How Much Do Healthcare Administrators Make?

Many healthcare administration jobs feature a lucrative salary. Learn more about healthcare administration degrees that may lead to a well-paying position.
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  • Many healthcare administration jobs feature a high salary.
  • Job and geographic location affect healthcare administration salary significantly.
  • A graduate healthcare administration degree can open new career paths.
  • Healthcare administrators may specialize in one of many fields.

The healthcare field features many career paths for aspiring administrators, such as financial managers. Some healthcare administrators' day-to-day responsibilities vary from other administrators, some of whom hold a nursing license.

Most healthcare administration jobs require only a bachelor's degree. However, years of work experience, as well as certifications and a graduate healthcare administration degree can make applicants more competitive for healthcare administration jobs. Many factors besides experience and education affect what healthcare administrators earn. The state and industry in which you work makes a significant impact on salaries as well.

What Is the Median Healthcare Administration Salary?

Medical and health services managers made a median $101,340 yearly salary in May 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).These workers earned at least double the U.S. median salary of $45,760. The top 10% of these professionals made over $200,000 per year.

Workers such as administrative services managers can make more by earning a professional certification from the International Facility Management Association. Other strategies include researching top-paying industries, such as scientific and technical services.

Job Growth for Healthcare Administrators

The BLS projects the need for medical and health services managers to grow by 28% from 2021-2031. This is much faster than the average growth rate of 5% for all U.S. jobs. Many factors impact the growth in this field, such as an increase in retirements and workers transferring to different industries.

Highest-Paying Health Administration Jobs

Although most of the highest-paying healthcare administration jobs require only a bachelor's degree, people often must hold many years of relevant professional experience.

Highest-Paying Health Administration Jobs
Health Administration Job Median Annual Salary
Administrative Services Managers $99,290 as of May 2021
Financial Managers $131,710 as of May 2021
Human Resources Managers $126,230 as of May 2021
Medical and Health Services Managers $101,340 as of May 2021
Top Executives $98,980 as of May 2021

How Much Healthcare Administrators Make in Your State

BLS salary data from May 2021 shows that states on the East Coast featured some of the highest-paying administration jobs in healthcare. Workers wanting a higher healthcare administration salary should research the best and worst states to change careers. Professionals may achieve a better quality of life living in a state where they earn less but face a lower cost of living.

Median Salary for Healthcare Administration Careers by State

The Highest-Paying States for Health Administrators (by Median Salary, 2021)
Financial Managers Human Resources Managers General and Operations Managers Medical and Health Services Managers
1. New York
2. Delaware
3. New Jersey
1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. District of Columbia
1. New Jersey
2. District of Columbia
3. Delaware
1. New York
2. District of Columbia
3. Massachusetts

Data sourced from the BLS

What Field of Health Administration Pays the Most?

Young professionals starting a career in the healthcare field can explore different jobs to find the best healthcare administration salary. BLS salary data from May 2021 shows that financial managers earned more than other healthcare administrators. Recent college graduates should also research the following lucrative career opportunities:

  • General and operations manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Medical and health services manager
  • Top executive

More Education Leads to a Higher Healthcare Administration Salary

Associate in Healthcare Administration Salary

An associate in healthcare administration prepares students for one of many entry-level careers, such as administrative assistant and medical transcriptionist. These and other jobs let workers gain experience in the healthcare field and explore related career paths.

Many workers start off earning well below the U.S. median salary. However, some careers offer experienced professionals significantly more.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants perform clerical tasks, such as answering phone calls, arranging meetings, and updating calendars. Other responsibilities include editing and maintaining documents. Workers in the healthcare field make slightly less than the profession's national median salary, earning $37,450 per year.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Medical Records and Health Information Specialist

Medical records and health information specialists maintain patient records, update computer databases, and ensure patient data remains secure. The profession requires knowledge of medical coding, which is a skill students develop in a college certificate or associate program. Top-earning professionals work for a surgical hospital, technical service company, or the federal government.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists use their college certificate or associate degree to turn healthcare dictation into patient histories and other documents. This task involves editing drafts and identifying potential mistakes. These workers then submit their drafts to healthcare professionals for final approval.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration Salary

A bachelor's in healthcare administration qualifies workers for many jobs paying at least double the U.S. median salary. Landing a job may require five years of related experience and a professional certification.

Professionals with a bachelor's may need more education for a promotion or raise. They consult their manager about the degrees, certifications, or classes leading to career advancement.

Administrative Services Manager

Administrative services managers help their job site run effectively by supervising staff, setting department goals, and keeping records. This work ensures staff and patients' safety. Other responsibilities may include ordering equipment and making their employer more energy efficient.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers improve healthcare delivery by training staff, creating work schedules, and acting as their department's representative at meetings. They also organize records and mentor junior employees. They may work in a hospital or nursing home.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Medical Marketing Manager

Medical marketing managers work in many healthcare settings, such as a hospital or physician's office. They create advertising campaigns, negotiate with vendors, and consult with healthcare professionals to develop long-term goals. Successful professionals build a brand identity for their employer.

Average Salary (September 2022)

Master's in Healthcare Administration Salary

A master's in healthcare administration prepares graduates for one of many management-level positions, including human resources manager and nursing home administrator. Workers may need a professional certification and experience to qualify for a job. Healthcare administrators with a master's may further their education by enrolling in a Ph.D. program.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers help their employer succeed by creating attractive benefits programs and solving disputes between staff. Other responsibilities include supervising human resources specialists. Successful professionals build an environment aimed at attracting and retaining the best talent.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing home administrators oversee a nursing home's operations. They develop facility management systems and coordinate departments' work. The career requires extensive knowledge of relevant laws. Other typical responsibilities include managing budgets, and negotiating contracts. States require these professionals to hold a license.

Average Salary (August 2022)

Top Executive

Top executives lead their company or organization by setting goals, reviewing financial documents, and overseeing less-experienced managers' work. The career also requires delegating tasks to other executives. Additional responsibilities include finding areas to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Doctorate or Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration Salary

Aspiring policymakers, educators, and researchers earn a doctoral healthcare administration degree. Advanced coursework and the dissertation process prepare learners to make a lasting impact on the field. Graduates with this degree may pursue a career in academia or take on a senior management role at a healthcare facility.

Policy Advisor

Policy advisors in the public sector advise elected officials on many topics, including healthcare. They draft policies, develop media campaigns, and lobby for business interests. Other responsibilities include researching the latest developments in their field and writing detailed reports

Average Salary (August 2022)

Postsecondary Teacher

Some professionals with a Ph.D. work as a tenure-track postsecondary teacher. Typical responsibilities include instructing undergraduate and graduate classes, developing curricula, and advising students. These professionals also perform original research in their field and publish their findings.

Median Salary (May 2021)

Research Director

Research directors use their healthcare administration degree to coordinate an organization's research and development efforts. Typical responsibilities include hiring and training staff, maintaining records, and providing feedback. Most directors hold a Ph.D. and offer potential employers advanced interpersonal and communication skills.

Average Salary (August 2022)

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Administration Salary

Is becoming a healthcare administrator worth it?

Yes. The BLS projects the need for healthcare administration professionals to grow significantly from 2021-2031. Strong growth creates many open positions for workers with an undergraduate or graduate degree.

The latest BLS salary data from May 2021 shows that most healthcare administration jobs pay significantly more than the U.S. median salary. A well-paying position may allow professionals to save money even if they live in a state or city with a high cost of living.

Other advantages of starting a career in healthcare administration include the variety of career paths. Professionals may specialize in human resources, financial management, or academia.

Where do healthcare administrators make the most money?

The BLS shows that healthcare administrators in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast earned the highest salary in May 2021. Some professions in these states featured an average annual salary exceeding $140,000.

Professionals may achieve even greater salary potential by relocating to a major city within one of these states. However, metropolitan areas feature a higher-than-average cost of living. Professionals may find a better quality of life in a rural or suburban area.

Healthcare administration degree-seekers can turn to a career counselor to learn more about the relationship between geographic location and salary.

Which healthcare administrator jobs pay the most?

The median salary for financial managers in May 2021 exceeded that of all other healthcare administration jobs. Typical managers made over $130,000 per year. Additional well-paying positions in May 2021 included human resources manager and medical and health services manager.

These administration jobs in healthcare require applicants to hold an advanced degree and many years of related experience. Professionals may make considerably less annually as they work toward one of these jobs.

Students should develop a career plan to understand how earning potential may evolve throughout their career. Doing so lets them target entry-level positions leading to the jobs paying the most.

How can a healthcare administrator make more money?

Healthcare administrators may make more by earning an advanced degree. Some of the best-paying positions that include human resources manager and nursing home administrator require at least a master's. Increased earning potential makes investing in this degree a wise investment for some professionals.

Other strategies for improving healthcare administration salary include relocating. Coastal states feature positions with a higher-than-average median salary.

Switching industries may lead to a higher salary. Financial experts made considerably more than other healthcare administrators in May 2021. Other lucrative fields included human resources and medical and health services management.

What is the highest salary a healthcare administrator can make?

Some financial managers in New York earned over $200,000 in 2021. This figure exceeds the profession's median salary by $70,000. Financial managers and other healthcare administrators may make much more than what the BLS or Payscale reports. Factors improving salary include extensive professional experience, a graduate degree, and certifications.

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