A Complete Guide to GRE Registration and Fees (With Pictures)

GRE registration shouldn't cause stress. Learn how to sign up for the GRE in just a few simple steps.
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  • You can register for the GRE online or over the phone.
  • The GRE costs $205 to take in most countries.
  • GRE test centers let you register up to two days in advance.
  • You can opt to take the GRE at home instead of at a test center.

Preparing for the GRE involves following a personalized study plan, taking practice tests, and addressing improvement areas. You also need to know how to register for the GRE. What are the GRE registration policies you must know? And how much does the GRE cost?

This guide helps you sign up for the GRE in a few steps and goes over how to take the GRE at home.

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Do You Register for the GRE Online or By Phone?

ETS, which creates and administers the exam, lets you register for the GRE online or by phone. Online registration involves logging in to your ETS account to find a test center, choose a date, and pay the exam cost. You may register up to 1-2 days before a test date, depending on whether you choose a test center or at-home testing.

If scheduling over the phone, you'll need to register at least 48 hours before a test date. Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and U.S. residents must call their local test center to sign up. You can contact your local regional registration center if you live internationally.

ETS recommends online registration for its ease and accessibility.

How to Register Online for the GRE

Registration takes only a few minutes if you review the GRE sign-up process in advance. Below is an overview of the various fees you can expect to pay when signing up for the GRE, followed by step-by-step instructions on how to register.

Service Fee
GRE Registration Fee $205*
Rescheduling Fee $50
Test Center Change $50

*Except China and India, where registration fees are $231.30 and $213, respectively.

1. Log In or Create an ETS Account

ETS requires you to create an account before registering online. Be sure to double-check that the name on your account matches the name on your government ID. You must also provide your address and other contact information when making an account.

Once you have an ETS account, log in with your username and password. Keep both in a secure location.

2. Visit the "My GRE Home" Page and Click "Register / Find Test Centers, Dates"

My GRE Home provides the tools you need to register for the GRE. Click the button that says "Register / Find Test Centers, Dates."

Next, select the type of GRE test you want to take and type in your zip code. This information lets ETS pair you with the closest test center.

My GRE Home is important long after you take the GRE. This part of the ETS website lets you see your GRE scores, send scores to graduate programs, and view upcoming test dates. You can also log in to My GRE Home to cancel or modify a test appointment.

3. Select Your Test Date and Test Center

Closely review upcoming GRE test dates and local test centers. Modify your search by selecting your preferred date or maximum travel distance. The website shows a test center's available days by marking them in green.

Fortunately, many test centers offer GRE registration on Saturdays. This feature benefits test-takers who work Monday to Friday. Double-check your personal calendar for potential conflicts before moving onto the next step.

4. Select Your Test Time and Click "Register"

Your test center may offer one or more GRE start times for the day you select. Before choosing a time, consider your daily routine and when you feel most alert. These and other factors affect what time of day you test best.

After selecting "Register," My GRE Home requires you to confirm your test, date and time, and center. You may edit this information if you change your mind or make a mistake.

5. Review Your Information and Add "GRE Search Service," if Desired

ETS gives you a final chance to review your information. This section also lets you sign up for GRE Search Service, a free service that lets graduate schools and fellowship sponsors review your background information.

Signing up for GRE Search Service requires you to provide details regarding your gender, ethnicity, undergraduate GPA, native language, and other information. ETS lets interested groups see your GRE score but does not advertise it.

6. (Optional) Add Official Practice Tests and Study Materials

Your total GRE cost may include official GRE prep books and other study materials in addition to your exam fee. ETS offers some resources, like full-length GRE practice tests, for free. Definitely take advantage of these when developing a study plan.

Whether you should buy GRE study materials is ultimately up to you. Many test prep companies also publish GRE books and guides that include helpful strategies, tips, and high-quality practice tests at a cheaper price point.

You can make an informed decision by reading customer reviews and researching whether used guides still align with the current version of the GRE.

7. Review Your Order and Pay the Registration Fee

Your test and study materials will be put in one checkout basket. As of June 2022, GRE registration costs $205 just for the test — you don't have to pay tax on it.

ETS accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers. You may pay by check or money order by requesting an authorization voucher.

Don't forget your GRE Fee Reduction Voucher if you qualify for one. Registering for the GRE with a waiver requires you to input the promotion or voucher code ETS sent you so you can get the discount.

How to Take the GRE Test at Home

You can register for GRE at-home testing by following many of the same steps outlined in the previous section. However, make sure to select at-home testing in the dropdown menu. At-home testers can choose from more test dates and times than in-person testers.

Your computer must meet ETS's technology guidelines. Other requirements include a dedicated testing space and a table with nothing on it but your computer. You'll need to choose a room in your home with as few distractions as possible.

You can test at home by downloading ETS testing software. This software lets you access the GRE during your test appointment only. A proctor monitors you using your computer's microphone and camera.

Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Registration

How do you cancel GRE registration?

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Unforeseen circumstances may make you cancel your GRE registration. ETS refunds 50% of the GRE cost if you cancel four days or more before test day. You do not receive a refund if you cancel any closer to the test date.

You can cancel your GRE registration on your ETS account, over the phone, or by email. People canceling by email must provide their name, birthday, registration number, and other information.

Consider test dates, times, and locations closely before registering and paying for the GRE.

Can you register late for the GRE?

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ETS has a two-day cutoff if you want to take the GRE at a test center. You may register for at-home testing 24 hours before the test. ETS does not make exceptions in either case.

Fortunately, the number of test centers and access to at-home testing mean most people take the GRE at their preferred time. Many comparable standardized tests, like the GRE Subject Tests, offer only a handful of annual test dates.

One- or two-day registration deadlines provide you with ample flexibility. You may take the GRE as soon as you feel ready and spend more time following a personalized study plan.

How does the GRE test at home work?

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At the beginning of your at-home GRE, you speak to a human proctor when you log in. This person then watches you test at home using your computer's microphone and camera. You cannot see them throughout the test.

The at-home testing experience differs in other ways, such as your responsibility to provide a testing space meeting ETS's guidelines. You must also confirm that your computer's microphone and camera work before your appointment. The ETS website checks this hardware for you in just a few seconds.

You'll receive a 10-minute break during the GRE. You may leave the room to use the restroom at this time but may not look at your phone or break other testing rules.

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