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You probably know that large companies like Walmart and Amazon operate internationally, but did you know that 58% of small businesses also serve international customers?

International business surrounds us, and a bachelor's degree in international business can give you an edge, whether you are trying to land a job at a huge multinational corporation or a small company that serves an international market.

A bachelor's degree in international business can help analysts solve problems related to foreign markets and marketing managers increase global sales. The knowledge gained from this degree can also help executives manage international divisions and human resource managers ensure compliance with international tax and labor laws.

According to Northeastern University, an international business degree can help you land a job as a management analyst, marketing manager, or executive. Human resource managers, financial analysts, economists, and policy analysts also benefit from a global perspective on business.

Should I Get a Bachelor's in International Business?

By earning a bachelor's degree in international business, you can help your company take advantage of these benefits and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Going international benefits all businesses, regardless of size. This decision increases their customer base and revenues, prolongs the lifespan of their products, allows them to benefit from currency exchange fluctuations, and opens up an international talent pool from which to draw new employees.

By earning a bachelor's degree in international business, you can help your company take advantage of these benefits and gain a competitive edge over the competition. A degree in international business can also give you an edge when applying for business jobs.

In addition, many positions that require a bachelor's degree in international business pay more than those that require a regular business degree. Positions like management analyst, marketing manager, and human resources manager pay median annual salaries of $80,000-$150,000 per year. Professionals in these positions benefit greatly from an international business degree.

A bachelor's degree in international business usually takes about four years to complete. Many programs include a period of overseas study to give students first-hand experience engaging in business in another culture.

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What Will I Learn in an International Business Bachelor's Program?

Students enrolled in an international business program learn about international expansion, global resource management, and business plan development. They gain in-depth knowledge of the business practices and skills needed in global business careers, such as international strategic management, multinational marketing, and global financial systems.

Typical coursework includes core business courses in finance and accounting, marketing, human relations, operations and strategic management, business systems analysis, and business law. International business courses may include multinational marketing, international management, international strategic management, and global finances.

Most programs offer a bachelor's degree in international business as a bachelor of science (BS) or bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree. A BBA degree provides a broad foundation in business administration and usually doesn't go as deep into math and science as a BS degree.


International Trade Laws

In this course, students learn about the customs and rules governing international trade.

Emerging and Developing Global Markets

Students learn how trade impacts developing and emerging global markets and the pros and cons of doing business with these markets.

International Marketing

In this course, students learn how marketing works in a global market. Coursework covers key concepts, such as advertising, market research, consumer behavior, and pricing.

International Transportation and Logistics

In this course, degree-seekers learn how to move goods from one country to another through trucking services, freight rail, ships, and air delivery.

International Business Finance

Students in this course learn about capital budgeting, stock and bond valuation, risk and return, capital markets, and financial analysis in the context of a global marketplace.

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What Can I Do With a Bachelor's in International Business?

Many companies hire international business graduates to coordinate material and human resources in international organizations. International business graduates analyze data across international divisions, find ways to decrease company overhead, supervise international marketing campaigns and budgets, and negotiate international contracts.

Jobs that require knowledge of international business include global marketing manager, global financial analyst, global management analyst, global marketing manager, and global supply chain manager. Import/export compliance managers, international accountants, and international human resource managers also need an understanding of global business.

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How Much Money Can I Make With a Bachelor's in International Business?

International business graduates often earn median annual salaries in the $80,000-$150,000 range. Examples include management analysts ($87,660), marketing managers ($154,470), and top executives ($107,680). Human resources managers earn a median salary of $121,220 per year, while financial analysts make $83,660 annually. Each of these jobs benefits from a global perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bachelor's in International Business Programs

Is an international business degree worth it?

The average cost of a four-year degree at a public school for a student living on campus is around $103,456. The median income for an international business graduate is between $80,000-$150,000, so it would likely take most students around a year for the degree to pay for itself. You may be able to save money by earning an online bachelor's degree in international business.

Is international business a BA or BS?

An international business degree is typically either a BS or a BBA. Students taking a BS in international business must complete more difficult math and science courses than learners pursuing a BBA.

Does international business require travel?

Although not every job in international business requires travel, most do. You must be comfortable working with people from other countries whose culture differs from your own. You may also need to complete a period of overseas study during your bachelor's program.

Does international business pay well?

Yes. The median salary for an international business professional ranges from around $80,000-$150,000 depending on the actual job description. International business graduates are in high demand and paid well.

Is international business difficult?

International business poses several challenges. Professionals in this field must understand different governments, cultures, languages, time zones, and currencies. International business graduates must be prepared to deal with language barriers and cultural differences to manage global teams.