No matter how much time you spend researching the issues and deciding which candidate you support, you won't be able to cast your vote if you haven't registered.

Student Voter Registration

The student vote is more important than ever in upcoming elections. (Want to learn why the student vote matters so much this year? Read this article immediately.) But no matter how much time you spend researching the issues and deciding which candidate you support, you won't be able to cast your vote if you haven't registered. And for college students, who may not know where to register and how to get access to a polling place when funds and transportation are limited, this can be a real challenge. That's why the team at has created this resource to help college students easily access all the resources they need in order to understand the mechanics of voting.

Resources for Voting in College

Want to make sure that you are properly registered to vote or wondering how to get your ballot submitted, even if you are attending school out of state or out of the country? Check out these websites to help you get started and get smart about voting:

How to Get Involved on Campus

There are several different ways you can help students on your campus register to vote. For starters, you can join or start a group with the purpose of promoting college student voting. With this group, you can canvas the campus or work at events to help other students sign up and learn about things like absentee voting. You can also volunteer or conduct informational sessions to educate your peers about voting issues and candidates.

Campus Activism Organizations

Chances are, there are already several politically-engaged organizations on your campus. These organizations are a great starting point for getting involved in local politics. You can usually find out about organizations from the student life department at your school, and there should be a few different government and politics associations, political unions, or public policy clubs for you to join. There may also be a few organizations dedicated to specific political issues, such as LGBT rights, women's rights, and minorities rights.

How to Start Your Own Campus Organizations

If you are interested in promoting voting in college, and if no voter registration movements currently exist on your campus, you can always start your own organization. This typically requires meeting with student life personnel to figure out your school's specific process. It also usually requires you to fill out a new organization application and to pay a small application fee. Once you've received go ahead, it's time to raise interest in your organization and recruit members!

College Rankings

Below you will find a collection of colleges loosely ranked based on the nature of the political involvement of their students. These rankings are based on data about political leanings, on-campus activism, and the political careers of graduates.

Voter Registration Resources

You can't vote if you aren't registered. These websites will tell you how to register to vote anywhere in the United States.

Voting Rights Resources

Want to learn more about specific voting rights in every state and how they apply to individual voters? These websites have everything you need to know in order to get voting access.

Political Party Websites

You don't have to register with a specific political party in order to vote in the general election, but if you do want to learn more about the four biggest political parties in the United States, their official websites are a good place to start.

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