The 10 Best Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

Learn more about the best jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree in fields like marketing, social services, sales, and public relations.
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  • Studying psychology builds in-demand transferable skills like analytical thinking and communication.
  • Psych majors work in business, mental health, social services, and research roles.
  • The best jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree pay above-average salaries.

As a psych major, you'll strengthen research, critical thinking, and communication skills. And with a bachelor's in psychology, you'll graduate with an understanding of human behavior. While you can't become a psychologist with a bachelor's degree, your skills can lead to jobs in diverse fields like business, sales, research, and social services.

Wondering what you can do with a psych degree? Then check out our list of the best jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree.

Best Psychology Jobs
Job Median Annual Salary Job Growth Rate (2021-2031)
Advertising Sales Representative $52,340 -8%
Case Worker $50,390 9%
Community Worker $48,860 12
Market Research Analyst $63,920 19%
Public Relations Manager $119,860 8%
Real Estate Agent $48,770 5%
Research Assistant $49,720 N/A
Addiction Counselor $48,520 22%
Technical Writer $78,060 6
Training and Development Specialist $61,570 8%
*As of May 2021 / Source: BLS

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1. Advertising Sales Representative

Psychology and sales go hand in hand. And you can put your psych degree to work as an advertising sales representative.

What do advertising sales reps do? You'll research clients, pitch advertising plans, and deliver ad proofs. As the link between ad agencies and clients, sales reps need strong communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Advertising and sales are great fields for jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree, especially if you're not interested in grad school.

2. Caseworker

Interested in the social services applications of psychology? Then consider a career as a caseworker. Caseworkers help clients deal with challenges and access social services. In this role, you can work in fields like adoption services, healthcare, or substance misuse.

Social work is one of the most common jobs with a psychology degree. While you can become a caseworker with a bachelor's in psychology, you'll need a master's in social work if you decide to pursue clinical roles.

3. Community Worker

You can help people access services and run outreach programs as a community worker. For example, community health workers connect people with healthcare services and educate communities on health concerns. Community workers also specialize in helping people with disabilities.

If you're interested in social services or healthcare, a community worker is one of the best jobs for a degree in psychology. You'll need strong analytical, communication, and instructional skills to thrive in this field.

4. Market Research Analyst

If research is your strong suit as a psych major, then market research analyst might be one of your best psychology degree jobs. Market research analysts evaluate research on competitors, consumer demand, and pricing strategies. They also research trends and present their analysis in reports.

A social science degree like psychology builds the research skills required for marketing jobs. It's also a good idea to take classes in marketing, statistics, or economics.

5. Public Relations Manager

Public relations is all about perception, so it's a good field to look for jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree. You'll identify target audiences, communicate with the media, and boost your client's public image.

Public speaking and writing skills are key in this field. Look for entry-level titles like public relations specialist before moving up to supervisory roles like public relations manager. Classes in business, communication, or public relations can also help you break into the field.

6. Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you'll research housing market trends, connect clients with properties, and negotiate contracts. You'll need strong interpersonal and research skills to work in real estate. Fortunately, a psychology degree can prepare you well for real estate careers.

After graduation, you'll need to apply for a real estate license, which typically requires a pre-licensing course and an examination. Then, you'll be ready to gain on-the-job experience in buying and selling properties.

7. Research Assistant

Research assistants help psychologists run experiments and conduct research. And a bachelor's degree prepares you for a psychology career as a research assistant.

You'll use your research, analytical, and observational skills as a research assistant. Depending on the research project, you might interview participants, record their behaviors during an experiment, or analyze laboratory data. These are great jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree if you're interested in graduate programs in psych.

8. Addiction Counselor

If you're interested in counseling careers, you can become an addiction counselor with a bachelor's in psychology. You'll help clients cope with addiction issues and coordinate care with psychologists and psychiatrists. Strong communication and listening skills, along with patience, will help you succeed in the role.

While most counseling jobs require a master's degree, a bachelor's meets the requirement for roles like addiction counselor and behavioral disorder counselor. In some states, you'll need to pass an exam and earn a license.

9. Technical Writer

Is writing your strong suit? Then add technical writer to your list of jobs with a psychology bachelor's degree. You'll communicate complex information in understandable terms while writing how-to guides and other technical documents. Technical writers also work with engineers and developers to create material.

Technical writing careers put your critical thinking skills to use. Psych majors also benefit from being detail-oriented and having strong communication skills.

10. Training and Development Specialist

If you enjoyed educational psychology classes, training and development might be a great fit for you. You'll research an organization's training needs and design learning materials. Then you'll train employees and evaluate the results.

Want to get into training and development jobs with a degree in psychology? Experience in instructional design or education will help. You'll also need strong analytical and instructional skills. Plus, you can apply your understanding of human behavior at work.

What You Need to Know About Careers in Psychology

Many psychology careers require a graduate degree. For example, counselors and therapists typically hold a master's degree, while psychologists often hold a doctorate.

Any of the jobs on our list can help you get into a master's in psychology program. Or you can consider career paths that don't require a graduate degree, like caseworker or research assistant.

As a versatile social sciences major, psychology can also lead to careers in business, education, sales, and other in-demand fields.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs With a Psychology Degree

What's the difference between a BA and BS in psychology?

Both a BA and BS in psychology train you in research, critical thinking, and analytical skills. In general, a BS focuses on quantitative methods, while a BA emphasizes more qualitative approaches.

Depending on the program, majors in the BA and BS tracks might take the same psychology courses. However, the general education requirements for a BA include foreign language training, while a BS includes more social and natural sciences requirements.

Is a psychology degree worth it?

Yes, a psychology degree can pay off, thanks to its versatility. The social science major emphasizes in-demand skills like analytical thinking and research. As a psych major, you'll also examine human behavior and motivations, which applies in diverse fields from mental health to sales.

Unlike some majors, a psych degree does not lead to one career path. Instead, you can apply for jobs in social services, marketing, sales, or other fields with a bachelor's in psych.

Can you be a psychologist or therapist with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

No. Most psychologist jobs require a graduate degree. However, with a bachelor's degree in psychology, you can become an addiction counselor or a behavioral disorder counselor. In these roles, you'll draw on therapy skills to assist clients.

You can also become a caseworker or nonclinical social worker with a bachelor's degree. These fields also require strong interpersonal and counseling abilities. With a master's in psychology, you can pursue therapy or clinical psychology careers. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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