Best Online Graduate Schools & Master’s Programs [No GRE Required]

Want to go to grad school without taking the GRE? Learn more about online master's programs and grad schools that don't require GRE scores.
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  • A growing number of universities no longer require GRE scores for master's programs.
  • You can apply to programs in tech, business, social services, and education with no GRE required.
  • Test-optional and no GRE master's programs may add requirements like an interview.

If grad school is in your future, you might be dreading the standardized test requirement. But is the GRE required for grad school? Here's some good news: a growing number of programs no longer require GRE scores for admission. It's easier than ever before to choose a test-optional grad school.

Featured Online Master's Degrees

Are no GRE master's programs too good to be true? Today, there are many accredited grad schools that don't require GRE scores. Make sure to check the admission requirements when researching online grad programs.

Top Online Master's Degrees with No GRE Requirement

You can earn a master's degree in business, healthcare, education, tech, and other fields without submitting GRE scores. Check out our list of the best graduate programs with no GRE required to find the right fit for you.

Want to know more about what you'll study in grad school? Curious about your earning potential with a master's degree? Learn more about your options for grad schools that don't require GRE scores.

1. Accounting

You can earn a master's in accounting with no GRE required. With a master's degree, you'll qualify for advanced accounting careers, including roles like CPA and accounting manager. How much can you earn? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the highest-paid accountants made a median pay of nearly $129,000 per year as of May 2021.

Featured Online Accounting Programs

Want to become a CPA? After your master's program, you'll need to pass the Uniform CPA Exam and apply for a license from your state's board of accountancy.

2. Business Administration (MBA)

You can apply to online MBA programs without GRE scores — and some programs don't require the GMAT, either. Apply your leadership and analytical skills in high-paying management careers like operations manager, management analyst, or general manager.

Featured Online Business Administration (MBA) Programs

Can you earn an MBA online in one year? Check out accelerated online MBA programs to put your degree to work sooner.

3. Communication

Dissect political speeches and analyze advertising strategies as a grad student in communication. With your master's in communication, you can become a technical writer, journalist, or public relations manager. And many communication grad programs don't require the GRE for admission.

Featured Online Communication Programs

Want to specialize your skills? Consider a concentration in media management, technical communication, or strategic communication.

4. Computer Science

Tech careers offer salaries above the national median. And a master's in computer science can take your career to the next level. You can become a computer scientist, which reports a median salary of $131,490 per year (BLS, May 2021), or a tech manager, which reports a median annual pay of over $159,000 (BLS, May 2021).

Featured Online Computer Science Programs

Can you get a computer science master's degree if you didn't major in computer science? Yes! Many graduate programs accept non-CS majors.

5. Counseling and Psychology

Many counseling and psych careers require a master's degree. So earn your master's in counseling online to become a mental health counselor. Or, you can pursue a master's in psychology to become an industrial-organizational psychologist.

Featured Online Counseling and Psychology Programs

Counseling and psychology are two of the most popular no GRE master's programs you can find. And you don't need an undergrad degree in counseling or psych to qualify.

6. Criminal Justice

You can take on leadership roles with a master's in criminal justice. You'll learn how to manage police departments and lead emergency management teams. With your master's degree, you can become a police supervisor, federal law enforcement agent, or emergency management director.

Featured Online Criminal Justice Programs

Interested in similar programs? You can earn a master's in criminal justice administration, criminology, or emergency and disaster management.

7. Education

Want to launch your career as a teacher or move from the classroom into administrative roles? With an online master's in education, you can become a K-12 principal, increase your salary as a teacher, or specialize in areas like instructional design or educational technology.

Featured Online Education Programs

While many education grad schools don't require GRE scores, some may require a teaching license or teacher exam scores.

8. English

Strengthen your communication and analytical skills with a master's in English. You can work in publishing, editing, technical writing, or education — or check out other English careers. While many English programs require the GRE, you can find no GRE master's programs, too.

Featured Online English Programs

You can specialize your master's in English with a concentration in technical communication, literature, English education, or creative writing.

9. Finance

You can earn a master's in finance without taking the GRE. You'll learn to manage portfolios and reduce risk in a finance program. After graduation, you'll qualify for roles like financial manager, a title with a median salary of over $131,000 per year (BLS, May 2021).

Featured Online Finance Programs

Looking for other routes to finance careers that pay above the national median? Consider an online MBA with a concentration in finance.

10. Healthcare Administration and Management

Healthcare is a growing field. And hospitals need administrators and managers to operate. With a master's in healthcare administration, you'll strengthen leadership and analytical skills with courses focused on the healthcare industry.

Featured Online Healthcare Administration and Management Programs

How much can you earn in nonclinical healthcare roles? Medical and health services managers earn a median of $101,340 annually (BLS, May 2021).

11. Higher Education

Want to work at a college? A master's in higher education can launch your career as a college administrator. You'll learn how to manage student services and evaluate programs. After graduation, you can work in student development, community college administration, or other higher education careers.

Featured Online Higher Education Programs

Is the GRE required for grad school in higher education administration? Many programs do not require GRE scores for admission.

12. History

You can study the past without taking the GRE. Today, a growing number of history master's programs no longer require GRE scores. You can pursue careers in education, museum studies, archival studies, or research with a graduate degree in history.

Featured Online History Programs

Want to become a history professor? A master's degree can help you get into competitive doctoral programs.

13. Human Resources

Learn how to manage HR teams by applying to a master's in human resources program with no GRE required. You can become an HR manager or pursue other high-paying human resources careers, like training and development manager.

Featured Online Human Resources Programs

What skills will you need in a human resources program? Organizational, leadership, and communication skills can help you succeed.

14. Human Services

Many human services careers require a graduate degree. A human services master's degree can prepare you for leadership responsibilities. You'll learn how to evaluate programs and manage human services teams. And the human services field offers many no GRE master's programs.

Featured Online Human Services Programs

A master's in human services can lead to a higher earning potential. Social and community service managers report a median salary of $74,000 per year (BLS, May 2021).

15. Information Technology

The tech field is hot. And you don't need GRE scores to get your master's in information technology online. You'll study data management, software development, and cybersecurity before pursuing careers such as an information security analyst or IT manager.

Featured Online Information Technology Programs

Some management-focused IT programs require GMAT scores. Make sure to check the admission requirements before applying.

Expertise in the law can give you an edge in business. During a master's in legal studies, you'll explore legal research, contract law, and the regulatory system. You can work in compliance, labor relations, human resources, or finance with a legal studies master's degree.

Featured Online Legal Studies Programs

Interested in online legal studies programs? Look for universities and law schools that don't require GRE or LSAT scores.

17. Liberal Arts

Studying liberal arts strengthens your research, writing, and critical thinking skills. By earning a master's in liberal arts, you can advance your interdisciplinary skills. While some programs require GRE scores, many waive that requirement.

Featured Online Liberal Arts Programs

With an online liberal arts degree, you can work in education, the nonprofit sector, public policy, or advertising.

18. Marketing

Specialize in digital marketing or marketing management by earning your master's degree in marketing. You'll strengthen your analytics skills and learn how to lead marketing campaigns. After graduation, you'll qualify for marketing careers like marketing manager.

Featured Online Marketing Programs

The ROI on a master's in marketing can be high — marketing managers earn a median salary of $135,030 per year (BLS, May 2021).

19. Nursing (MSN)

Many of the highest-paying nursing careers require a master's degree. With an online MSN degree, you can become an advanced practice RN, nurse educator, or lead nurse. While many MSN programs require an active RN license, most don't ask for GRE scores to apply.

Featured Online Nursing Programs

Specialized MSN programs prepare nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives for careers with the potential for six-figure salaries.

20. Political Science

You can specialize in public policy, campaign strategy, or political theory with a master's in political science. You'll qualify for political science careers like political scientist, survey researcher, or campaign manager. Or, you can apply your political skills in the business field.

Featured Online Political Science Programs

Today, many online political science programs no longer require GRE scores for admission.

21. Psychology

Earn your psychology master's degree online to become a therapist or counselor. You'll strengthen analytical and research skills while preparing for the workforce or doctoral programs. Grad school can also give you specialized training working with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable populations.

Featured Online Psychology Programs

You can become an industrial-organizational psychologist with a master's degree. These professionals make a median pay of $105,310 per year (BLS, May 2021).

22. Public Administration

You'll study public financial management, city management, and public policy during your online MPA program. With an MPA degree, you can work in the public or nonprofit sectors. Or, you can put your degree to work as an urban or regional planner.

Featured Online Public Administration Programs

Looking for related programs? Consider a master's in nonprofit management or a master's in public policy.

23. Public Health

You can earn a graduate degree in public health without taking the GRE. After earning an online MPH degree, you can become a leader in public health. You'll study exciting topics like health education, epidemiology, and public health policy.

Featured Online Public Health Programs

With an MPH, you can become an epidemiologist or public health specialist. It's also a great option before applying to med school.

24. Social Work

An online MSW degree will prepare you to take on clinical responsibilities. You'll explore social justice while building program administration skills and completing practicum requirements. After graduation, you'll meet the requirements for clinical social work careers.

Featured Online Social Work Programs

When researching MSW programs, look for social work schools that don't require GRE scores for admission.

25. Sociology

Sociologists put society under the microscope. A sociology master's program allows you to strengthen your research and analytical skills. You'll prepare for roles like sociologist or survey researcher through courses on applied sociology and statistical methods.

Featured Online Sociology Programs

While some sociology graduate programs require standardized test scores, you can find accredited online programs with no GRE required.

26. Sports Management

You can take on leadership roles in the exciting sports industry with a master's in sports management. You'll study sports marketing, athlete management, and event management. After graduation, you can put your degree to work as an athletic director, sports agent, or facility director.

Featured Online Sports Management Programs

As the sports industry continues to grow, management training will likely offer new opportunities.

27. Theology

Apply a scholarly lens to faith with a master's in theology. You'll strengthen pastoral skills while examining theological texts. Depending on the program, you can pursue vocational ministry roles or work for faith-based organizations.

Featured Online Theology Programs

While many programs waive the GRE requirement, some may require proof of proficiency in a biblical language.

28. Web Development

You can earn a master's in web development without a computer science degree or GRE scores. During a web development program, you'll strengthen your programming and full-stack development skills. And web developers make a median salary of $78,300 yearly (BLS, May 2021).

Featured Online Web Development Programs

A master's in web development can help you stand out on the job market compared to candidates who complete a bootcamp.

Why Do Some Schools No Longer Require the GRE?

Many graduate programs take a holistic approach to admissions. As a result, a number of programs no longer require GRE scores. Research has demonstrated several problems with the GRE, including an inability to predict student success in grad school.

Studies have also demonstrated socioeconomic bias in standardized tests that creates structural barriers and harms equal access. Instead, many programs admit applicants based on essays, recommendation letters, undergrad grades, and work experience.

Should You Submit GRE Scores to Test-Optional Schools?

While some grad programs have fully eliminated their GRE requirement, others use test-optional admissions. But if you've taken the GRE, should you submit your scores even if it's optional?

The answer depends on your overall application and GRE score. If your test score strengthens your application, it won't hurt to submit it. On the other hand, there's no benefit to submitting a low GRE score. When applying to programs that accept either GRE or GMAT scores, it's a good idea to take practice tests to decide which test to take.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate Schools and Master's Programs

What is a good GRE score for graduate school?

When applying to grad programs, applicants often want to know what counts as a good GRE score. The answer depends on the program and school. For example, programs with a quantitative focus care more about the quant score, while humanities programs value a higher verbal score.

Competitive programs admit students with GRE scores in the 90th percentile or higher, while other programs place less value on standardized test scores. If you struggle with standardized tests, consider researching grad schools that don't require GRE scores.

Are your GRE scores more important than your GPA?

Most graduate programs place a higher value on your GPA than your GRE scores. That's because your GPA represents four years of work, while your GRE score indicates your proficiency at a single standardized test.

In spite of that, some programs set a minimum GRE score for admission. And a high GRE score can help if your GPA is lower. If you're worried about your GRE score, you can look into test-optional and no GRE master's programs.

Which Ivy League schools don't require GRE scores?

Every Ivy League university offers master's programs with no GRE requirement. However, that doesn't mean you can go to an Ivy League grad school without taking a standardized test. Depending on the program and school, you may need to take a different test than the GRE.

For example, Ivy League MBA programs require GMAT scores for admission. When applying to graduate programs, make sure to research program-specific admission requirements because programs at the same university may ask for different materials. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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