Best Colleges in Connecticut

Discover the cost of college in Connecticut, five popular colleges, and why studying in this state can offer students a unique experience.
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Updated on May 8, 2024
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Connecticut is a small but mighty state, home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country. With its prime location between two major cities, access to job and internship opportunities is a significant draw for prospective students.

We'll explore the cost of college in Connecticut, discuss the state's popular colleges, and highlight the benefits of studying in the state.

5 Popular Colleges in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to many schools, each with its own strengths and offerings. We've highlighted five of the most popular colleges in the state.

The following school data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Admission and enrollment data is updated for 2022, and tuition data is updated for 2024.

1. Yale University

  • Avg. Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $64,700
  • Acceptance Rate: 5%
  • Total Student Enrollment: 14,776

Yale University, a prestigious Ivy League institution, is located in New Haven and is known for its excellent drama and music programs. Yale's graduate programs in law, management, medicine, art, and nursing, among others, are also highly regarded.The university is home to notable student organizations like the Yale Whiffenpoofs and the Yale Dramatic Association.

Yale's unique features include its historic campus, distinctive residential college system, and its commitment to cultural and scholarly contributions on both a local and international scale.

2. Wesleyan University

  • Avg. Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $67,316
  • Acceptance Rate: 14%
  • Total Student Enrollment: 3,253

Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts college located in Middletown. The university is known for its distinctive scholar-teacher culture; it also supports interdisciplinary learning and offers unique research opportunities.

Wesleyan has a history of curricular innovations, including early emphasis on modern languages, literature, and natural sciences, in addition to the classics. It has been a pioneer in interdisciplinary studies and ethnomusicology.

3. University of Connecticut

  • Avg. Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $20,366 (in-state), $43,034 (out-of-state)
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
  • Total Student Enrollment: 27,003

The University of Connecticut (UConn), one of the top public research universities in the nation, is located in Storrs. Along with academic excellence, the university is also known for its campus culture, sports teams, and variety of student organizations.

UConn is committed to developing educational opportunities, research, and innovation through the Next Generation Connecticut initiative, particularly in the STEM fields. Some of the most popular majors at the school include business, computer science, digital media and design, human development and family studies, and political science.

UConn is also recognized for its Division I sports. In fact, the UConn basketball team recently won the 2024 NCAA championship.

4. Trinity College

  • Avg. Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $67,420
  • Acceptance Rate: 36%
  • Total Student Enrollment: 2,205

Located in Hartford, Trinity College offers an intellectually challenging liberal arts education within a close-knit community that values environmental awareness and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Trinity also has a reputation for generous financial aid, flexibility in academic programs allowing students to double major in various disciplines, and a longstanding test-optional policy.

The college is known for its picturesque 100-acre campus, which provides a small college ambiance. With a 9-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio and two-thirds of classes having fewer than 20 students, learners at Trinity get a personalized education.

5. Connecticut College

  • Avg. Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $64,812
  • Acceptance Rate: 40%
  • Total Student Enrollment: 1,948

Connecticut College, located in the coastal city of New London, offers a challenging liberal arts education with a curriculum designed to integrate various interests.

More than half of all students at Conn participate in study abroad experiences. During their junior or senior year, students have the opportunity to examine a community issue in another country and complete a college-funded internship as part of their experience.

The "Connections" approach at Connecticut College encourages students to ask meaningful questions, integrate courses from multiple disciplines, engage in off-campus learning, and share their insights with the broader community. The campus itself is noted for its beautiful coastal arboretum setting.

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List of All Colleges in Connecticut

We've created a complete list of all four-year nonprofit universities in Connecticut. You can use the table below to compare data on student population, average net costs, acceptance rates, and the number of applicants.

The following school data comes from NCES. All data is from 2022. Schools with fewer than 500 undergraduates were not included in this list.

All Colleges in Connecticut
School Total Student Enrollment Avg. Annual Net Price Acceptance Rate Number of Applicants
Albertus Magnus College 1,275 $27,469 80% 1,487
Central Connecticut State University 9,468 $17,088 77% 7,302
Charter Oak State College 1,602 $10,191 100% N/A
Connecticut College 1,948 $43,220 40% 8,744
Eastern Connecticut State University 4,082 $18,628 74% 5,488
Fairfield University 6,019 $46,065 52% 13,359
Goodwin University 3,158 $23,934 100% N/A
Mitchell College 539 $30,365 77% 1,179
Quinnipiac University 8,788 $39,051 84% 18,668
Sacred Heart University 10,721 $45,280 66% 13,316
Southern Connecticut State University 8,889 $18,712 83% 8,316
Trinity College 2,205 $32,704 36% 6,220
University of Bridgeport 3,988 $28,470 82% 3,781
University of Connecticut 27,003 $23,985 55% 40,894
University of Connecticut-Hartford Campus 1,535 $11,779 97% 2,554
University of Connecticut-Stamford 2,297 $13,933 92% 4,526
University of Connecticut-Waterbury Campus 768 $9,990 98% 1,678
University of Hartford 5,732 $31,687 83% 13,230
University of New Haven 8,819 $33,135 91% 11,199
University of Saint Joseph 1,992 $25,860 75% 1,654
Wesleyan University 3,253 $21,270 14% 14,521
Western Connecticut State University 4,417 $15,862 84% 5,093
Yale University 14,776 $18,647 5% 50,060
Source: NCES

Cost of College in Connecticut

According to NCES, tuition in Connecticut is a bit higher than the national average.For the academic year 2021-2022, the average cost of college for in-state students at public four-year institutions in Connecticut was $14,963, nearly $5,000 more than the national average. Out-of-state students enrolled in public universities in Connecticut paid an average of $37,414 in tuition during 2021-2022. And private four-year institutions in the state cost an average of $44,376 per year.

The cost of attending college varies significantly, depending on factors such as the type of institution (public or private), your residency status (in-state or out-of-state), and financial aid.

Cost of College in Connecticut in 2021-2022
Institution Type Average Tuition & Required Fees
Public Four-Year (In-State) $14,963
Public Four-Year (Out-of-State) $37,414
Private Four-Year $44,376
Public Two-Year (In-State) $4,538
Public Two-Year (Out-of-State) $13,494
Source: NCES

Why Study in Connecticut?

Connecticut offers numerous benefits to students. Its prime location in New England, situated halfway between Boston and New York City, provides easy access to a wide range of internship and job opportunities.

The state boasts an excellent education system, with top-notch colleges and universities like the University of Connecticut and Yale University.

Connecticut is also full of natural beauty and offers an abundance of outdoor activities for students. The rich U.S. history, cultural experiences, and fresh seafood further enhance the living experience in Connecticut.

Students choose to study in Connecticut for a variety of reasons, and the state's diverse educational offerings and beautiful environment make it an attractive destination for many learners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colleges in Connecticut

What is the #1 college in Connecticut?

Yale University is considered the top college in Connecticut. The prestigious Ivy League institution is renowned for its rigorous academics, world-class faculty, illustrious alumni, and a wide range of programs.

Yale and UConn are both highly regarded institutions and offer excellent academic programs. However, they serve different student populations and have different areas of focus.

Yale, an Ivy League university, is known for its elite admissions standards, exceptional outcomes, and a higher ranking.

UConn, a public university, is recognized for its strong campus culture and sports programs.

The choice between Yale and UConn largely depends on a student's academic interests, career goals, financial situation, and preference for a private or public institution.

The largest college in Connecticut is UConn, located in Storrs. It is the largest campus in the state, with an enrollment of 27,003 students.

Yes, Connecticut is home to one Ivy League institution, Yale, located in New Haven. The University of Connecticut is considered a Public Ivy, and Connecticut College is a Little Ivy.

Technically, the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, is the least expensive college in the state as it does not charge students tuition.

Goodwin University and the University of Connecticut are on the lower end of tuition costs in the state, both with an average annual net price of around $23,000.