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Learn how to become a power plant operator. Explore training requirements, career opportunities, and the salary outlook for power plant operators. Electrical linemen maintain the power grid. Discover what it takes to become an electrical line technician, including skill and education requirements. Power plant operators need extensive training to maintain the equipment that powers communities. Discover how you can become a power plant operator. Environmental field technicians are increasingly in demand. Discover education requirements, career outlook, and salary information for technicians. Interested in becoming a welder? This guide discusses what to know about being a welder, including average welding salaries. Demand for solar jobs will increase as the government pushes for 100% clean energy by 2035. Discover how you can become a solar energy technician. LPNs provide daily patient care under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses. Learn the soft and hard LPN skills needed to succeed. Being an LPN is an excellent way to enter the healthcare field. Learn about the profession's growth outlook, earning potential, and more. If you want to enter the healthcare field as quickly as possible, consider pursuing a career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Learn how to become an LPN. Discover the strategies college students with disabilities can use to determine a career path, search for a job, and navigate barriers to employment. Skilled trades provide stable, in-demand employment during uncertain times. Read our guide to learn about the fastest routes to skilled trade jobs. Learn how to become a cardiovascular technician and kickstart a rewarding career in healthcare. Interested in becoming a cardiovascular technician? Learn about the most important skills you need to succeed as a cardiovascular technician. Cardiovascular technicians are essential, well-paid professionals who help fight the nation's leading cause of death. Learn how to become a technician. Learn how to become a social worker and launch your career. Pursue an affordable BSW or MSW to qualify for a social work license in your state. Women in STEM face barriers during their education and in the workforce. Learn more about STEM education and succeeding as a woman in STEM. Trade school can offer a cheaper, faster alternative to traditional college. See what you can learn in trade school and what degrees you can earn. This guide provides an overview of professional networking and mentoring, including guidance on preparing for an informational interview, following up on a new connection from an event, and using online networking tools effectively. BestColleges takes a deep dive into the world of college internships. This guide explores how to get an internship and cover letter best practices. What are employers looking for? Learn how to show employers what your contributions will look like once hired. This guide delves into the concepts and strategies new employees can apply to make good impressions during their first day and sustain these interactions over the long run. To stand out from a similarly skilled applicant pool, candidates need to boast impressive resumes and cover letters, the tools for creating a good first impression. While this guide includes information relevant to job seekers at all levels, its primary audience is recent graduates and young professionals in the early stages of their careers. You can gain a lot from workforce development programs. Click through to learn about the training opportunities that can move you forward in your career. BestColleges has created a guide to help students and teachers write letters of recommendation. This guide provides extensive information on interview types and common questions. You will also gain valuable insight into preparation and follow-up strategies. Checking applicants' social media profiles is routine for many employers and admissions offices. Here is a guide to take control of your online reputation. The U.S. military provides many rewarding career paths in every branch of service. Learn more about the opportunities available to service members.