Top Tech Companies in the U.S.

After graduating from a bootcamp, it can be hard to decide where to apply for a job. Discover the top 10 tech companies in the U.S.
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  • The largest top 10 tech companies in the U.S. offer strong jobs with established brands.
  • The fastest-growing U.S. tech companies offer cutting-edge professional opportunities.
  • Both well-established and new companies are great targets for recent bootcamp graduates.

Picture this: You've just graduated from a coding bootcamp, excited to pursue the career of your dreams. But suddenly, you realize that you have no idea where to apply for jobs. Where can you work to follow the interests that brought you into coding in the first place?

For recent bootcamp graduates, it can be a daunting task to search for a new job. In a world where coding runs everything from shopping to driving, it's hard to know where to look first.

To help you decide where to apply, we've prepared lists of the biggest and fastest-growing tech companies in the U.S. Whether you want to work at a company whose products touch people's lives or at one that's cutting edge, these companies are great places at which you can apply.

Largest Tech Companies in the U.S.

Well-known for their products and splashy public images, these companies are more than just the largest. They also represent the top tech companies in terms of resources and fame. These companies are great places for any job-seeker to target.

1. Amazon

Starting as an online bookstore, Amazon is now the world's largest retailer. With additional projects in streaming media, tablets and e-readers, and grocery delivery, Amazon keeps growing as an integral part of many Americans' daily lives. As such, Amazon could be a great fit for a professional seeking to impact daily life through tech.

Number of Employees (2021): +1,608,000

2. Microsoft

A brand leader in operating systems, Microsoft also produces a variety of software, such as the Edge web browser and the popular Office line of productivity software. If you want your work to impact many people, Microsoft is another top tech company to apply to.

Number of Employees (2021): +180,000

3. Apple

Known for sleek designs and user-friendly interfaces, Apple is a household name in personal computers, smartphones, and wearable tech. Recently, Apple moved into the content market with Apple TV+. An industry leader in consumer tech, Apple is a great company for professionals hoping to work on the next big trend.

Number of Employees (2021): +154,000

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4. Alphabet (Google)

While mostly known for its signature search engine, Alphabet (Google) now has projects in almost every corner of the technology industry. With products ranging from cloud-based office software to their line of Pixel phones, Alphabet offers great opportunities for professionals looking for broad diversity in their projects.

Number of Employees (2021): +156,000

5. Oracle

Oracle specializes in cloud computing and database management software to keep businesses running. One of the leading companies for management software, Oracle is a great choice for coders with strong database skills and an interest in software as a service (SaaS).

Number of Employees (2021): +132,000

6. Tesla

After popularizing the electric car, Tesla is now expanding into solar energy and attempting to perfect self-driving, autonomous vehicles. Combining forward-thinking research and development with a strong fanbase, Tesla is a top tech company for professionals with interests in artificial intelligence and green tech.

Number of Employees (2021): +99,000

7. Cisco

As far as telecommunication, few companies are bigger than Cisco. With 85% of internet traffic traveling across Cisco infrastructure, our way of working, playing, and interacting online wouldn't be the same without their technology. Professionals with a passion for telecommunication and a desire to work on fundamental technology can apply for open Cisco positions.

Number of Employees (2021): +38,000

8. Meta (Facebook)

Inspired by science-fiction descriptions of the metaverse (an online alternate reality), Facebook has recently rebranded to Meta. A longtime leader in social media, Meta now focuses on virtual reality (VR) tech with the aim to create a more immersive online world. For coders with an interest in communication and VR, Meta offers strong job opportunities.

Number of Employees (2021): +71,000


A familiar name to gamers due to their top-of-the-line graphics processing units, NVIDIA is also an industry leader in cloud processing and artificial intelligence. For coders looking to make a fundamental impact on sheer computing power, NVIDIA offers both exciting projects and impressive resources.

Number of Employees (2022): +22,000

10. Broadcom

While not necessarily a household name, Broadcom technology underpins many of the other companies on this list. Broadcom produces semiconductors and infrastructure software. In addition, its chips are used in everything from smartphones to automated factories. For those looking to make an impact at the most fundamental level, a position with Broadcom is a great choice.

Number of Employees (2022): +20,000

Fastest-Growing Tech Companies in the U.S.

While these companies may not be household names, they offer great opportunities for bootcamp graduates. Below are some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the U.S. However, new technologies are always being developed, and this list may change as these companies grow and new startups emerge.

1. Prime Medicine

With gene-editing technology on the rise, Prime Medicine describes its technology as a search and replace tool for faulty genes. Of course, medical technology requires powerful analysis to back it up. For coders who want to use their skills to produce life-saving treatments, Prime Medicine is an exciting company on the technological frontier.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +438%

2. MoonPay

MoonPay is a flexible crypto trading platform looking to simplify the crypto onboarding process. More recently, they've created a checkout system for users to pay for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, with a credit card. MoonPay is a great company for professionals excited about emerging blockchain tech.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +270%

3. Landing AI

Landing AI creates unique artificial intelligence (AI) models that leverage smaller data sets. With its signature LandingLens software for detecting manufacturing flaws, Landing AI may suit those looking to apply machine learning to unique problems.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +43%

4. QuEra

For those interested in supercomputers, QuEra is developing quantum computer technology and launching quantum computing services this year. With quantum computing poised as the gateway to breakthroughs across multiple industries and sciences, QuEra is an exciting company for those who want to usher in the future of computing technology.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +38%

5. CaaMTech

With emerging research about the potential health benefits of psychedelics, CaaMTech is seeking to develop precise formulas that provide the benefits of psychedelic compounds without the risks. While more focused on bioengineering, CaaMTech could be a fit for someone combining tech and medical research experience.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +33%

6. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a global cybersecurity company with solutions for systems of all sizes. With network protection solutions, incident investigation services, and cloud-native products, Palo Alto Networks offers its employees learning and growth across the cybersecurity space with an eye on emerging technologies.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +30%

7. Confluera

With new technology comes new vulnerabilities and the need for innovative solutions to prevent hacking. Confluera is a cloud-based cybersecurity company whose product detects and stops cyber attacks in real-time. For coders interested in security and automation, Confluera can offer an exciting career at a fast-moving company.

Employee Growth Rate in 2021: +22%

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Tech Companies

What is the biggest tech company in the world?

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According to the Fortune 500 list, Amazon is the biggest tech company in the world and the third-biggest company overall, behind State Grid and Walmart. Their online shopping platform, acquisition of Whole Foods, and expansion into sectors such as streaming and physical retail all contribute to their high rank.

Amazon also boasts enormous revenue, with a self-reported annual cash flow of $59.3 billion in 2021. Although headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon has an enormous national and global footprint. It has offices all over the world, including its second headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

What is the richest tech company in the world?

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Judging by market cap (the total value of all a company's stock shares), Apple is the richest, with revenue of over $2.23 trillion. This is about double that of Amazon. Beyond just revenue, this speaks to Apple's reputation for innovation and quality and positive public image.

Other U.S. companies featured on this list, such as Microsoft and Alphabet (Google), rank highly. But the richest tech companies in the world also feature a handful of international companies, including TSMC, Tencent, and Samsung.

Which tech companies hire coding bootcamp graduates?

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Tech companies of all sizes can hire coding bootcamp graduates. While employment at Big 5 tech companies (Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Alphabet, and Amazon) is often competitive, these companies have a history of employing bootcamp graduates.

Graduates should not limit themselves to the largest companies, however. Many smaller tech companies hire bootcamp graduates. No matter what companies graduates reach out to, as technology evolves, coding might continue to be an increasingly in-demand skill.

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