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General Career Planning

Learn how to become a school social worker and find out whether this path matches your goals. If you want to add "proficient in Excel" to your resume, it's about time you discovered Excel TikTok. Workforce development programs serve a diverse population. Learn where to find these programs and how you can increase your marketability through certification. To get a job, you need to have a good resume and cover letter. Learn how these two documents differ and how to stand out from other job candidates. Networking in college can help you build professional relationships. Learn the benefits of networking and get tips on how to do it successfully. Women in STEM face barriers during their education and in the workforce. Learn more about STEM education and succeeding as a woman in STEM. Discover the strategies college students with disabilities can use to determine a career path, search for a job, and navigate barriers to employment. Internships help prepare students for successful careers. Learn how to find an internship and the factors you should consider in your search. What are employers looking for? Learn how to show employers what your contributions will look like once hired. This guide delves into the concepts and strategies new employees can apply to make good impressions during their first day and sustain these interactions over the long run. While this guide includes information relevant to job seekers at all levels, its primary audience is recent graduates and young professionals in the early stages of their careers. BestColleges has created a guide to help students and teachers write letters of recommendation. This guide provides extensive information on interview types and common questions. You will also gain valuable insight into preparation and follow-up strategies. Checking applicants' social media profiles is routine for many employers and admissions offices. Here is a guide to take control of your online reputation. Today, there are many career opportunities for service members and civilians. Discover military careers that offer valuable experience after college.