College Planning

College Planning Basics

This checklist, organized by grade levels, highlights the important college planning deadlines and benchmarks you will encounter in higher education. BestColleges has created a guide for future undergraduate students to keep track of deadlines and get tips on submitting the best school applications. Shorten your graduation time and save money on tuition with prior learning assessments (PLAs). Learn more about how to earn PLAs before beginning college. The thought of choosing a major is enough to give even the most confident student a bout of anxiety. Let us walk you through the decision-making process. Save time and money by planning ahead for your college transfer. Learn more with our College Transfer Guide. This guide outlines the true costs of an online degree program. This guide addresses how students should determine and manage online course expectations while balancing work and life obligations. This guide outlines what students should look for in an online program with regard to course structure and personal learning preferences. This guide outlines the kinds of student services and opportunities students should look for when choosing an online degree program. College is an exciting milestone that can help define your child's future. By reading this guide, we hope you come to see college planning as a gradual, collaborative process that doesn't have to cause stress for you or your family. An accelerated online degree can help you achieve your education goals in less time. Learn more about how you can earn your degree fast. BestColleges has created a guide to help students determine the legitimacy of online programs and schools. BestColleges has created a guide to help college applicants write an essay that is sure to get the attention of the admission committee. A complete guide to trade schools and why they could be a great and cheap alternative to college. Learn how you can build skills quickly in this post. Planning for college starts early. Learn what steps to take each year of high school to prepare for college. Choosing the right college is a big decision. We break down the most important factors in determining which school is the best fit for you. So you've been waitlisted, now what? BestColleges breaks down what steps to take if your college application has been waitlisted or deferred. This landing page acts as an introduction and overview of online college planning resources for students.

Financial Planning

This guide was developed to address the questions and concerns of students renting for the first-time, as well as experienced student renters. Prospective students and their parents need manageable college savings plans. Learn more about your options when it comes to funding your education. Students who wish to study abroad or travel in general can take advantage of student offers from booking agencies, carmakers, and auto insurance providers. Explore this comprehensive list of restaurant chains, clothing retailers, and other companies with special offers geared toward students on a budget. First-time college students are highly susceptible to overspending. Learn how you can budget in college for more spending money. Filing the FAFSA is an extremely important part the college application process. Learn what you'll need to fill out the FAFSA step by step. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing nursing degrees. This guide will help you identify and explore the types of financial aid available to students. Find the financial aid option that will work for you. The higher education experts at BestColleges have put together a guide highlighting the most important details regarding college loans. So you've received a college financial aid offer letter, now what? Learn how to understand your financial aid package and what questions you should be asking. Want to pursue a degree, but feel it's financially out of reach? Make your journey a little easier with these resources for finding scholarships and grants. Everyone's college financial aid journey is unique. Learn from three different college students how they use financial aid to manage the cost of college. Learn about scholarships available for adult learners and nontraditional students returning to school or pursuing higher education for the first time. Learn about scholarships available to Native American students, and discover ways to help pay for your postsecondary education.

Test Prep

Most grad school programs require the GRE for admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for info on the GRE. Most business schools require the GMAT for graduate admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for GMAT prep. Are you prepared to ace the ACT college entrance exam? Learn what to expect and how to prep so you can tackle the exam with confidence. Entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT, are a crucial step in preparing for college. Learn what to expect and how to prepare. Most colleges require the SAT for undergraduate admissions. Make sure you're prepared to tackle the exam with confidence. Click through for info on the SAT.