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Portrait of Warren Blumenfeld, Ph.D.

Warren Blumenfeld, Ph.D.

Contributing Writer
Academic Cap Education
Ed.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld is an author and editor of several books exploring social justice, religion, and its impact on culture. He authored "God, Guns, Capitalism, and Hypermasculinity: Commentaries on the Culture of Firearms in the United States" and "The What, The So What, and The Now What of Social Justice Education" (both Peter Lang Publishers).

He is also editor of "Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price" (Beacon Press) and co-editor of "Readings for Diversity and Social Justice" (Routledge) and "Investigating Christian Privilege and Religious Oppression in the United States" (Sense).

Subject areas
Social justice, religion

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