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The staff writers for BestColleges collaborate to deliver unique, student-driven content on topics such as career development, college life, and college planning.

Feeling first-day-of-college jitters? Learn what to expect and how to prepare for the first day of class. Find the top-ranked online colleges in 2021 from BestColleges. See our picks for the 25 best online schools and find the right match for you. Read our guide to the best online colleges in St. Louis to find the school that fits your goals and needs. Explore the best online colleges in Baltimore. Learn about online programs, admission requirements, and financial aid at top universities. Check out our guide describing the best online colleges in Charlotte. Learn more about each school and find a good fit. Check out our ranking of the best online colleges in Portland. Learn what type of programs local schools offer and what makes them stand out. Check out the best online colleges in San Antonio. Find a school offering the program you need in the location you want. Discover the best online colleges in the District of Columbia and find the option that offers the program and structure that suits your needs. Colleges across the U.S. are increasingly requiring COVID-19 vaccination for on-campus learning. Check out the full list of colleges that require the vaccine. Read our interview with an advocacy and policy strategist to learn more about this rewarding career. Read our interview with a professional in healthcare administration to learn more about this rewarding career. Are you interested in learning more about careers in Mechanical Engineering? Click for information about opportunities at all levels of education. Start planning today. Learn more about the many career opportunities available in healthcare administration. Start your journey here. BestColleges takes a deep dive into the world of college internships. This guide explores how to get an internship and cover letter best practices. Choosing a college major is a decision many students agonize over. Here, recent grads offer new students advice they wish they'd heard earlier. Many perceive Asian Americans as an ideal racial minority. In reality, though, this stereotype is not only inaccurate but also extremely harmful. Discover ways to cut costs and find cheap college textbooks. You can also recoup money by selling your used textbooks. Read this guide to figure out whether you should rent or buy your textbooks for school, and learn about the best college textbook rental websites. Many fail to recognize the diversity of Asian communities, especially on college campuses. We look at some of the challenges faced by Asian American students. The U.S. is experiencing a sharp rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, leaving AA college students to find ways to deal with the consequences of these events. Learn how to prepare for your AP exams and discover some useful study tips that can help improve your exam scores. Learn about the characteristics of ENFJs and explore top career choices for this personality type. Explore the best jobs for ESTPs by reading our informative guide. Find out which careers match these magnetic, extroverted individuals. What does a licensed clinical social worker actually do? Learn what the field of social work entails in this candid interview with a private-practice LCSW. Learn about the differences between computer information systems and computer science. Find out which field is a better match for your personality. Aspiring students should refresh basic skills before returning to college. Learn what skills might need reinforcement and find free training online. Read about the best jobs for ENFP personality types. Compare professional details and career projections to find a job that matches your strengths. Read about scams targeting college students, including financial aid, scholarship, and credit card scams. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of common scams. Finding the right laptop for college can be tricky. Learn what to look for in terms of RAM and display and how you can save money with student discounts. More and more people are recognizing the value of an HBCU education. Learn about the unique benefits these institutions offer from an HBCU alum and professor. Want to take better notes during class? Learn about popular note-taking methods and other tips to help boost your academic performance in college. Online courses are becoming more common. This guide looks at the similarities, differences, and pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Get ready for school this year by checking out our list of must-have college supplies that every student needs. Want to jumpstart or advance an IT career? These professional certifications provide evidence of your software and cloud computing expertise to clients. Having a hard time choosing a gift for a college student? BestColleges has compiled a list of the best cheap gifts for under $30. Professional certifications help workers advance their careers and boost their earning potential. Read more about role-specific certifications in this guide. Wondering which associate degree offers the biggest bang for its buck? Check out the 15 highest-paying associate degrees and the careers they can lead to. In addition to shuttering campuses and thrusting online education into the spotlight, COVID-19 has entirely reshaped the college freshman experience. The 2020 election will likely be a pivotal moment for college students. VoteAmerica CEO Debra Cleaver speaks on voting barriers and the youth voter turnout. A Latin American studies program offers an overview of the history and cultures of Latin America and dives into the unique experiences of Hispanic Americans. African American studies gives students a better understanding of the unique challenges and the cultural impact of Black people throughout U.S. history. Combating systemic racism requires education on what it is and how it works. Begin learning with these free race, equity, and diversity online courses. COVID-19 has shown us that remote learning may play a bigger role in the future. This online professor discusses his experience with teaching online courses.COVID-19 has shown us that remote... Campus closures due to COVID-19 pose a unique challenge for LGBTQ+ college students. One expert weighs in on how the pandemic has affected this population. The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened challenges for underserved college student populations. One expert discusses the challenges these students face. Many college students are struggling in school due to the coronavirus. These expert tips explain how to improve mental health and pandemic-related stress. With so many distractions at home, it can be difficult to remain focused on your studies. Discover some essential study habits for remaining productive at home. Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) offer students a variety of benefits. Find out from our experts how to take advantage of an HBCU education. Columbia University offers a prestigious fellowship to graduates of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Discover the benefits of this unique program from Dr. Jason Wingard. Searching for jobs in college is difficult. Discover the best tips and tricks for landing a job after college from career expert Mark Beal. College students may feel overwhelmed in their career search, but they needn't stress. Dr. Yessel Yoon provides some essential job search and application tips to help them succeed. Learn from a director of admissions how to get into college and discover the best questions to ask college admissions counselors. Learn if the chemistry major is right for you and explore potential jobs for chemistry majors.