College Planning

College Planning Basics

The college application essay is a key part of the admissions process. Learn how to write a personal statement for college, including what to avoid. Interested in studying in the USA? Read everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide for international students in the USA. College planning doesn't start with application season. Learn how to begin planning for college in high school and the biggest factors to consider. Use this glossary of university terms to understand college terminology and feel confident about the learning experience. If you're confused about how to choose a college major and feel like picking a major is causing a lot of stress, this guide can help. Applying to college can be confusing and stressful. Learn about the key components of a successful college application with this guide. A complete guide to trade schools and why they could be a great and cheap alternative to college. Learn how you can build skills quickly in this post. This guide outlines the true costs of an online degree program. This landing page acts as an introduction and overview of online college planning resources for students. An accelerated online degree can help you achieve your education goals in less time. Learn more about how you can earn your degree fast. Save time and money by planning ahead for your college transfer. Learn more with our College Transfer Guide. Choosing the right college is a big decision. We break down the most important factors in determining which school is the best fit for you. So you've been waitlisted, now what? BestColleges breaks down what steps to take if your college application has been waitlisted or deferred. BestColleges has created a guide to help students determine the legitimacy of online programs and schools. This guide outlines what students should look for in an online program with regard to course structure and personal learning preferences. This guide addresses how students should determine and manage online course expectations while balancing work and life obligations. This guide outlines the kinds of student services and opportunities students should look for when choosing an online degree program. Shorten your graduation time and save money on tuition with prior learning assessments (PLAs). Learn more about how to earn PLAs before beginning college. College is an exciting milestone that can help define your child's future. By reading this guide, we hope you come to see college planning as a gradual, collaborative process that doesn't have to cause stress for you or your family.

Test Prep

Most business schools require the GMAT for graduate admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for GMAT prep. Entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT, are a crucial step in preparing for college. Learn what to expect and how to prepare. Most colleges require the SAT for undergraduate admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for info on the SAT. Are you prepared to ace the ACT college entrance exam? Learn what to expect and how to prep so you can tackle the exam with confidence. Most grad school programs require the GRE for admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for info on the GRE.