The 14 Best GMAT Practice Tests to Help You Earn the Score You Need

A high GMAT score can improve your business school odds. Here are the best GMAT practice tests, including free practice tests, to boost your score.
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Around 200,000 test-takers sign up for the GMAT every year. And a solid GMAT score can boost your chances of getting into the most competitive business schools.

As part of your GMAT study plan, you might use GMAT study books, test prep programs, or even tutoring sessions. And practice tests are one of the best tools test-takers have to increase their scores. Our list includes free and paid GMAT practice tests to take your studying to the next level.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which creates the GMAT, offers official practice GMAT tests. In addition to the free official starter kit, which includes two practice exams, you can buy additional practice tests.

To access the free GMAT practice test, you'll need to sign up with The site also offers valuable tips and tools for the GMAT.

  1. GMAT Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 (Free)
  2. GMAT Official Practice Exams 3 & 4 ($50)
  3. GMAT Official 3-6 ($90)
  4. GMAT Official 5 & 6 ($50)


A big name in test prep, Kaplan provides a free GMAT practice test through Manhattan Prep that can help you master the format and track your studying. Test-takers can also receive an additional six practice exams for around $50.

Manhattan Prep offers online test prep, in-person test prep, and private tutoring for the GMAT. Its on-demand option includes interactive lessons available to fit your schedule.

  1. GMAT Practice Test (Free)
  2. Six GMAT Practice Exams ($49)

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Magoosh offers a GMAT practice test for free. The test comes with an answer key and explanations for each question. Magoosh also walks through how to estimate your GMAT score and the difference between the company's sample questions and the real exam.

Like the actual GMAT, Magoosh encourages test-takers to start with any section. After taking the practice test, you can check out Magoosh's planning tools to further prepare for the GMAT.

  1. GMAT Practice Test (Free)


GMAT Club specializes in tough Quantitative Reasoning questions. By signing up with the site, you can receive a free Quant and Verbal Reasoning practice test. GMAT Club also offers a package that includes 26 Quant tests and nine Verbal tests.

The site reports a bank of 1,801 Quant and Verbal questions, including detailed explanations and analytics. Test-takers can identify patterns and weaknesses in their answers to generate custom quizzes that maximize their ROI on studying.

  1. Quant and Verbal GMAT Club Tests (Free)
  2. GMAT Club Tests ($80)

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers a wealth of resources for GMAT test-takers. You can sign up with the site to receive a free GMAT practice test.

In addition to the free test and GMAT prep books, The Princeton Review provides self-paced, online, and in-person GMAT prep classes. Its GMAT 700+ course guarantees a score of 700 or higher on the exam.

  1. GMAT Practice Test Online (Free)

Manhattan Review

Manhattan Review's free GMAT test helps test-takers prepare for the exam by identifying weaknesses, highlighting common errors, and replicating the test experience as closely as possible. Like the actual GMAT exam, the Manhattan Review test uses a computer-adaptive approach, changing the difficulty of questions based on your answers.

Taking the diagnostic mock exam can help you make progress toward your target GMAT score. You'll need to sign up with Manhattan Review to access the test.

  1. GMAT Free Practice Test (Free)

Varsity Tutors

Want more GMAT practice tests to take before test day? Then check out Varsity Tutors. This site offers 29 diagnostic tests, including Quant and Verbal diagnostic tests. You can also choose from nearly 700 Quant practice tests and 230 Verbal practice tests.

Varsity Tutors offers nine Integrated Reasoning practice tests as well. The free tests feature detailed scoring results to help you identify areas for improvement.

  1. GMAT Math Practice Tests (Free)
  2. GMAT Verbal Practice Tests (Free)
  3. GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Tests (Free)

How to Use GMAT Practice Tests in Your Prep

Taking practice tests should be a key part of your GMAT prep. Here are some suggestions on how to use practice tests to identify strengths, shore up weaknesses, and improve your score.

1  Prioritize Official Practice Exams

You have a choice between official and unofficial practice exams. While you should take multiple exams throughout your test prep, it's a good idea to prioritize the official practice tests offered on GMAC, which creates and administers the exam, writes these practice tests, so they're the closest you can get to the actual GMAT.

2  Figure Out Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Diagnostic exams can identify your strengths and weaknesses. That's one reason you should take a GMAT practice test before you start studying. By identifying your weaknesses, you can structure your study plan around those areas. Taking another diagnostic test halfway through your studying can show your progress.

3  Take Practice Tests Under Realistic Testing Conditions

Replicate the conditions of the actual GMAT test as closely as possible for your practice exams. Make sure to time your exam and take it on the computer. Adaptive exams are another way to replicate the test-taking environment. Avoid distractions and learn how to focus under realistic testing conditions.

4  Review Your Mistakes After Each Practice Exam

After taking a practice exam, review your guesses and wrong answers. Many GMAT practice tests offer detailed score reports and explanations for each question. Identify where you went wrong. Did you make an incorrect assumption or misread the question? Reviewing your mistakes will help you improve in the future. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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