities with the most competitive pay. Tech professionals should consider both factors when searching for work.

What is the fastest-growing tech hub in the world?

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Bengaluru, India, is often considered the fastest-growing tech hub in the world. In the U.S., the fastest-growing tech hub by job growth is Destin, Florida. The fastest-growing tech hub by salary in the U.S. is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With a growing emphasis on remote working, tech professionals can explore even more options than before when it comes to finding the perfect job in the perfect place.

Which cities have the most IT jobs?

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Cities with the highest number of tech jobs include:

  • San Jose, California
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Seattle, Washington
  • San Francisco, California
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

While these cities provide long-established tech communities, professionals should also consider cities with fast-growing tech industries. Emerging tech hubs can provide excellent, high-paying jobs in areas with cheaper costs of living.

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