Best Accelerated Degree Programs to Put You on the Fast Track

Want to earn a bachelor's degree in less time? Learn more about accelerated degree programs and launch your career faster.
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  • Accelerated degree programs help you earn a bachelor’s degree in less than four years.
  • You can study business, tech, education, or healthcare in an accelerated format.
  • You can also earn a fast-track bachelor’s degree online.

Do four years feel like too long? You can earn your bachelor’s degree in less time with accelerated degree programs.

That means you’ll enter the workforce and launch your career sooner. So choose your major to create a fast-track bachelor’s degree plan and start your journey to graduation day.

Featured Online Bachelor’s Programs

Accelerated Degree Programs by Majors and Fields

Want to enter the workforce in less time? Consider one of the best accelerated bachelor’s degrees. Here are some of the majors you can study in an accelerated program:

With an accelerated bachelor’s degree, you’ll be ready for the job market sooner. And many programs offer generous transfer credit policies to maximize your prior experience.

1. Art and Design

Accelerated programs can help you launch an art and design career faster. Programs in graphic design, animation, art or art history, and interior design hone your creative skills.

In many programs, you’ll build a portfolio to help you stand out in the job market. You can add an internship to boost your hands-on experience.

Featured Online Art and Design Bachelor’s Degrees

Need a flexible format for your fast-track bachelor’s degree? You can earn an art and design degree online. Many top-ranked colleges offer online and hybrid options.

2. Business Management

It’s easy to see why business is the most popular major. With so many high-paying business career paths, a business degree can be a great investment. Earn your bachelor’s in business management to build leadership and analytical skills. Then consider roles in finance or marketing, or launch your own business as an entrepreneur.

Featured Online Business Management Bachelor’s Degrees

Business schools offer accelerated degree programs for undergrads who want to fast track their careers. It’s also a great option if you’re planning to earn an MBA.

3. Computers and Technology

The tech field is booming. And an accelerated degree in computer science or information technology means you can jump into tech careers sooner. Study cybersecurity to become an information security analyst, or explore software to become a developer.

Featured Online Computers and Technology Bachelor’s Degrees

Considering an online degree? Studying computers and technology online is a great option if you’ve got a busy schedule or you’re balancing college with work.

Want to work in law and order? Then a criminal justice degree might be the right fit. Accelerated programs can put you on the fast track to criminal justice careers in law enforcement, corrections, and the legal field.

Featured Online Criminal Justice and Legal Bachelor’s Degrees

Did you know that federal law enforcement jobs require a bachelor’s degree? An accelerated online program can launch your career in homeland security or the FBI.

5. Education and Teaching

With a bachelor’s in education, you can become an elementary school teacher or work with older kids. And an accelerated degree can launch your teaching career sooner. Or, you can consider other education careers in special education or higher education.

Featured Online Education and Teaching Bachelor’s Degrees

After earning a bachelor’s in education, you can apply to master’s programs to increase your earning potential or move into administrative roles.

6. Liberal Arts and Humanities

Study society, culture, and art with a liberal arts and humanities degree. You’ll strengthen in-demand critical thinking and communication skills. Those skills will serve you well in fields like public relations, human resources, or education. Or, you can become a writer or editor after graduation.

Featured Online Liberal Arts and Humanities Bachelor’s Degrees

Here’s some good news — liberal arts and humanities programs offer flexible transfer credit policies, so they’re a great option if you have prior college credits.

7. Nursing and Healthcare

With a bachelor’s in nursing, you’ll qualify for specialized and leadership roles. And nursing careers offer many paths to career advancement. Fast track your healthcare career by checking out accelerated degree programs.

Featured Online Nursing and Healthcare Bachelor’s Degrees

Can you earn a nursing or healthcare degree online? Yes, many top-ranked programs offer online nursing degrees that incorporate clinical experience locally.

8. Psychology and Counseling

Curious about human behavior? Want to help people? Then a psychology and counseling major might be the perfect fit. Earn your psychology degree to explore personality disorders, human development, and social behavior. Then, you can explore psychology careers in social services, counseling, business, and marketing.

Featured Online Psychology and Counseling Bachelor’s Degrees

Want to become a psychologist or counselor? Most career paths require a graduate degree. An accelerated bachelor’s degree can get you to grad school faster.

9. Science and Engineering

STEM jobs are in high demand. Get on the fast track to science and engineering careers with an accelerated program. In addition to majors in the natural sciences and engineering, consider fields like science education if you want to teach science.

Featured Online Science and Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees

You can also earn a fast-track bachelor’s degree online in science and engineering. Many top-ranked programs offer online STEM degrees.

10. Trades and Careers

Want a career-focused option? Then consider a bachelor’s degree in a vocational field. You can fast track your career in the skilled trades with an accelerated program. Work in an allied health field, study web development, or become a paralegal with a career-focused program.

Featured Online Trades and Careers Bachelor’s Degrees

Need flexibility? You can earn a trade school degree online. Many colleges offer online programs in the trades and careers that incorporate hands-on experience locally.

What Is an Accelerated Degree Program?

Traditionally, a bachelor’s degree takes four years to earn. With accelerated degree programs, you can earn a degree faster.

How does an accelerated program work? It depends on the program. Some programs use shorter terms so you can complete classes in less time. Others offer extra terms each year to boost the number of credits you’ll earn. Or, you can use transfer credits or earn credit for work experience to graduate faster.

What Is an Accelerated Course?

An accelerated course speeds up the typical timeline to earn college credits. Instead of taking one course for several months, you can finish an accelerated course in as little as 4-6 weeks. Accelerated classes pack in the same amount of material and award the same number of credits — it just takes less time.

When taking accelerated classes, it’s important to plan ahead and stay on schedule. It’s much harder to catch up if you fall behind. So, make sure to block off time for coursework and stay on top of deadlines.

Accelerated Courses vs. Traditional Courses

Most college courses run on the semester system. That means you’ll take one class for 14-16 weeks. Accelerated courses use a shorter term. At many colleges, accelerated courses use a 6-8 week term. That means you’ll finish the same amount of material faster than someone in traditional courses.

Are Accelerated Programs Worth It?

A bachelor’s degree can boost your earning potential and enhance career opportunities. And accelerated programs prepare you for the job market in less time.

An accelerated program can be a great option if you have a clear goal and strong organizational skills. And earning a fast-track bachelor’s degree online can help you reach those goals sooner.

Before applying to accelerated programs, consider whether a fast-track format is right for you. If you struggle to stay on top of deadlines and fall behind in traditional classes, an accelerated option might not be a good fit. But if you’re focused and driven, earning your degree in a fast-track format can be worth it.

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