Management information systems allow organizations to use data to improve business decision-making, finances, and processes. By earning an online associate degree in management systems, students acquire the skills needed to create and operate these systems and analyze the information they provide.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects faster than average growth for computer and information technology and business and financial occupations between 2019 and 2029. Data systems play a significant role in both of these areas.

Students can take advantage of these opportunities with an associate degree in management systems, opening pathways to various positions in some of the largest and most promising occupational groups.

Should I Get an Associate in Management Systems?

The BLS projects the addition of more than 530,000 IT positions and over 475,000 business jobs between 2019 and 2029.

An associate degree in management systems provides graduates with widely applicable knowledge and skills. The BLS projects the addition of more than 530,000 information technology positions and over 475,000 business jobs between 2019 and 2029, presenting significant opportunities for management information systems graduates.

Typically, an associate degree in management systems requires 60 credits, and full-time students can graduate in about two years. Many students choose to go on and pursue a four-year degree after earning their associate degree.

While an associate degree can qualify graduates for entry into various industries and careers, additional training may be required for certain positions. Some employers and career advancement opportunities require a bachelor's degree at minimum, so learners should prepare for such obstacles.

Furthermore, management information systems professionals often need to engage in continuing education to keep their skills current. Some employers may prefer or even require candidates to obtain industry certifications in a relevant area. Although the additional time and cost associated with continuing education may present challenges, many organizations offer flexible and accessible courses and training programs.

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What Will I Learn in an Management Systems Associate Program?

In a broad discipline like management systems, coursework can vary considerably between programs. In general, students pursuing an associate degree in management systems start off by developing computer and business fundamentals. Learners then cover specific systems and applications, such as accounting, marketing, and management systems.

While all programs teach students how to use and analyze collected data, some also delve into system design and security.

Although these programs usually award an associate of science degree, some schools focus more on practical training and offer an associate of applied science (AAS). An AAS in management systems may provide more relevant job readiness training, although these degrees may qualify for fewer transfer credits in the future.

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What Can I Do With an Associate in Management Systems?

Many industries use management information systems, including most business and financial and information technology organizations. Additionally, data science and analysis have moved into many other sectors, such as healthcare. With careful planning and preparation, students can find success in these industries after earning an associate degree in management systems.

Associate degree-holders may qualify for entry-level positions in many industries, but strategically choosing the right combination of courses and internships can help them specialize and improve their employment chances. Prospective students can look at the following career and educational options, determine which pathway looks most appealing, and then take coursework to prepare accordingly.

Popular Career Paths

Popular Continuing Education Paths

How Much Money Can I Make With an Associate in Management Systems?

The salary potential for graduates with an associate degree in management systems largely depends on their industry, employer, and location. Still, according to the BLS, business and financial professionals earn a median annual salary of $69,820 and information technology professionals earn $88,240 per year. Additional training and education may be required for many high-paying positions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Associate in Management Systems Programs

What is an associate in management systems?

The coursework of an associate in management systems program focuses on the development and administration of information systems for organizations. These systems allow professionals to use data in ways that improve decisions related to finances, processes, and management. Students learn how these systems operate and how businesses can best put them to use.

How much does it cost to get an associate in management systems?

The price of an associate degree in management systems can vary considerably by school. Typically, associate-level offerings cost less per year than bachelor's programs, and students may find additional savings by enrolling in online programs. Many schools offer affordable degrees for community residents, and various forms of financial aid can further reduce the amount of money students need to spend on their education.

What can you do with an associate in management systems?

An associate degree in management systems can lead to careers in many different industries, including business, finance, and information technology. Learners can expand their career options by taking an interdisciplinary approach, such as by studying healthcare applications. Additionally, graduates may continue their training by pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Is an associate in management systems worth it?

Many students choose to earn an associate degree in management systems because of the versatility this training offers. Learners can develop an information systems foundation before choosing a specific professional angle. These degrees can lead to entry-level careers or prepare graduates to earn a bachelor's degree in a more focused field.

Can I get an IT job with an associate degree?

While many IT jobs require candidates to possess a bachelor's degree, some employers hire applicants with an associate degree. These graduates may only have access to entry-level positions, but they can build up their experience or even pursue an online bachelor's degree or relevant certificates while they work.