Top 10 Startup Tech Companies

Learn about the top startup tech companies and what makes a company qualify as a startup, and how to start your own tech startup.
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  • Entrepreneurs dream of starting companies that will go on to sell for or be valued at millions or even billions of dollars.
  • Entrepreneurs start over 800,000 new businesses each year.
  • Startups are businesses in the beginning stages of operation.

A lot of entrepreneurs dream of starting the next big thing. They want to launch companies like SpaceX, which was a unicorn company valued at $125 billion as of June 2022, or Stripe, which was valued at $95 billion. Unicorn companies are private companies valued at over $1 billion.

But not every startup becomes a unicorn. In fact, companies that reach this level are called unicorns because of their rarity. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that only about 55% of businesses survive for at least five years. Entrepreneurs start over 800,000 new businesses each year, but there are only about 1,100 unicorns in existence as of June 2022.

This guide provides an overview of the top startup tech companies, along with explaining what qualifies as a startup company. You'll also learn what to do if you dream of launching your own startup tech company.

What Qualifies as a Startup Company?

According to Investopedia, startups are companies in the beginning stages of operation. They often focus on one product or service and are typically funded by the founders in the beginning. Many times, the founders seek venture capital funding when they reach the point that they need more funding to continue.

Some examples of successful tech companies that began as startups include Meta, Apple, and Microsoft. Stripe, Uber, and Coinbase are also all considered startups.

In our list of top startup tech companies below, we focus on companies that were founded in 2017 or later.

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Top Startup Tech Companies

10. Waymark

Waymark is an internet marketing company that specializes in videos. The company allows its clients to scale the impact of their videos through video storytelling. Effective videos can increase sales and improve marketing's reach. Companies that partner with Waymark receive on-brand videos that are easy for anyone on the team to edit and use.

Waymark provides video templates to make content creation easier. Clients can start making videos in minutes. There are templates for special sales, including holiday sales for Memorial Day and Father's Day.

  • Founded In: 2021
  • Based Out Of: Detroit, MI

9. MoonPay

MoonPay started in 2019 with the goal of making cryptocurrency more accessible so that more people would use it. Co-founders Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond created a secure software solution that enabled people worldwide to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily.

Today, MoonPay has more than five million customers and has delivered more than $2 billion in cryptocurrency. The company raised $555 million in Series A funding, which it plans to use to fund its expansion and hire new talent. The company is valued at $3.4 billion.

  • Founded In: 2019
  • Based Out Of: Miami, FL

8. Serve Robotics

Serve Robotics was the first company to use fully autonomous robots to make a commercial delivery. The robots have multiple sensors to help them navigate safely on city sidewalks. They can employ emergency braking and avoid collisions. Serve Robotics claims that its robots will make delivery more sustainable and accessible.

The company has now completed tens of thousands of deliveries in Los Angeles. It is partnering with Uber Eats to provide delivery services to a wider geographical area in 2022. Serve Robotics uses zero-emission robots that are designed to provide delivery services to people in public spaces.

  • Founded In: 2017
  • Based Out Of: Redwood City, CA

7. Unstoppable Domains

If you want to register a domain for a typical .com website, don't go to Unstoppable Domains. Unstoppable Domains sells a different kind of domain name. NFT domains provide a website URL, universal username, and payment address for cryptocurrency wallets.

NFT domains are supported by the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge. They are also supported by over 220 apps, including wallet apps such as Coinbase Wallet, Wallet, and MyEtherWallet. Unstoppable Domains enables easier cryptocurrency transfers as long as the sender knows the receiver's NFT domain.

  • Founded In: 2018
  • Based Out Of: San Francisco, CA

6. CaaMTech

CaaMTech creates psychedelic drugs that improve happiness and health. They optimize psychedelic formulations and compounds through research and innovation. CaaMTech is using science to broaden its understanding of psychedelic substances to solve some of the world's most serious health problems.

CaaMTech creates psychedelic formulations that contain multiple active ingredients without using the entire organism, with a mix of both active and inactive ingredients. CaaMTech's formulations are designed to optimize the desired effects while avoiding side effects.

  • Founded In: 2019
  • Based Out Of: Issaquah, WA

5. SeekOut

SeekOut is a recruiting platform that uses artificial intelligence to help employers find the talent they're looking for. As of June 2022, SeekOut has accumulated over 780 million public job-seeker profiles, including 39 million developer profiles and 101 million expert profiles. The platform features AI search with powerful filters, including diversity filters.

SeekOut has tools that analyze talent pools to help hiring managers make more informed decisions. The company allows recruiters and hiring managers to engage with qualified candidates and receive fast responses. SeekOut also helps companies find candidates with security clearances who are qualified to work in aerospace, defense, and government roles.

  • Founded In: 2017
  • Based Out Of: Bellevue, WA

4. QuEra

QuEra builds scalable quantum simulators and computers that make formerly impossible problems easy. The machines use Rydberg atoms and are scalable to millions of qubits. Classical supercomputers are not adequate for solving many problems. QuEra's quantum computers may provide the solution.

QuEra currently offers a 256-atom programmable simulator and is working on 64-qubit and 1024-qubit fully programmable computers. QuEra's computers use high-quality, multi-qubit gates with Rydberg atoms that interact on demand when illuminated with lasers. Their systems allow for efficient error correction and use advanced atom-by-atom assembly techniques.

  • Founded In: 2019
  • Based Out Of: Boston, MA

3. Confluera

Confluera claims that its CxDR provides accurate visibility of cloud attacks and real-time mitigation of damage. Sophisticated attacks may take up to six months to detect with other tools, but Confluera claims much faster detection and response. Confluera offers real-time threat storyboarding, lower false positives, and cloud-native threat protection.

Confluera combines all of the actions from a single attack into a single notification. When the user clicks on the notification, it opens up to reveal a list of all of the actions the attacker has taken. There is also a list of recommended actions that the user can take to defeat the attacker.

  • Founded In: 2018
  • Based Out Of: Palo Alto, CA

2. Dexterity

Dexterity manufactures warehouse robots that can pick, pack, palletize, depalletize, and stack all kinds of items. The robots can handle items whether they're big or small, bagged, boxed, or even damaged. Dexterity's full-capacity robots improve safety and simplify warehouse tasks. They are suitable for applications in retail distribution, CPG manufacturing, and parcel delivery.

Dexterity's warehouse robotics focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and platform-based robotic intelligence. They make warehouses more efficient and productive. Dexterity uses its skills and experience to solve problems in the logistics industry.

  • Founded In: 2017
  • Based Out Of: Redwood City, CA

1. Landing AI

Landing AI's LandingLens platform helps teams create and implement reliable visual inspection systems that use AI technology. LandingLens manages data, helps teams troubleshoot problems, and scales for use with large projects. It allows machine learning and machine vision engineers to train, test, and deploy deep-learning models.

LandingLens puts the power of AI to work for visual inspection tasks. It is an integrated platform that scales easily, saves time, and enhances visibility. It also increases accuracy, learns continuously, and puts the AI team in control.

  • Founded In: 2017
  • Based Out Of: Palo Alto, CA

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Startups

What is the fastest-growing tech company?

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According to CRN, Clutch Solutions was the fastest-growing company in 2021. The 2021 fast growth 150 list ranks companies with sales over $1 million by their growth rate over the past two years. Clutch Solutions was ranked number one for 2021, with a two-year growth rate of 744%.

Clutch Solutions provides IT services such as networking, storage, servers, client devices, and software. The company offers a mix of partners, products, and talent to stay ahead of the competition in technology and provide a turn-key IT solution to its customers. Clutch Solutions gives its account managers the skills they need to deliver service quickly and effectively.

What is the best tech startup company in the world?

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Landing AI tops our list of the best startup tech companies. However, "best" is subjective and a matter of opinion. Many sites break down their lists of the best startups by category. For example, Cloudways lists the best AI startups, e-commerce startups, and edtech startups. According to Cloudways, the best AI startup is SurveyAuto.

Which startup you'd list as the best depends on the criteria you find most important. You might look for startup companies hiring lots of employees, those that are worth the most money, or those with the fastest growth.

How do I start a tech startup company?

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The first step to starting a tech startup company is to come up with a product or service the market wants. The number one reason for business failure is trying to sell something that the market doesn't need, so it's important to get this right. If your tech startup uses an app, you should develop the first iteration of the app quickly and test it with your target market. Make changes to the app and release updates as needed.

You'll probably have to use your own funds to start the business or borrow from family and friends. Investors come later, and they'll want to see how much you managed to accomplish with your startup funds. Once you gain additional funding, you can expand your business. You might use the funds to do additional market research, expand your geographical reach, or add a new product or service.

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