Most In-Demand Education Careers

Discover the top 10 fastest-growing education careers and what they entail. From archivist to special education teacher, there's a career for you.
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Traditional education jobs and duties can span from teaching kindergartners beginning literacy skills to finding ways to make math relatable to high schoolers.

Regardless of your path, education careers are all about helping others succeed. If you want to make a difference in other people's lives, now is an excellent time to pursue education jobs.

Here's a look at some of the fastest-growing careers in education to inspire you.

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Top 10 Fastest-Growing Education Careers

For the most part, education and library occupations are projected to grow as fast as average over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). While these careers are projected to be within the average, there are still an estimated 850,000 new job openings each year.

1. Archivist, Curator, and Museum Worker

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $57,120
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 10%

If you're interested in history and culture, a career as an archivist, curator, or museum worker could be a fantastic fit. These professionals are responsible for authenticating and appraising historical documents and archival materials.

They also oversee collections of artwork and historic items, acquire, store, and exhibit collections, and plan and conduct special research projects. This role is crucial in preserving our history and educating the public on various topics.

2. Postsecondary Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $84,380
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 8%

As a postsecondary teacher, you'll have the opportunity to educate students beyond high school. You'll develop and deliver lesson plans, evaluate student work, and provide valuable guidance to students.

Postsecondary teachers also have the opportunity to conduct research within their field and contribute to educational advancements.

To become a postsecondary teacher, you'll need at least a doctoral degree and a deep understanding of your subject matter. This role offers opportunities for career growth, with the possibility of achieving tenure and advancing to higher academic ranks.

3. Preschool Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $37,130
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 3%

As a preschool teacher, you play a vital role in shaping young minds. You'll be responsible for developing a program suitable for preschool children, employing various educational techniques, and fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Your role also includes communicating with parents about their child's progress and collaborating with your colleagues. Associate in education degree programs can teach you how to observe preschool students and develop educational materials for them.

4. Tutor

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $39,580
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 3%

Tutors provide personalized learning support to students. You'll assist with homework, test preparation, and other academic tasks. You'll also communicate with teachers and parents to track progress.

As a tutor, you must have strong subject matter expertise, patience, creativity, and excellent communication skills. The satisfaction of helping students overcome academic challenges and achieve their potential is a significant reward in this role.

5. Librarian

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $64,370
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 3%

Librarians play a vital role in education as informational guides and resource managers. They support reading development, curate educational resources, and guide research methods. Librarians also ensure equal access to learning resources for students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

This role offers the opportunity to foster a love for learning and enhance literacy skills among students. To become a librarian, you'll need a bachelor's and a master's in library science or a related field.

6. Instructional Coordinator

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $74,620
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 2%

Instructional coordinators ensure that curriculums are robust, accurate, and taught effectively. They audit teacher performance, provide feedback for improvement, and oversee educational seminars. This role requires proficiency in curriculum development, instructional materials, student learning, and data collection.

Instructional coordinators play a key role in improving teaching methods and education quality. Additionally, you usually need a master's degree in curriculum and instruction or education, plus experience in teaching or administration. You may also be required to have a state-issued license.

7. High School Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $65,220
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 1%

High school teachers are vital in preparing students for life after high school. They develop and deliver lesson plans, manage classroom rules and safety, prepare students for assessments, and provide support and interventions for students.

Strong expertise in your subject area, excellent presentation skills, and proficiency in educational management systems are key to succeeding in this role.

High school teachers typically need a bachelor's degree in education or another subject and a state-issued certification or license.

8. Middle School Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $64,290
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 1%

As a middle school teacher, you'll help shape the educational foundation of your students. You'll design and implement educational curriculum, supervise student behavior, evaluate student performance, and communicate effectively with parents and staff.

While the growth rate for middle school teachers is slower than average, the role offers a steady career with numerous opportunities to impact young lives.

You need a minimum bachelor's degree and a state-issued license or certification. Some states even require a master's degree once you've completed certification and found a job.

9. Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $63,670
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 1%

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers shape children's early educational experiences. They create and implement lesson plans, grade assignments and tests, prepare students for standardized tests, and supervise students during various activities.

To excel in this role, you'll need a bachelor's degree in elementary education, certification, and a genuine passion for teaching young children.

10. Special Education Teacher

  • Median Annual Salary (May 2023): $65,910
  • Job Outlook (2022-2032): 1%

Special education teachers work with students with a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. They develop individualized education programs (IEPs), provide individualized instruction, manage behavioral challenges, and collaborate with parents and other professionals to create inclusive learning environments.

While this role has unique challenges, such as dealing with extensive paperwork and potential burnout, the rewards are profound. You have the chance to work directly with students with disabilities and impact their lives significantly.

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