Alix Earle Funds Scholarship for University of Miami Business Students

The TikTok star made a special gift to empower juniors and seniors at the Miami Herbert Business School just months after her own graduation.
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Published on July 7, 2023
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  • The Alix Earle Scholarship will provide financial support and mentorship to students looking to pursue a degree in business at the University of Miami.
  • The scholarship is intended to break down financial barriers for students, specifically women, at the university.
  • Students have until July 14 to submit their applications.
  • The TikToker shares her gratitude for the support system she found at Miami and hopes to help other students find the same.

Alix Earle — a 22-year-old lifestyle influencer best known for showcasing her daily life in candid Get Ready With Me videos, first at a vanity in her bedroom at the University of Miami and then across the world with her rise to fame — has collected 5.5 million followers and 462.8 million likes on TikTok since her debut in 2020.

The TikTok superstar blonde, who opens up about her struggles with cystic acne and pokes fun of herself in front of millions, is uniquely relatable despite her stardom. She also gives back to the followers who helped grow her platform, sending boxes full of makeup, clothes, and Amazon gift cards to giveaway winners.

Now, Earle is giving back in an even bigger way. On June 29, Earle announced that she would be funding a scholarship in her name for students at the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School.

@alixearle Thank you guys so much for the support. Im so honored to be able to give back to the U and help another student follow their dreams. 🥹🙌🏼 #umiami #alixearlescholarship ♬ original sound - alix earle

If you know me, you know how much I love the University of Miami, Earle said in an emotional TikTok.

The fact that I was able to attend this school was truly one of the biggest blessings of my life. I never even thought I would get into the University of Miami, and to be able to have a scholarship in my name ... I don't even know what's going on.

Earle is hopeful that the scholarship will extend beyond just the monetary support.

I want to be able to get to know the students. I want to be able to help them. I want to be their support system; I want to be their friend, Earle said.

Earle, who graduated in May with a bachelor of business administration in marketing degree, credits the support system and professors at the University of Miami for helping to shape her entrepreneurial success.

According to the university's scholarship page, the scholarship fund is intended to provide financial assistance to outstanding students who demonstrate significant potential in the field of business. Earle hopes the scholarship will support students, specifically women, who have monetary barriers from reaching their degree.

It is super important for women to know that they can be just as powerful as men, Earle said in the press release. There is no limit on what you can accomplish as long as you believe in yourself. I had professors, friends, and family believe in me, and now it’s my turn to help another student live out their dreams.

The scholarship is open to juniors and seniors in the business school, but the primary criteria is demonstrated financial need. The deadline for applications is July 14.

Applicants must submit their resume, along with a two-minute video that addresses the impact that the scholarship would have on their career goals. In true Alix Earle fashion, the scholarship invites applicants to show a glimpse into their authentic self and their passion for the U.