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Updated on August 16, 2023
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This guide includes a ranking of the best online bachelor's degrees in Spanish. Each blurb in our ranking contains essential details and a link to the program's website, where you can find contact information for admissions departments and academic advisors.

This guide also provides information about typical courses, admission requirements, career paths, and frequently asked questions related to Spanish programs.

What Are the Best Spanish Bachelor's Programs? Here Are Our Top Five:

#1 Florida International University Miami, FL
#2 Arizona State University Phoenix, AZ
#3 Eastern New Mexico University Portales, NM
#4 University of North Alabama Florence, AL
#5 Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA

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The curriculum of an online bachelor's degree in Spanish provides you with many in-demand skills. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the need for interpreters and translators -- a common career pursued by Spanish bachelor's degree-holders -- will grow by 19% between 2018 and 2028.

A Spanish degree can also be useful in many other careers; the number of native Spanish speakers in the U.S. continues to rise yearly. Career advisors can help you create a custom career path that matches your goals.

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Best Accredited Online Bachelor's in Spanish Programs

Best Online Bachelor's in Spanish Programs

  1. Florida International University

    Miami, FL



    Offered through its School of International and Public Affairs, FIU's online bachelor's degree in Spanish affords degree-seekers the opportunity to customize their learning curriculum. Courses in applied Spanish enable developing Hispanophones to learn profession-specific vocabulary, making the program suitable for emerging business professionals planning to work in multilingual settings.

    The program's core emphasizes more than just language proficiency. Learners also engage in culturally enriching courses that place high priority on critical thinking skills. Course content also examines the history, literature, cinema, and important civilizations of the Spanish-speaking world.

    FIU Online's interactive learning platform enables students to get feedback on their developing Spanish skills in real time. Learners enrolled in the program also benefit from one-on-one access to a personal academic success coach.

  2. Arizona State University

    Phoenix, AZ



    Learners seeking accelerated study opportunities may be interested in ASU's online bachelor's in Spanish program. Leading to a BA, the program consists of 38 classes delivered over 7.5-week terms, enabling motivated students to graduate ahead of the standard four-year timeline.

    Structurally, the program facilitates ample customization. ASU allows students to test out of language courses at both the lower and upper levels by passing examinations. Incoming degree-seekers earn initial language course placement based on the results of their Spanish assessment.

    Learners can supplement their growing language skills with electives in topics such as Mexican literature, Southwestern and Spanish-American civilizations, and major ongoing areas of social and political debate in the Hispanophone world. Graduates emerge with strong language skills and a well-rounded view of Spanish history and culture.

  3. Eastern New Mexico University

    Portales, NM



    ENMU's online bachelor's in Spanish features a synchronous delivery format that accelerates language growth through real-time interactions with cohorts and instructors. This structure also helps students build peer relationships and expand their personal and professional networks.

    Although many students follow a standard four-year structure, the program also offers unique degree completion timelines depending on an individual's proficiency. Native Spanish speakers and degree-seekers who have attained high levels of Spanish fluency through previous exposure or immersion qualify for advanced standing. These students may enroll in a specialized sequence of language classes.

    This program is the only bachelor's in Spanish program in New Mexico available entirely online. Additionally, the university does not charge an application fee; students can apply for free.

  4. University of North Alabama

    Florence, AL



    At UNA, students in the online bachelor's in Spanish program can choose from three distinctive concentration options. Each concentration comprises 18 of the 120 required credits, with choices including Spanish language and culture, Spanish for commerce, and Spanish literature.

    These specialized tracks complement a rigorous set of core courses that cover elementary, intermediate, and advanced Spanish language and grammar. Major requirements also include classes in Hispanic literature, Spanish composition and conversation, and a senior seminar in a focused area of interest.

    Online learners qualify for UNA's lineup of study abroad opportunities. Spanish students can improve their developing language skills during summer sessions in Peru or Spain.

  5. Valdosta State University

    Valdosta, GA



    VSU's online bachelor's degree in Spanish features a world languages and culture track. This program immerses students in a curriculum focused on Spanish history, civilization, literature, and culture.

    Coursework emphasizes Spanish language fluency and Hispanic culture, and students also learn about the major similarities and points of departure between American and Hispanic society. The format of this program supports double majors, which may appeal to learners seeking differentiated online learning opportunities.

    Online students can also take advantage of international study options. Participants can further enhance their Spanish skills by visiting various destinations, including Cuba, Costa Rica, and Spain.

Online Bachelor's in Spanish Program Overview

The coursework of an online bachelor's degree in Spanish generally consists of 2-3 components. The first involves general education courses that provide you with transferable knowledge and skills. The second component emphasizes Spanish language and culture. Depending on the program, you may also complete a minor.

Online programs may also offer immersion experiences that include study abroad opportunities. Studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country can help you to develop your language skills quickly.

An online bachelor's degree in Spanish prepares you for both entry-level careers and graduate programs. If you already have an academic or career goal in mind, contact a college's Spanish department to learn more about typical graduate outcomes.

Common Bachelor's in Spanish Degree Courses

Introductory Spanish I

Students without prior Spanish-language experience take this course to learn basic vocabulary and sentence structure. Coursework often features small group projects and activities.

Integrated Writing Conversation and Grammar

This course emphasizes composition and translation techniques -- both vital for students preparing for careers as interpreters. Course outcomes include the ability to use correct grammar in day-to-day conversation.

Introduction to Latin American Literature

This course that emphasizes language skills and Latin America's contribution to the literary canon. Specific texts vary by course, aligning with students' reading comprehension. Typical course activities include analyzing texts by writing essays and contributing to an online discussion board.

Revolution and Insurrection in Latin America

Latin America experienced multiple revolutions for independence in the 19th and 20th centuries. This course uses primary and secondary source documents to explain revolutionaries' motivations, actions, and legacies. Typical coursework includes a blend of English and Spanish texts. This course may have one or more Spanish language prerequisites.

Spanish Capstone

Some programs feature a capstone project during the final year. In a capstone, students complete a research project that focuses on Hispanic literature, culture, or language. The final product reflects a student's language skills and their ability to research and analyze different texts.

Online Bachelor's in Spanish Admission Requirements

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    High School GPA

    If you graduated from high school, your high school GPA represents an essential component of your application portfolio. Some colleges use a GPA cutoff. If your GPA falls below this cutoff, find out whether a school offers conditional admission to applicants who have other excellent qualities. Many colleges also accept students who hold a GED certificate.

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    Standardized Test Scores

    ACT and SAT scores help admissions departments judge your college readiness. Although a superb score does not guarantee admission to a top college, it can help. Many schools use scores to determine merit-based financial aid, and some awards may cover full tuition.

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    A resume allows you to share relevant experiences and set yourself apart from other applicants. Include academic and extracurricular accomplishments. If possible, add a short list of references at the bottom with contact information.

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    Placement Test

    Some four-year colleges and universities use placement exams like ACCUPLACER tests to determine your first English and math courses. You may not need to take a placement test if you provide ACT or SAT scores.

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    Transfer Credit

    If you have an associate degree or college credit, determine whether your credits will transfer to an online bachelor's program in Spanish. Many colleges have a transfer credit calculator online.

Online Bachelor's in Spanish Career Paths

Potential careers for graduates who earn an online bachelor's degree in Spanish include translators and interpreters, as well as positions in the fields of education, business, and tourism. To find an attractive entry-level career, consider completing an internship. An internship allows you to gain professional experience, network with potential employers, and see whether the position in question is right for you.

After you gain employment, you might consider pursuing a master's degree, state-issued license, or professional certification; these credentials often lead to a promotion and/or raise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Spanish degree worth it?

A Spanish degree can help you stand out from other job applicants, especially in openings that require working with Spanish-speaking clients. If you have a passion for the language and different cultures, earning this degree can be a personally rewarding experience that gives you the tools needed to make a positive impact on people's lives.

How long does it take to get a Spanish degree?

A bachelor's degree typically requires four years to complete if you do not have any prior college experience. However, especially motivated students may be able to earn a degree sooner if they take an accelerated course load or attempt courses during the summer.

What careers can you get with a Spanish degree?

Potential jobs for individuals who earned an online bachelor's degree in Spanish include foreign correspondents, travel agents, translators, and bilingual educators.

Will majoring in Spanish make me fluent?

According to the U.S. Department of State, the average Spanish student needs about 600 classroom hours to become fluent. Other factors also play a role, such as your age, study skills, and fluency in your native language.

What is the salary of a Spanish teacher?

According to the BLS, high school teachers in the United States earn a median annual salary of $61,660. This figure does not include the value of other benefits, such as health insurance and a pension. Teachers with less experience and those living in rural areas typically earn less than experienced teachers working in larger cities.

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