Best Colleges for Intramural Sports

Many colleges offer a variety of intramural sports as a way to encourage teamwork and collaboration among students. Students can participate in intramural sports for fun, practice, physical exercise or for the competition, as recreation-based on-campus intramural sports teams within the same collegiate division regularly play each other for titles and awards. For many schools, intramural sports have proven to be an effective method of promoting inclusion, acceptance, health and wellness amongst the student body.

NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation is the national authority on intramural sports; most colleges and universities in the U.S. abide by NIRSA rules and regulations to promote the universal standards all on-campus teams and participants operate under. With NIRSA, schools across the country can develop their own successful intramural teams. The following are the top 50 colleges and universities across the U.S. with the best intramural programs. In building this list we considered factors like efficient team/activity organization, appropriate sports facilities and number and frequency of programs offered at each university.

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Rank Name Location Description
1 Drexel University

Serving a diverse student population of 26,359, Drexel University offers a variety of leagues, tournaments, one-day events and special activities throughout the academic year. Governed by the university's Recreational Athletics Office, intramural sports offerings at Drexel are designed to promote "fair play, sportsmanship and goodwill." Students looking to further develop their social skills by joining a collaborative team are invited to choose from traditional sports including flag football, indoor volleyball and floor hockey, as well as more unconventional offerings like billiards, baggo and 5K runs. Drexel aims to attract a broad range of participants by frequently adding new and interesting sports and activities.

Students in Drexel's intramurals programs may participate in optional extramural tournaments if they are looking for a more competitive environment.
  • More than 2,000 students, faculty and staff participate in recreational programs every day at Drexel.
  • Drexel Recreation Center is an 18,000-square-foot facility including an elevated jogging track, multi-purpose gym, climbing wall and exercise studio.
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    2 Gannon University

    Intramural sports at Gannon are promoted as a fun way to not only get exercise and stay active, but also to unwind from the rigors of academic life. Gannon strives to provide a positive atmosphere where students feel comfortable to explore healthy ways of improving social skills, physical abilities and mental aptitude. The university's Department of Intramural and Recreational Sports offers a range of seasonal sports, including summer options like kickball, basketball, soccer and cricket. Students may download the REC*IT mobile app to keep track of Gannon's intramural schedules and live stats on-the-go.

    • Gannon is home to 20 varsity sports teams.
    • The university features its own wrestling/stunt room and indoor turfed space, in addition to numerous other athletics facilities.
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    3 Houston Baptist University

    Houston Baptist University encourages its students to not simply join an intramural sports team, but to take the initiative to start their own. As membership is open to students, faculty and staff, HBU helps students see their instructors and mentors in a different light—as fellow athletes and teammates. Intramural sports offered at HBU include basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball, dodgeball and ultimate Frisbee. Additionally, the university is home to a wide variety of diverse indoor and outdoor club sports and recreation activities, including rock-wall climbing and Epic Adventures.

    • HBU's Bradshaw Fitness Center is the school's 80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, used for a variety of athletic activities.
    • Houston Baptist teams are NCAA Division I.
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    4 San Francisco State University

    San Francisco State University offers a variety of leagues and tournaments through its intramural sports programs. SFSU intramurals are designed to encourage participation regardless of skill level or previous athletic experience. Students are required to register through the university's IMLeague system, and have the option of joining a league team, signing up for a one-day tournament or event or registering as a "free agent." Intramural sports offered at SFSU include basketball, flag football, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, team tennis and volleyball. The university supports a number of other programs to encourage overall health and wellness, including Group X, a substantial aquatics program and additional sports clubs and informal athletic activities.

    • SFSU facilities include a stadium, gymnasium, outdoor playing field, campus green and tennis court.
    • Intramural sessions range from 5-10 weeks in length, comprising men's, women's and coed leagues.
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    5 Loyola University - Chicago

    Loyola University – Chicago offers intramural sports in both tournament and league formats. In most cases, each "season" comprises 2-4 weeks, with each team playing on the same day each week until the playoff competition. While there are men's, women's and co-rec teams available, players are only permitted to play on one team per league at a time. All participants are required to register online via; sign-up is always on a first-come, first-served basis. Loyola intramurals offered throughout the fall and spring semesters include softball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, cornhole (bags), basketball and racquetball.

    • Loyola offers group fitness, personal training and aquatics athletics among its campus wellness initiatives.
    • Individual undergraduate students who are residents of Baumhart Hall on campus receive complimentary membership to WTC Fitness Studio and Halas Rec Center.
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    6 Rutgers University

    When it comes to describing its intramurals and athletics programs, Rutgers University lets its students speak: "Why Play?" explains through the eyes of a first-year student why intramurals are important not only for physical activity, but for skill-building and personal development. RU offers men's, women's and coed leagues, tournaments and special events in sports including football, soccer and volleyball. All students must register through the university's IMLeague system. Live game updates are available on the Rutgers Facebook page, and other innovative media tools are featured prominently on the school's video-driven intramurals sub-page. RU offers on-campus employment to students interested in a becoming a paid student official for intramural sports.

    • In an online poll of its students, Rutgers determined team handball, kickball and futsal, respectively, are the most popular suggestions for new intramural sports.
    • Rutgers University offers live athletic updates and stats via its mobile REC*IT app.
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    7 Heidelberg University

    At Heidelberg University, intramural sports are highly important; in fact, they're called an "integral" element of campus life. These programs are promoted as exercise and recreation with an emphasis on friendly competition and wholesome sportsmanship. In addition to the obvious health benefits of regular physical activity, the opportunity to meet new people and build leadership skills are among the many perks of joining an intramural league on the Heidelberg campus. Available traditional sports include basketball, dodgeball, kickball, soccer and volleyball, among many others. For those looking for something more unconventional, the university offers bench press competitions and Xbox tournaments. Additionally, many other sports offer one-day competitions and tournaments with no long-term commitments required.

    • 92% of students at Heidelberg participate in extracurricular activities, including sports.
    • The university is home to 15 intramural sports.
    • School colors are red, orange and black; the school mascot is Siggy the Student Prince.
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    8 Abilene Christian University

    Abilene Christian has a variety of intramural options in both tournament and seasonal sports, all incorporating the same Christ-centered principles that make ACU's academic programs especially unique. Tournaments are held in doubles tennis, ultimate Frisbee and rodeo. Seasonal sports include flag football, volleyball, waterball, basketball, outdoor soccer and team handball. Students looking to join a team and have some fun are well-suited for ACU's Rec Teams, while the school's Champ League is ideal for more competitive athletes. Through its structured intramural sports, ACU aims to "enhance personal development and social interaction" on campus.

    • The Student Recreation and Wellness Center at ACU comprises 113,000 square feet of multi-functional space, including four basketball/volleyball courts, two pools and a counseling clinic.
    • Football is the most popular sport among male student athletes at ACU.
    • Cross-country/track is among the most-popular women's sports on the ACU campus.
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    9 Alvernia University

    Alvernia's dynamic intramural sports programs were designed with inclusion in-mind. Here, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join teams and participate in any of the school's many sports and activities. Intramural offerings include flag football, volleyball, basketball, whiffleball and soccer, all of which are strategically scheduled throughout the semester so that students may participate in every sport, if desired. According to the Franciscan tradition and in-line with its academic programs, AU's intramurals aim to "contribute to the complete realization of the student as an intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual being." AU is committed to increasing accessibility of intramurals to all students and faculty, as well as providing a friendly, collaborative environment in which both populations may work together toward team success.

    • Alvernia hosts its own Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).
    • A network of Alvernia University sports venues comprises on- and off-campus facilities for basketball, golf, and ice hockey, among many other sports.
    • AU is home to 9 men’s and 11 women’s intercollegiate sports.
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    10 Amherst College

    Amherst offers a robust schedule of seasonal intramural sports to its students and faculty. In the fall, Amherst's intramural program will include soccer, golf and tennis; winter sports include basketball and volleyball, and spring offerings are softball, flag football, golf and tennis (singles and doubles). The Amherst campus is home to over 12 facilities designed to support the school's many sports and fitness-minded activities, including a golf course, squash courts, soccer fields, a gymnasium with basketball court, a baseball and softball field, tennis courts, an ice hockey rink and a pool.

    • Amherst claims the oldest athletics program in the U.S., dating back to 1860.
    • Over one-third of Amherst students participate in varsity sports; 80% are involved in intramural and club sports.
    • Amherst belongs to the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC), which counts other colleges in this region among its members.
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    11 Arkansas Tech

    Arkansas Tech University aims to improve quality of life for students, as well as develop social and sportsmanship skills, through a variety of both structured and informal intramural teams on campus. ATU is home to the Hall League, in which teams from the same hall compete in Sunday matches, the Competitive League, the next step up and a precursor to overall university games, and the All University Tournaments, in which the top competitors from the Competitive League enter an elimination match to determine the all-campus champions in a given sport. The majority of ATU intramural events are divided into men's, women's and/or Co-Rec leagues, with men's and women's leagues further separated into green and gold divisions. Sports offered at ATU include basketball, table tennis, racquetball, volleyball, kickball, dodgeball, soccer, Frisbee, bowling, and softball.

    • Softball was the first intramural sport introduced at ATU in 1933.
    • ATU offers several Leadership Awards to students who excel in athletics and/or competition, including Male Memory Maker, Female Memory Maker, and Top Performer.
    • ATU athletics facilities include two gymnasiums, complete with twelve badminton courts, three basketball courts, nine volleyball courts, and three tennis courts, as well as a Tech Fit Center.
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    12 Bryant University

    Bryant University focuses on inclusive activities for the "everyday athlete." On-campus athletic programs are designed to make fun, group-oriented sports accessible to all students, allowing participants to blossom in a less competitive environment. In addition to improving their overall fitness and increasing their team-building skills, the university encourages students to enjoy the social aspects of intramural sports. Throughout the academic year Bryant features organized events in softball, field hockey, volleyball, walleyball, basketball, soccer, innertube water polo, dodgeball and floor hockey. Students are encouraged to assemble their own teams through on-campus solicitation or register for singles games.

    • Multiple wins at the Northeast Conference have earned Bryant the nickname of "Titletown."
    • Bryant offers over 13 club and intramural sports options.
    • First-class athletics facilities include Bulldog Stadium, Conaty Park and Jarvis weight room.
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    13 Cabrini College

    Located in Pennsylvania, Cabrini College offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports suited to the state's changing climates and occasional inclement weather. Fall intramurals include battleship, flag football, floor hockey, kickball, soccer and softball; Cabrini makes the most of cooler temperatures outside, but also easily accommodates indoor games whenever necessary. Spring intramural sports are designed to take advantage of longer days and warmer weather, and may include basketball, floor hockey, innertube water polo, soccer, softball, walleyball and wiffleball. Students have easy access to register online for intramural games via the college's IMLeague website and free mobile app.

    • Cabrini is home to over 16 Division III men's and women's sports teams.
    • The school's Dixon Center features a 25-yard competitive pool, with six lanes ranging from 4-8 feet in depth, and a temperature of 80–82 degrees.
    • Field hockey and women's basketball are among the longest-running sports at Cabrini; both held their first season of competition in 1957.
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    14 Central College

    Central College applies the same holistic approach to intramural sports that it does to its academic endeavors, aiming to strengthen the mind, body and soul of its students. Structured on-campus athletic activities provide physical exercise, build leadership skills and promote healthy competition. Fall offerings include basketball, flag football, sand volleyball and women's league sports. Intramurals in the spring include 3-on-3 basketball, bowling, coed indoor soccer, coed softball and coed volleyball.

    • Central College is the alma mater of Vern Den Herder, retired defensive end of the Miami Dolphins (1971-83).
    • Central holds 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles.
    • As host of more NCAA championship events than any other Iowa college, Central's A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex is one of the top collegiate facilities in the region.
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    15 Coker College

    Intramural sports programs at Coker College focus on long-term goals, with activities centered around developing lifelong positive health and wellness habits through recreational, competitive athletics. Coker intramurals target sportsmanship and social skills, as well as problem-solving, conflict-management and communication through team activities. Sports offered include flag Football, softball, kickball, innertube water polo and glow-in-the-dark capture the flag. Coker also hosts single-day tournaments in racquetball and disc golf. For students and faculty looking to educate themselves on leading a healthier lifestyle, Coker's COBRAFIT program offers personalized fitness plans through a partnership between the college's intramural department and the local YMCA.

    • Coker is home to 19 NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports teams.
    • The Coker campus features a 22-acre complex for baseball, cross country, soccer, softball and tennis, as well as a 9-hole disc golf course.
    • The college's Sory Boathouse and Clubhouse provides access to nearby Prestwood Lake.
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    16 Concordia University

    Concordia University takes pride in offering intramural programs as a form of physical exercise and on-campus community engagement. Students participating in intramurals may choose from a full schedule of regular competitions and tournaments, as well as open fitness and training activities at the Concordia gym. Intramural sports offered at Concordia include volleyball, sumo-wrestling, basketball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, floor hockey, football and softball. Hilken Community Stadium, Cavalier Court, Concordia Throw Center, Delta Park and Columbia Edgewater comprise just a few of the university's state-of-the-art athletics facilities.

    • Concordia is home to The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a student-led organization focused on a common love of sports and a mission to share God's word.
    • CU students are awarded an average of $2,288,313 each year in non-need-based athletic scholarships.
    • Hilken Community Stadium is the newest addition to the university's sports facilities complex, completed in 2012.
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    17 Cornerstone University

    Intramural sports at Cornerstone University are designed to serve a variety of students, from seasoned athletes to novice fitness enthusiasts. Cornerstone University believes intramural programs should be inclusive, available to all students regardless of skill level or competitive experience. Fall sports offered at Cornerstone include flag football, ultimate Frisbee and indoor volleyball. In the spring, students may participate in indoor soccer, basketball and slow-pitch softball through the university's intramural division. CU boasts a robust intramural program that gives students the perfect "excuse to be social, play outside and stay healthy."

    • Cornerstone established Champions of Character in 2000, a national initiative centered on putting integrity and character back into athletics.
    • CU is home to 284 academic all-conference athletes.
    • The Bernice Hansen Athletic Center is the university's largest building, home to athletic events as well as house concerts and chapel services.
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    18 Curry College

    The Curry College Intramural Department’s mission is to provide quality programs to the Curry College community that enrich the collegiate learning experience and foster a lifetime of appreciation in wellness, recreation, sports and activities through friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, diversity, and integrity. The intramural program offers a broad spectrum of leagues, activities and events for those individuals and teams interested in competition at varied skill levels, in personal challenges, and in fitness; as well as enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Whatever the skill level, Curry College offers an intramural activity or club sport that's right for you, promoting "friendly competition" and the freedom to create your own path. The intramural sports available at Curry include flag football, field hockey, powder puff, coed soccer, 5-on-5 basketball, floor hockey, coed volleyball, coed softball women’s basketball, tennis and more. The home of the Fitness and Recreation Department is the fitness center located in the central hub of campus, the Student Center. The Fitness Center boasts interactive cardio machines, strength-training equipment and a group exercise studio.

    • Curry features 11 intramural sports leagues, 12 recreational events including fun runs and glow tournaments.
    • Curry’s growing club sports program includes Men’s Rugby, Equestrian, Dance and Women’s Ice Hockey.
    • Nearly 78% of undergraduate Curry students are members of the college’s Fitness Center and close to 50% participate in intramurals.
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    19 Denison University

    All students, faculty and staff at Denison University are eligible to participate in intramural sports, designed with fun and fitness in-mind. Denison encourages its students to form their own independent teams by recruiting from their campus hall, sorority or fraternity. Fall intramurals include softball, ultimate Frisbee and sand volleyball, as well as men's and women's flag football, men's and women's 3-on-3 basketball and coed indoor volleyball. Sports offered in the spring include men's and women's 5-on-5 basketball, open dodgeball, open floor hockey, open indoor soccer, softball, men's and women's flag football, coed basketball and sand volleyball. The Denison campus is home to numerous fitness centers, fields, courts and courses, as well as Livingston Gymnasium and the regionally renowned Deeds Field-Piper Stadium.

    • Denison offers 45 club and intramural sports.
    • The university has won the NCAC All-Sports Trophy 14 times, a conference record.
    • DU is home to 23 varsity sports teams--11 for men and 12 for women.
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    20 Dixie State University

    At Dixie State University, the invitation to participate in intramural sports is extended to not only students, faculty and staff, but also their spouses; though they have last priority if space is limited. In any given sport on-campus participants may play on one coed team and one other team in a season. By offering a variety of IM sports, including flag football, basketball, softball, sand volleyball, soccer, pool, ping pong and even video games, Dixie State is committed to getting students involved and social on campus, while staying active and having fun. Dixie also hosts a variety of team sports camps during the summer, as well as individual sport camps year-round.

    • Dixie State was home to 288 student athletes in the 2014-2015 academic year.
    • The 1963 football team was inducted into the Dixie State University Hall of Fame in 2013.
    • Student athletes at Dixie in the 2014 spring semester held an overall GPA of 3.17.
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    21 Drew University

    Drew University offers its students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of intramural sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer and more. In planning activities centered on inclusion, Drew aims to promote equality and opportunity for all students. The Drew campus is home to a variety of individual and team leagues, as well as single elimination bracket sports and tournaments. While enrollment is open to all students, varsity athletes may not join an intramural team in the same sport in which they play intercollegiate, and may not play intramurals while in-season for their varsity team. Drew promotes the following four primary benefits of joining intramural sports: stress relief, exercise, leadership development and the opportunity to meet people.

    • Drew Campus Recreation offers semester long leagues in Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Squash, and Racquetball complete with playoffs, trophies and MVPs.
    • Drew Campus Recreation also hosts one day special events in Quidditch, Hunger Games Dodgeball, Pub Trivia, Billiards, Ping-Pong and Backyard Games.
    • All of Drew Campus Recreation's offerings are free and open to the entire Drew community: faculty, staff, and students.
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    22 Endicott College

    With 2,757 on-campus undergraduates, Endicott offers a variety of student clubs and activities that promote a sense of community and provide wellness education, including a broad range of intramural sports. Fall and spring sports offered in the 2015 season include 5-on-5 basketball, flag football, coed kickball and indoor soccer, as well as powderpuff football, outdoor soccer, men's and women's 3-on-3 basketball, men's and women's arena football, men's and women's floor hockey, coed kickball and coed volleyball. Endicott's unique athletics facilities, including Winter Island and Spring Tide Farms, accommodate all sports programs, including sailing and horseback-riding, respectively.

    • Endicott offers seven club varsity sports.
    • The college has won 13 ECAC championships since 1993.
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    23 Ferrum College

    Ferrum College prioritizes physical activity on its historic Virginia campus by creating a safe and positive atmosphere for students to take part in healthy exercise. Ferrum's intramurals offer programs to a wide range of students with varying interests and levels of experience. Both men and women are given the opportunity to participate in intramural teams including 5-on-5 basketball, 3-on-3 basketball, flag football, kickball, powderpuff football, softball and volleyball. Additional special programming includes tennis, the Adventure Challenge and the mascot-inspired Panther Scamper 5K run.

    • The Ferrum College Alumni Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1994.
    • Ferrum athletics facilities include the W.B. Adams Stadium, built in 1960, which includes an adjacent full-size practice field.
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    24 Fordham University

    At Fordham University, student input is crucial to the development of intramural sports programs. Here, schedules and activities are created according to the needs of the athletic-minded student body. Any member of the university's community, including students, faculty and staff, may compete in numerous intramural activities each season. Participants can claim "free agent" status in as many league divisions as they would like, making themselves available to multiple teams for multiple sports. Intramurals in the fall include flag football, soccer and softball. Winter sports include 5-on-5 basketball, dodgeball and 6-on-6 volleyball. Spring offers co-rec kickball, co-rec soccer and softball.

    • Fordham is home to 23 men's and women's varsity sports teams.
    • In 2014, Fordham had three teams reach the NCAA playoffs.
    • The university is NCAA Division I and plays in the Atlantic 10 Conference in multiple sports.
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    25 Friends University

    Friends University offers a variety of athletic activities to all members of its student body, regardless of skill or fitness level. At Friends, simply the desire to stay fit and/or join a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts is enough to find the right program for you. The campus offers 33 intramural sports like fantasy football and softball, as well as group fitness and open recreation opportunities. Looking to expand into new community sports programs, Friends established sports clubs on campus just last year, and aims to introduce group fitness classes, including Zumba, yoga and Pilates, in the near future.

    • In 2008, Friends University had the highest number of Academic All-American athletes with 39.
    • Follow Falcon IM sports updates on Twitter @FalcnIntramural.
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    26 Grinnell College

    Whether the goal is stress-relief or intense competition, Grinnell College offers a diverse range of intramural sports to serve the needs of its students. Here, intramurals are centered on providing an outlet for students, faculty and staff, with the option to take the competition to the next level if desired. Available sports include basketball, dodgeball, flag football, volleyball and soccer, as well as recreation-based sports like foosball and ping pong. Intramurals are developed and organized according to the five diversity principles of the college and athletic department as part Grinnell's unique holistic approach to overall personal and scholastic achievement.

    • Grinnell features its own organized division centered on outdoor activities, including rock-wall climbing and outdoor PE classes.
    • The college's multi-facility athletic complex features numerous fitness centers and gymnasiums, fields, courts, parks and pools.
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    27 Hawaii Pacific University

    Hawaii Pacific University caters to its diverse population of busy students with a variety of intramural sports and one-day tournaments for students unable to commit to a weekly team schedule. All students, faculty and staff are eligible to join teams in volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and more. Funded by the Student Activity Fee, intramurals registration is free, which means no student is excluded because of financial inability to join a team. Participants are encouraged to establish their own teams by recruiting friends and peers, and may also register as a "free agent" through the college's convenient online registration system. In addition to intramurals, Hawaii Pacific also offers a variety of rec clubs, as well as general fitness- and health-oriented activities.

    • HPC is home to various athletic teams in the PacWest Conference.
    • Hawaii Pacific won the Commissioner's Cup for two consecutive years beginning in 2009.
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    28 Hillsdale College

    Flexibility is the central concern in intramural sports at Hillsdale College. Here, students may choose from a variety of intramurals that fit their schedule, including one-day competitions, two-day tournaments and consecutive weekly games. Even for busy students and faculty, intramural and recreational sports at Hillsdale are designed to be accessible to everyone. Hillsdale's Campus Recreation Board expects all participants to abide by the college's Code of Conduct/Sportsmanship Policy, which ensures fair and ethical competition. Fall sports include flag football, sand volleyball, disc golf and racquetball, while unique spring offerings include innertube water polo, capture-the-flag and bubble soccer.

    • Hillsdale holds an NCAA Division II affiliation.
    • Intramural sports are among Hillsdale's most popular student activities.
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    29 Ithaca College

    With both pro and semi-pro leagues, Ithaca College offers a wide variety of intramural programs designed to provide something for everyone, regardless of skills or prior experience. IC offers the majority of its sports in 5-7-week men's, women's, and coed leagues. Students may join more than one team at a time, as long as the team does not exceed its maximum number of participants and the teams are not schedule to compete against each other. Intramural sports offered on the Ithaca College campus in the fall include flag football, outdoor soccer, badminton doubles and tennis. Spring sports include kickball, pickleball singles, wiffleball and battleship, among others.

    • Approximately 20% of IC students participate in intramural sports programming each year.
    • Ithaca estimates that at least 80% of its students on campus will visit IC's state-of-the-art Fitness Center at least once throughout the academic year.
    • Ithaca College hosts bi-annual climbing-wall competitions at its own rock wall, opened in the Fitness Center in 2005.
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    30 Kansas State

    With a vast array of multi-faceted individual and team sports available, it's no wonder Kansas State counts thousands of participants in its intramural programs each year. Players are recruited and teams are formed from KSU's on-campus fraternity, sorority, residence hall and faculty/staff populations. Participants may also peruse the university's team/player want-ads in the Recreation Complex on campus. Kansas State offers men's, women's and co-rec activities, as well as opportunities for spouses to join, however they must play on the same co-rec team. Faculty and staff are eligible for both student-division games and faculty/staff-exclusive divisions. Sports offered include softball, indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, wall racquetball, golf and table tennis.

    • KSU intramural champions earn commemorative t-shirts as awards.
    • Kansas State's 2014-2015 Wall of Fame features intramural champions in multiple sports including meet sports, tournament events, individual sports, team sports, summer intramurals and faculty/staff golf.
    • Campus privilege fees are included in tuition; students may use the recreational services facilities at no additional charge by presenting their valid student ID.
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    31 Lewis University

    Lewis University intramural sports provide students, faculty and staff with exercise, recreation and fun in a relaxed, yet structured environment. The program offers a wide variety of team and individual sports for recreational and competitive play. Aside from traditional events such as flag football, indoor soccer, volleyball and basketball, Lewis also offers more unique programs like sabakiball, spikeball, inner tube water polo and paintball. To make registration simple and easy, Lewis enables their students to register for events online or through a mobile app. If a student is unable to find a team, they are added as a free agent and given assistance to locate a team.

    • Campus Recreation at Lewis University includes: Intramurals, Club Sports, Fitness, Wellness and Outdoor Recreation.
    • Intramural Champions receive t-shirts, uniquely designed team posters, and invitations to semiannual championship banquets.
    • Intramural participants get the opportunity to play in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, Neil Carey Arena, as well as the Lewis Stadium.
    • Lewis offers over 20 different intramural events every year.
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    32 Lindenwood University

    Intramural sports at Lindenwood University reflect the school's belief that inclusion and accessibility are top priority; the Student Life and Leadership Office created intramurals that were "safe, appealing and appropriate for a large number of students." Regardless of skills and experience, all students are welcome and there is no fee to participate. Students are encouraged to sign up online to become a "free agent," which allows maximum availability in a variety of sports and activities, while promoting diverse socializing opportunities. Intramurals offered at Lindenwood University include dodgeball, volleyball, disc golf, basketball and flag football. Soccer is available in both indoor and outdoor leagues. The university has plans to add sand volleyball in an upcoming season.

    • Lindenwood University is a member of the American Midwest Conference.
    • 73% of students participate in intercollegiate athletics.
    • Sports Medicine is among the most popular majors at Lindenwood; the university holds a specialized program accreditation for Athletic Training by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.
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    33 Millersville University

    Millersville University aims to encourage all students to join its flexible intramural programs. Here, students, faculty and staff are eligible to sign up for a variety of ongoing league teams and one-day competitions. Millersville intramurals are designed to provide a safe, informal setting in which participants can explore community activities and organized sports at any skill-level. Students are encouraged to start their own team or register as a "free agent" through the university's online system. The current intramurals schedule at Millersville includes men's, women's and coed options in basketball, indoor soccer, dodgeball and walleyball, as well as both pre-registered and drop-in tournaments in handball, battleship, racquetball and more.

    • Among the athletics facilities on campus are three gyms, three artificial surface playing fields, a fitness center, two swimming pools and multiple tennis courts.
    • Millersville is home to 19 intercollegiate varsity sports competing in NCAA Division II.
    • Millersville's team name is the Marauders; university mascots are Marauder and sidekick Skully.
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    34 Missouri State University

    Missouri State University's intramural programs are focused on inclusion, offering a variety of ways-to-play to all students, faculty and staff. Prospective participants have the opportunity to start or join men's, women's or coed teams, register as a "free agent", compete in an intra-fraternity league or sign-up for a single tournament. Regular leagues are split into two categories: "Top Gun" and "Just for Fun," depending on skill level and individual goals. League players are typically awarded "sportsmanship points" throughout the weekly meets; players with the most points may go on to compete in the playoff or championship match. Intramural sports offered at MSU include basketball, bowling, track, weight-lifting and more.

    • MSU's Foster Recreation Center features a rock wall, massage therapy and personal training among its services.
    • Men's Track, started in 1921, is among the oldest sports at Missouri State.
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    35 Montclair State University

    Montclair State offers something for everyone interested in staying fit and joining an athletic community. For a low fee, students may start their own team or register for a league in one or more of Montclair's unique intramurals. The university offers intramural and club sports in badminton, basketball, extreme dodgeball, outdoor soccer, softball and street hockey. The Montclair campus is also home to RecBoard, promoting sports-oriented charity and volunteer opportunities to help students stay active while supporting their community. MSU offers additional health and fitness opportunities, such as Group X, a bike rental program and personal training.

    • The university is home to 280 Montclair All-American Athletes.
    • Montclair holds three NCAA Division III Championships.
    • There are 16 intramural sports offered on campus.
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    36 Moravian College

    Intramural sports at Moravian are open to all students, faculty and staff who would like to join. The college offers a wide variety of league sports in both the fall and spring, as well as one-day tournaments and special events, such as games benefitting charity and events led by student organizations. Once registered on IMLeagues, participants are encouraged to start their own teams or register as "free agents" for league games in whichever sport they choose. Moravian offers intramurals leagues in the fall which include: dodgeball, flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer and 3-on-3 basketball, with spring programs in 5-on-5 basketball, badminton, slow-pitch softball, team handball and tennis. Tournaments are offered in various seasons in ultimate Frisbee, floor hockey, and more.

    • The college is home to 1,585 student athletes.
    • Moravian is affiliated with NCAA Division III sports.
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    37 Mountain View College

    Mountain View College's Department of Athletics and Intramural Sports provides students with informal opportunities to meet new people, interact socially and be part of a community while staying active. Programs are designed for students of varying skill-levels. Mountain View believes developing leadership and professional skills are of the utmost importance where intramural sports are concerned. Offerings include basketball, softball and flag football, as well as group fitness classes. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to join, and encouraged to share ideas for new offerings with the department.

    • MVC is a non-residential campus.
    • Mountain View's mascot is the Lions; its team colors are blue and gold.
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    38 Odessa College

    Odessa College aims to offer an affordable means of fitness and fun through intramural sports. Students, faculty and staff may participate, and sports are free to anyone with a valid OC ID, as well as to any current OC Sports Center members. Participants outside of these groups may still take part, but will be charged a nominal fee. Anyone looking to start a team, join a league or register as a "free agent" must create an account on Odessa always welcomes qualified student officials for intramural sports, and all participants are encouraged to share feedback for new sports with the Student Activities Office.

    • Odessa features an $8 Million, 110,000-square-foot sports center.
    • The college has won 46 national championships.
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    39 Pacific Lutheran University

    Intramural sports at Pacific Lutheran University are designed to create healthy opportunities for both socializing and fitness. Promising "good, clean fun," PLU provides students with the chance to practice positive sportsmanship, build team spirit and relax in a safe environment. Participation is open to all students, no matter what their skills in competitive or recreational sports. Students interested in learning more about available intramural sports and potentially joining or creating a team are required to create an account on Team sports, individual sports and even live-action role-playing are available at differing levels of competition.

    • PLU athletics facilities comprise nine buildings, outdoor spaces and pools on the Tacoma, Washington campus.
    • Pacific Lutheran offers a mentor program for incoming student-athletes.
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    40 Quinnipiac University

    Through its intramural sports programs, Quinnipiac University offers something for all students, ranging from intense competition to informal recreation, to promoting opportunities to meet new people, as well as build strength and endurance. Fall intramurals include beach volleyball, tennis and basketball, while spring sports include basketball, wiffle ball, Lacrosse and more. In its commitment to the health and wellness of its students, the university offers the use of a variety of fitness centers to students and staff on campus. Quinnipiac uses its own MyQ student portal for easy access to registration and information about intramural sports and recreation activities.

    • Quinnipiac offers more than 20 intramural sports on campus.
    • QU offers a variety of sports-oriented summer camps for students from all walks of life.
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    41 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

    Intramural sports at Rose-Hulman are centered on having fun and building good sportsmanship. The institute aims to develop programs that provide students with a fun environment to get in shape and stay active. Throughout the year Rose-Hulman offers over 30 sports-oriented events, including both league teams and one-day tournaments. Students, staff and faculty are welcome to join intramural sports or start a team of their own. Fall intramurals at Rose-Hulman include kickball, indoor soccer, flag football, tennis, golf, dodgeball, floor hockey, badminton and cross country. Winter sports include basketball, volleyball, bowling, chess, billiards, racquetball and sno-ball softball. In the spring, students may choose from ultimate Frisbee, table tennis, swimming, track and field, home run Derby, disc golf and sand volleyball.

    • Rose-Hulman offers a Home Run Derby Greek, including teams from campus sororities and fraternities.
    • Participants must register for teams or as a "free agent" through
    • Rose-Hulman maintains active Facebook and Twitter accounts for its intramurals athletics division.
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    42 Seattle Pacific University

    With a focus on fun activities intended to bring people together, Seattle Pacific University promotes its intramural sports programs as "points of connection and engagement in a fun, grace-filled and Christ-centered community." Open to students, faculty, staff and alumni, intramural sports at SPU encourage participants to engage in an athletic activity that both broadens their skills and challenges their abilities. SPU offers men's, women's and coed sports in the fall, winter and spring seasons. Offerings include basketball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, tennis and ultimate Frisbee. Additional tournaments and special events are also available, including a 3K Costume Run, the Seattle Cup and Zumba classes.

    • All students must register on SPU's IMLeague system.
    • The SPU Facebook page features live updates and photos of intramural leagues and tournaments.
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    43 Taylor University

    Taylor University aims to emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to student wellness through its intramural programs. Here, participants are provided with the opportunity to not only stay active, but also socialize with friends, relieve stress and build Christ-like character--a noted principle of the Taylor University mission. Enrollment is open to all students, faculty and staff, as well as their spouses. Varsity athletes may not join an intramural team in the same sport in which they play intercollegiate, but may play in another sport, as allowed by coaching staff. Sports offered include men's, women's and coed league teams in flag football, soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee and beach volleyball.

    • Nearly half of the students enrolled at Taylor participate in intramural sports, many of them on multiple teams.
    • All intramurals at Taylor University are in league format.
    • In addition to games played in the on-campus sports facilities, off-campus teams are common and encouraged.
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    44 Toccoa Falls College

    The primary mission of Toccoa Falls intramurals is to "glorify our Lord Jesus Christ." Students at Toccoa Falls College are invited to take part in the many athletic activities the school has to offer, enjoying the opportunity to get to know other students and engage in healthy competition, all in a Christian environment. Toccoa Falls encourages students to participate in their own way and at their own pace. TFC strives to achieve the following goals in order to support lifelong health and wellness among its students: increase participation, increase activities and increase communication. Intramural offerings include men's, women's and coed leagues and tournaments in soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, tennis and more.

    • TFC's mascot is the Screaming Eagle.
    • The college offers seven athletics programs on campus.
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    45 Tyler Junior College

    Tyler Junior College aims to add vibrancy to the culture of students on campus through its intramural programs. TJC believes recreational and intramural sports help increase physical activity in a fun environment, as well as build social skills, personal confidence and, ultimately, the ability to succeed academically and in other areas. Intramural sports are free-of-charge to all students enrolled in a minimum of six hours on campus at TJC; a current student ID is required for participation. Intramural league sports include flag football, volleyball, kickball and racquetball; pool tournaments and Madden tournaments are also available. Prospective and current intramural athletes are encouraged to follow the college's Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates and stats.

    • Tyler Junior College intramural athletes must register at to join or create teams.
    • TJC is home to numerous nationally ranked intercollegiate academic and athletic programs.
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    46 University of New Haven

    University of New Haven's RECSports division hosts a robust offering of intramurals and recreational sports and activities. UNH offers four sessions of 4-week-long intramurals with over 50 available options in the 2014-2015 season, running concurrent with the entirety of the academic calendar. Additionally, the university is home to a variety of tournaments, individual matches, and special events. Catering to amateur, semi-pro and pro-level student-athletes, RECSports offers men's, women's and coed intramural sports, including basketball, flag football, soccer and volleyball. Non-traditional sports, including cricket, rugby and futsal, are also available.

    The Learn It, Play It! program is sometimes offered to students when UNH introduces new sports, in an effort to expose a different great sport to multiple communities. They started with cricket and rugby, both of which are now fully fledged intramural programs. They now have men’s and women’s rugby competitive (Club) sports programs.

    • UNH keeps an up-to-date online schedule posted of fitness activities offered in its on-campus athletic facilities.
    • The university offers a summer session of its Group X fitness program on campus.
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    47 University of Northern Iowa

    University of Northern Iowa offers a variety of athletic options through its intramural sports programs. UNI intramurals center on engaging all students in some form of fun physical activity, regardless of skills or experience. A valid UNI ID card is required to participate. Students must register for intramurals using IMLeague, where they have the option to join a league team or register as a "free agent." Intramural sports at UNI include men's, women's and co-rec teams in flag football, 7-on-7 soccer, tennis, racquetball, golf and volleyball. Sports vary depending on whether they are offered in the fall or spring semesters. In addition to a running schedule of league-oriented intramural sports, the university also supports a variety of tournaments, including kickball, spikeball, canoe and ultimate Frisbee games.

    • UNI offers unique outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, canoeing and health and wellness clinics.
    • UNI recreation services offered to its students include equipment rentals and bike repair.
    • Among the athletic facilities are the university's own soccer complex, dome stadium and special event venue.
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    48 University of Redlands

    University of Redlands offers a variety of intramural sports to students looking to stay active and adopt a healthy way of life. Through its recreational programs, Redlands aims to create a fun, safe environment in which students can engage and unwind. The university recently moved its registration system online into the fully interactive IMLeague system; students must now register for intramurals on the IMLeague portal, where they have the option to join a league team or register as a "free agent." Intramural sports are offered in the fall and spring semesters, with an additional May term. Fall sports include beach volleyball, kickball and flag football, while spring intramurals include soccer and basketball. Lifejacket water polo is available during the May intramural schedule.

    • Redlands offers a variety of outdoor recreation excursions, including rock-climbing, scuba-diving and hot-air-ballooning.
    • On-campus recreation clubs include ballroom dance and Quidditch among other non-traditional offerings.
    • University of Redlands is home to numerous NCAA Division III teams.
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    49 University of Tampa

    University of Tampa offers a diverse schedule of intramural sports and recreation activities to students, faculty and staff. Regardless of previous skills or experience, participants in the intramural sports program at University of Tampa are welcome to join one of the many non-varsity leagues or tournaments offered. The university features numerous options designed to support the competitive spirit of both amateur and seasoned athletes. Intramural league sports offered in the fall at UT include varying men's, women's and coed teams in sand volleyball, flag football, indoor soccer basketball, softball, ultimate Frisbee and team handball. Spring intramurals include basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, softball and floor hockey.

    • UT Spartan teams have won 13 NCAA Division II national championships.
    • Full-time undergraduate student membership to UT fitness facilities is included in tuition costs.
    • University of Tampa includes 32 categories of intramural sports and tournaments on campus.
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    50 Malone University

    The mission and philosophy of Malone University's athletic department is centered on providing wholly Christ-centered, student athlete-focused and coach-driven programs. Led by Christ-centered coaches and staff, athletic activities at Malone University are designed to prepare student athletes to represent Christ not only through sportsmanship, but in "the church, community and world." MU includes high-quality intramural sports programs in its holistic approach to character-development, academic achievement and overall well-being. Intramurals offered at Malone include flag football, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball and soccer.

    • Malone offers 18 intercollegiate sports programs.
    • There were 401 student athletes on the Malone campus as of the 2013-2014 academic year.
    • Malone belongs to the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.
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    Nothing gets the school spirit pumping quite like competitive sports. However, competitive college sports aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that these more academically inclined students should miss out on the fun of physical activity. Intramural sports were first introduced at colleges in 1913, beginning with Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. These days, pretty much all colleges and universities offer a range of intramural sports. These teams typically don’t require try-outs and if they’re large enough, there will be teams separated out based on player’s skill level. Additionally, these teams don’t require much practice time and the games are played just for fun. Intramural sports can add an extra level of enjoyment to the college experience and offer a great way to keep the freshman fifteen at bay. Here’s what makes an intramural sports program one worth attending a school for.


    Most intramural sports run just like competitive sports – during a certain season. Students who use intramural sports as a way to keep in shape or meet new people will want to find a school offering sports all four seasons – and sports specifically that interest them. Popular intramural sports include the regular sports such as basketball (men’s and women’s), baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming, running, gymnastics, and tennis. However, the best programs offer less popular sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, swing dance, ultimate Frisbee, rowing, lacrosse, ice hockey, hurling, fencing, equestrian, and more.


    Intramural sports are more fun and run smoothly when someone is in charge – at least to an extent. This could include referees at games which keep the play moving fairly, student-picked captains to make sure everyone has the game/practice schedule, and/or coaches. By having some type of formal leadership for the intramural sports teams, there’s a much higher chance that students will stick with their sports and enjoy the experience more.


    Sports-centric universities are known for shelling out the big bucks for their competitive athletics –Louisiana State University shells out a whopping $102.27 million each year– and this means excellent sports facilities for intramural sports players to enjoy as well.