Financial Planning

Budgeting & Saving

Room and board makes up a large part of many college students' budgets. What options save you money? Our guide helps you decide where to live during college. Are meal plans worth it? Their prices might make undergrads wary of signing up for meal plans. But in some cases, a meal plan can save you money. Over a quarter of college students have experienced food insecurity. Learn about resources that can help you access food on and off campus. Leaving your apartment for a few months or longer? Check out these steps for how to sublet an apartment. LGBTQ+ students can run into institutional barriers when it comes to financial aid. Find our tips for navigating grants, loans, and LGBTQ+ scholarships. Transportation is an important consideration in planning for college. This transportation guide shares options and tips for getting around campus. College is a big investment, which is why saving for college is so important. Learn how to save for college using smart strategies with your money. Are you a Hispanic or Latino/a college student looking to build financial literacy? Learn about personal financial literacy in this comprehensive guide. Learn the differences between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition and what you can do to save on the cost of your education. Paying off student loans can lead to more financial freedom. Learn about options for student loan repayment and the best plan for you. Learn how to invest as a college student. Discover and compare the different types of investments for college students. Student loan interest determines how much borrowers repay. Learn how student loan interest rates work, how to calculate interest, and how to get lower rates. College means paying tuition and fees, as well as budgeting for housing, food, and books. Learn how to create a college student budget today. Student debt is a significant issue for HBCU students. Learn how to use HBCU Wall Street's tools and resources to combat financial challenges. As the cost of attending college increases, parents have become more realistic about how much of their children's education they're able to cover. This guide outlines the true costs of an online degree program. nThis ranking of the best online master's in forensic accounting programs helps you find the right fit. Learn more about top programs and this lucrative field. Explore this comprehensive list of restaurant chains, clothing retailers, and other companies with special offers geared toward students on a budget. This guide was developed to address the questions and concerns of students renting for the first-time, as well as experienced student renters. Students who wish to study abroad or travel in general can take advantage of student offers from booking agencies, carmakers, and auto insurance providers.

Paying for College

LGBTQ+ people face more financial challenges. Learn how a queer 2020 grad turned her art into a full-time hustle to pay off student loans. Read her story. Scholarships and grants can be difficult to find. This resource provides a list of scholarships and grants for transgender and nonbinary students. Moms interested in going back to college shouldn't stop themselves because of the cost. Explore your options to offset tuition and childcare costs. Stressed about student loans? Finances impact students' mental health. Find resources to support your wallet and your well-being. Tuition reimbursement programs can help you finance your education. Learn which companies offer tuition assistance to recruit and retain top talent. Should you use private student loans to help pay for college? Learn how private student loans work, how to apply, and about the possible risks. Student loan consolidation and refinancing can save a significant amount of money. Learn about the different options and if one is right for you. Military service members can use veteran education benefits to pay for college. Learn how to make the most of the benefits you've earned. Many students take out loans to help pay for college. This in-depth guide looks at the best student loans you can get and how to apply for them. What is financial aid? What is the FAFSA? Learn about the different types of aid you can get for college and how to fill out the FAFSA. Learn more about available resources to help students with disabilities attend college and pay for their education. Learn how to read your financial aid award letter like an expert. Compare award letters from different schools to determine the best one for you. The Pell Grant is a form of federal aid designed to assist low-income students. Learn how to apply for the award, how much you can earn, and who is eligible. Discover what kind of financial aid is available to undocumented students. Learn about your rights before applying. Looking for financial aid for graduate school? Check out this guide for scholarships and other financial aid options. Everyone's college financial aid journey is unique. Learn from three different college students how they use financial aid to manage the cost of college. Explore our list of scholarships for students of color. Find out who qualifies, how to apply, and where to find additional resources. Yes, most students use loans to pay for college, but you don't have to be like most students. Find out what it takes to graduate debt-free. Con esta guía, identifique y explore los tipos de ayuda financiera con un énfasis en educarse sobre las opciones que merecen su consideración.


It can be hard for AAPI students to find college funding. Check out these scholarships, grants, and financial resources for Asian American and Pacific Islander students in college. Many international students need financial assistance to study in the U.S. Learn how to take advantage of financial resources and find scholarships and grants. Around 2 in 5 students transfer colleges in the U.S. each year. Discover the best scholarships for transfer students and how to apply for them. Community college is an excellent option for an affordable education. Learn about available community college scholarships and grants in our short guide. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for social work students. Many organizations and schools offer college scholarships for Black and African American students. Learn about the top scholarships for these learners. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing a degree in psychology. Veteran scholarships help military students overcome financial challenges to attending college. Find veteran scholarships for college. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing a degree in education. Military dependents make many sacrifices for their loved ones. Scholarships and aid for military dependents can help them achieve their educational goals. College isn't cheap. Fortunately, you can make your educational journey a little easier with this in-depth guide to scholarships and grants. Learn how HBCU scholarships and grants can help Black students pay for college. Fund your degree through alternatives to student loans. Check out various nursing scholarships, grants for nursing school, and student loan forgiveness for nurses to save money on your education. Pagar la universidad puede ser un desafío. Lea esta guía para conocer las subvenciones, ayudas financieras y becas para estudiantes hispanos y latinos. Check out our list of scholarships for undocumented students. Find out how citizenship and legal status may affect access to financial aid. Don't let finances stand in the way of achieving your educational goals. Click through to read more about the scholarships and grants available to you. Learn how you can pay for an online degree. Explore financial aid and scholarship options for college students. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing a degree in business. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing a degree in art and design. Many scholarships for women are available, but finding them can be daunting. Browse our list of the best scholarships for women by field and degree. Single parents have a lot to gain from earning their degree. Click through to learn about scholarships you can use to overcome financial hurdles. Learn about scholarships available to Native American students, and discover ways to help pay for your postsecondary education. As a prominent minority group, we've outlined a wide range of LGBTQ+ scholarships and financial aid opportunities available for college students. No permita que las finanzas impedan al éxito de sus metas académicas. Haga clic para leer más sobre las becas y subvenciones disponibles. Learn about scholarships available for adult learners and nontraditional students returning to school or pursuing higher education for the first time. The need for qualified technology professionals is on the rise and so is tuition. Click through for more ways to save on your computer science degree. The need for law enforcement officers is on the rise and so is tuition. Click through for scholarships to save on your criminal justice degree. Learn about the top theology and religious studies scholarships. Find out about financial aid that can help you pay for your education. Learn about scholarships and financial aid available for students pursuing a degree in liberal arts.


First time filing taxes as a student? This guide explains what you need to know to make tax season a little easier. College is a big investment. By taking advantage of college tax credits and deductions, you can save thousands of dollars on higher ed expenses. Taxes can be confusing, especially if you're a parent with a kid in college. Learn how to claim your student as a dependent and the benefits of doing so.