10 of the Highest-Paying Business Management Jobs (Over $100K a Year)

Want a six-figure income? Discover our list of 10 business management jobs that report a salary of over $100,000.
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It's no secret that business management jobs pay high wages.

In fact, the median annual salary for management occupations was $102,450 in May 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's the highest wage for any occupational group — and it's more than double the median salary of $45,760 for all occupations.

But what jobs can you get with a business management bachelors degree? And which business management degree jobs pay over $100,000 per year?

Our list introduces 10 jobs that pay six-figure salaries, with up-to-date business management salary and job growth data.

1. Chief Executive Officer: $179,520

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $179,520
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 6%

Are you a leader? Then becoming a CEO might be the job for you.

As the leader of your organization, you'll set long-term goals and provide a vision for the company. You'll also meet regularly with executives and stakeholders to monitor the organization's performance.

At established companies, you may advance within your organization or join as an outside hire. If you launch your own company, you can take on CEO responsibilities that way as well.

If you're hoping to just manage a division within the organization, consider jobs such as chief operating officer, chief technology officer, and chief financial officer.

So how do you become a CEO? Most CEOs have multiple years of experience in their industry. While a bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement, many CEOs pursue an MBA.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $159,010

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $159,010
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 16%

Organizations in every sector rely on technology.

As a computer and information systems manager, also known as an IT manager, you'll oversee an organization's computing and IT needs.

You'll work with executives and IT professionals to identify a company's information management needs and implement systems that meet those needs.

You'll also research new technologies, evaluate cybersecurity systems, and recommend upgrades to executives. As a manager, you'll oversee professionals who keep the organization's computer systems and networks running smoothly.

For this role, you'll need a background in business and information science. This usually takes the form of a master's degree in IT management, management information systems, or a related field. And several years of IT experience is helpful.

Looking ahead? Advancement paths include chief technology officer and chief information officer.

3. Architecture and Engineering Manager: $152,350

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $152,350
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 2%

As an architecture and engineering manager, you'll combine industry training with management skills.

You'll oversee planning and development for architectural firms, engineering companies, and related organizations. You'll also create estimated budgets and timelines, manage staff, and determine equipment needs. Plus, you'll review work for accuracy.

Before moving into a management role, you'll need to work as an architect or engineer for several years.

In addition to having technical experience, you may complete a master's degree focused on management. Options include an MBA, a technology management degree, or an engineering management degree.

4. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager: $133,380

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $133,380
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 10%

Hoping to increase your organization's market share and profits? Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers do just that.

If you go the advertising route, you'll oversee campaigns that promote the organization's products or services, while in promotions, you'll design promotional campaigns.

As a marketing manager, you'll analyze data to determine pricing strategies and new product development.

These business management jobs require a bachelor's degree, though many companies look for candidates with a master's degree. An MBA with a concentration in marketing or a master's in marketing can prepare you for a marketing manager job, for example.

Pro tip: You should also bring a background in your field or a related area.

5. Financial Manager: $131,710

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $131,710
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 17%

Numbers, numbers, numbers — for a financial manager, they're very important.

As a financial manager, you'll oversee an organization's financial activities. You'll create business activity reports, forecast economic trends, and manage investment activities.

You can also specialize in areas like risk management, international finance, and corporate finance.

Plus, it's helpful to work as a financial analyst before moving into a management role.

This career path requires a bachelor's degree in a field like business, finance, or management. Some organizations will prefer you to come with a master's degree or professional certifications.

For example, a chartered financial analyst or certified government financial manager credential can help you move into management positions.

In addition to a six-figure median business management salary, you'll benefit from a high projected demand.

6. Compensation and Benefits Manager: $127,530

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $127,530
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 2%

As a compensation and benefits manager, you'll oversee an organization's pay and benefits.

You'll research the competitiveness of wage rates to recruit qualified employees. Your employer may also ask you to coordinate with external companies that provide benefits.

In addition to managing pay and benefits, you'll make sure the organization's plans follow employment laws and regulations. You may also work with executives to determine the budget for pay and benefits.

You will need a bachelor's degree in a field like business or human resources for this role. It's also useful to work for several years as an HR specialist or compensation and benefits specialist.

Some companies look for certifications from organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management.

7. Sales Manager: $127,490

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $127,490
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 5%

Sales-driven organizations rely on sales managers to motivate teams, create sales goals, and boost profits.

In your role as a sales manager, you'll play a key role in customer management and training. You'll train sales professionals, research customer needs, and recruit new customers.

A career in sales requires strong communication and leadership skills. You can hone these skills by working in sales jobs — which many managers choose to do. This can include experience in purchasing, wholesale sales, and retail.

A degree in business, marketing, or management can also help you move into sales management roles.

8. Human Resources Manager: $126,230

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $126,230
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 7%

The core of an organization is its people — and human resources managers are the ones who find them.

In your job as an HR manager, you'll oversee key areas like recruiting, planning, and retention, as well as meeting any staffing needs that surface. If employee disputes and workplace issues arise, you'll also work through those.

You'll need a bachelor's degree and several years of experience as an HR specialist to enter this career. What's more, some employees look for candidates with a master's in HR management, too.

If you want to boost your chances of getting the job with a professional certificate, organizations like the Society for Human Resource Management offer certificates.

9. Training and Development Manager: $120,130

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $120,130
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 7%

No matter which organization it is, organizational development requires a strong training division. As a training and development manager, you'll help organizations upskill their workforce.

You'll evaluate training needs, as well as design and implement programs that align with the organization's goals and values. As a manager, you'll then teach instructors about your programs and evaluate the effectiveness of these instructors.

A background in human resources, management, and instructional design can prepare you for this role. Most professionals hold either a bachelor's or master's degree and bring several years of experience in a training-related field.

10. Medical and Health Services Manager: $101,340

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $101,340
  • Job Outlook (2021-2031): 28%

Healthcare organizations, including hospitals and doctor's offices, rely on medical and health services managers to run smoothly.

For a medical and health services management job, you'll need specialized training in the administrative side of the healthcare sector.

You'll implement policies to improve patient care, manage budgets, and supervise staff.

You can also specialize in areas like health information management, long-term care facility management, and clinical management.

These roles typically require a bachelor's degree and experience in the healthcare field, either on the clinical or administrative side. Some employers prefer you have a master's degree, such as a master's in healthcare administration.

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