Your Child's College Transition

The transition from high school to college can be a trying experience not just for students, but for their parents as well. When asked to rate the level of anxiety or apprehension they had about their child's ability to succeed in college, 37% of respondents in our own College Prep Survey said they felt only a little anxious. Around 17% of respondents said they felt no anxiety or apprehension at all, while roughly 27% of respondents fell in the range of feeling a lot or a great deal of anxiety.

Just as with all life transitions, however, this phase of discomfort will pass. As students become acclimated to their new environments, they can begin to thrive and develop their independence. At the same time, parents can start to let go of their child-rearing instincts and help their kids become full-fledged adults. After all, that is what the college experience is all about: providing the knowledge and life experiences necessary for students to grow into a larger community.

To round out our guide, below we've compiled some tips from Becky Claster, founder of Claster Educational Services, to help students and parents through the college transition.