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Darnell Kenebrew

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  • Computer science
  • Data analytics engineering
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BS Computer Science, San Francisco State University
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COOP Careers

Darnell Kenebrew is a data analytics engineer at Meta and an executive captain for COOP Careers — a nonprofit for overcoming underemployment. A first-generation college graduate, Kenebrew earned a bachelor's in computer science, kicking off his career in tech, data, and engineering.

Kenebrew strongly believes in giving people a chance and that everyone should have an equal opportunity within the job market. He believes that COOP Careers helps this equality materialize.

Kenebrew is passionate about how the industry is shaped with data and how data can be leveraged in many aspects of business decisions to meet goals. In addition, he's passionate about inclusion, community, education, and using data for good. He hopes that he can pivot business decisions to make a meaningful impact and that his work will positively impact end users while meeting business goals.

Kenebrew is a paid member of the Red Ventures Education Integrity Network.

Subject areas
Computer science

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