In a world where alarming headlines are an everyday reality, there is a growing need for clergy, counselors and others who can restore calm, encourage hope and bring people together to strengthen their faith. Bible colleges are designed to help students achieve a deeper understanding of theology and pursue vocations that allow them to serve through ministry, community outreach or missions. The focus on religious studies without the distractions and demands of a more traditional university puts students on a fast track to an online degree in Biblical Studies or Ministry.

The best online programs for earning a bachelor's or associate's degree from a bible college are listed below. Snapshots of each college include an overview of academic strengths, learning goals and statistics. Several of the colleges offer a combination of distance learning classes with classroom instruction, while others offer all online programs.

Rank School Cost Graduation Rate Description Toggle
1 Bethesda University Anaheim, CA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 69%

Bethesda is dedicated to educating Korean Americans who aspire to servant leadership in the Pentecostal church. Between its Anaheim, California campus and its satellite facility in Los Angeles, the private commuter school educates about 275 students per year. Bethesda offers degree programs appropriate to ministry and pastoral service at the baccalaureate and postgraduate levels. All curricula are built onto a fundamental exploration of the Bible, regardless of academic discipline.

Distance learners are offered three online Bible study options at Bethesda. The bachelor of arts (BA) in religion prepares graduates for either graduate school or professional ministry. Students must choose one of three concentrations: biblical study, pastoral ministry, or Christian education. The online master of arts (MA) in biblical studies is targeted to students who desire a greater knowledge of the Bible but do not aspire to become pastors. This program does have a field experience component. Finally, the master of divinity (MDiv) online program is targeted towards aspiring pastors or missionaries. While classes are conducted online, the MDiv program contains significant field experience requirements.

2 The Baptist College of Florida Graceville, FL Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 58%

BCF is dedicated to educating students who aspire to careers in ministry and pastoral services. The school understands that ministry and evangelism take place in the real world, and prepares its graduates for service in today’s churches. This practical approach to ministry is built into each degree program; each program’s curriculum is built onto a combination of general education requirements and a theological foundation.

Students at the Graceland campus may choose from 20 degree programs at the bachelor’s or master’s degree levels, all of which are focused on teaching, worship, music, missions, or ministry. BCF also offers small classes at three satellite locations. BCF’s online program makes each of these degrees available through distance education; campus-based students may opt for any Bible college online course, and students in eligible states can earn their degree entirely online. Study is generally asynchronous, and classes are delivered via the MyBCF learning management system.

3 LeTourneau University Longview, TX Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 61%

Based in Longview, Texas, LeTourneau is devoted to providing educational options to students who hold full-time jobs. This Christ-centered private school is fully accredited, and offers a wide range of online Bible college classes and degree programs. Among them, its online bachelor’s programs in biblical studies are convenient options for future ministers.

LeTourneau’s multi-denominational faculty lead students on a journey through the historical, cultural, and geographical developments of the Bible. Depending on their post-collegiate goals, students can choose to pursue a BA or a BS degree in three disciplines: Christian ministry, theological study, or scripture and theology. These programs equip graduates for further study in seminary or graduate school, or employment in ministry leadership. Online study at LeTourneau is delivered via the Canvas learning management system. Classes are delivered in accelerated five-week blocks, and study is asynchronous. All classes are entirely online, but some programs do have on-site field experience requirements that students are required to arrange at an approved location.

4 Clarks Summit University Clarks Summit, PA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 52%

Roughly 1,000 students attend class on the wooded Pennsylvania campus of Clarks Summit U, enjoying a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. This private Baptist college brings a biblical approach to all of its academic offerings, whether at the undergraduate, graduate, or seminary level. Distance learners at CSU have several options, and can enjoy the benefits of a small college from anywhere in the world.

Students in pursuit of a Christ-centered education can earn a general associate of arts (AA), bachelor of integrated studies (BIS), or master of science (MS) in counseling entirely online. Seminary students may choose from online and blended study options that lead to master’s degrees. Other students who have completed an associate degree or its equivalent may opt for an online degree completion program that is customizable to the student’s interests. Others may be interested in the accelerated online certificate in Bible study that can be completed in one year. Distance education at this accredited online Bible college is delivered via Moodle, and classes are taught in eight-week sessions. Online students can begin classes at five points during the calendar year. Study is largely asynchronous, though some courses do require attendance at a one week-long session on campus.

5 Virginia Baptist College Fredericksburg, VA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 100%

Since its beginnings in 1984, VBC has been dedicated to helping adult learners prepare for a life of service and ministry. Today it offers degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level to students at its Fredericksburg campus and online. Each of these programs is focused on the task of equipping Christian churches with spiritually mature and Christ-like leaders.

Undergraduates may study ministry and Christian education at the associate or bachelor’s degree level; a one-year Bible study certificate is also on offer. Graduate students may choose from programs in ministry, Biblical study or Christian education. All of these options are available to distance learners. Campus-based classes at VBC are recorded and immediately made available to online Bible study students. Distance learners have one week to complete class assignments.

6 Toccoa Falls College Toccoa Falls, GA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 45%

An institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, TFC is an affiliate of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. The school is well regarded among Bible colleges and is known for its academic rigor, affordability, and distance education offerings. More than 1,200 students attend TCF, all of whom are awarded a scholarship based on prior academic performance.

Twelve Bible college online degree programs are available, each one preparing graduates for pastoral service or a related field such as business administration or counseling psychology. One-year certificate programs, two-year associate degrees, and two-year bachelor’s completion degrees are on offer for these students. Online classes at TCF are delivered in eight-week sessions. All students at TCF, including online, must meet a four-semester service requirement prior to graduation. Distance learners are invited to attend campus worship, athletics, and social events at any time.

7 Luther Rice University & Seminary Lithonia, GA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 25%

Luther Rice University & Seminary is named after a legendary Baptist missionary, preacher, and advocate for Christian education. The private evangelical school continues his life’s work by educating the next generation of spiritual leaders. All program curricula are built on the teachings, mandates, and principles of scripture, which students are encouraged to approach critically.

Traditional classes are taught at the home campus in the Atlanta suburbs, but the majority of LRUS’ 1,200 students attend classes online. Via LRUS Global Online, undergraduates can earn a bachelor’s degree in biblical counseling, Christian worldview, or ministry entirely online. For postgraduates, online master’s degrees are presented in programs that can be completed in 18 to 24 months; study in apologetics, biblical counseling, leadership, ministry, and Christian studies is available. Divinity students may earn a master’s or doctoral degree online; these programs, however, do require attendance on campus at four one-week seminars. LRUS delivers its online Bible college study with Blackboard, scheduling classes in three consecutive eight-week sessions per term. All study is asynchronous.

8 Moody Bible Institute Chicago, IL Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 62%

Moody Bible Institute is an extensively accredited large private school in urban Chicago. Founded on a doctrine of strict orthodoxy, Moody has been serving the evangelical community since the late 19th century. Today, it seeks to prepare its students for the practical application of scripture in every academic discipline; to that end, its students are required to study the Bible more than any textbook.

Online Bible college students have abundant opportunities at Moody. Students can pursue degrees online via asynchronous study in eight-week sessions or 16-week self-paced courses; modular courses that blend asynchronous study with a week-long campus-based seminar are also available. Other alternative formats include correspondence courses and a First Year Online program. Any of these options can lead to associate or bachelor’s degrees in biblical studies, theology, ministry leadership, or biblical exposition.

9 Dallas Baptist University Dallas, TX Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 54%

DBU’s mission is to produce servant leaders, and the private school delivers Christ-centered instruction across all academic disciplines, from the associate through doctoral levels of education. Annual enrollment tops 5,000 students, most of whom are undergraduates.

More than 60 online programs are available, all of which prepare graduates for careers in ministry, education, or pastoral service. Undergraduates may earn the BA in biblical studies or a business degree useful for church administration. At the postgraduate level, study in ministry, Christian education, and worship leadership is offered. An accelerated online dual degree program allows motivated students to pursue a bachelor’s/master’s combination program, or a double master’s program. Online Bible college courses are delivered via Blackboard in sessions ranging from five to 16 weeks, and all study is asynchronous.

10 Summit Christian College Gering, NE Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 25%

Summit Christian College began its life as Platte Valley Bible College, serving the Scottsbluff, Nebraska area. Today, this private, independent non-denominational college is dedicated to the education of nontraditional students who aspire to leadership in the Christian church community. Each of its degree programs is designed for graduates to move into professional roles in pastoral service, or to further study in graduate school.

The AA in Bible degree is a two-year program that serves preparation for a support role in ministry, or pursuit of a degree not available at SCC. The BA in Bible degree is a four-year program that emphasizes the study of biblical languages, while the BS in Bible offers concentrations in pastoral ministries, missions, or Christian education. The BS in ministries program is a two-year degree completion program that equips graduates for entry-level positions in Christian education, missions, or ministry. SCC offers a video conferencing option for many of its classes, allowing students to achieve about half of standard degree requirements from a distance. Remaining Bible college online credits may be earned through directed study, which must be arranged with SCC faculty.

11 Shasta Bible College and Graduate School Redding, CA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 56%

Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in Redding, California holds the word of scripture to be absolute. As such, it is devoted to educating the future leaders of today’s Christian church with this perspective. Its campus enrollment is extremely small, numbering fewer than 100 students; despite its small size, however, it offers a range of online Bible study programs at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and postgraduate degree levels.

Students interested in quick, intensive online study may be interested in certificate programs in biblical studies, biblical counseling, or early childhood education. Associate degrees in biblical studies and early childhood education can be earned entirely online, as can bachelor’s degrees in theology, Christian teaching, biblical study, and biblical counseling. At the postgraduate level, the list expands to include education, exposition, biblical interpretation, and pastoral ministry. Divinity students may choose from degrees in military chaplaincy, counseling, and ministry. Shasta records its class lectures and streams them for online Bible college students; study is asynchronous and classes follow the traditional semester schedule.

12 Southwestern Assemblies of God University Waxahachie, TX Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 38%

SAGU is a fully accredited evangelistic college in Waxahachie, Texas. It is a core value of this Pentecostal school to deliver spiritually prepared professionals to the Christian world. Students at SAGU can choose from a comprehensive list of degree programs, both in the traditional classroom and online. The available disciplines cover every aspect of ministry, including degree programs in crossover secular fields like sports management, education, business, and communications.

Distance learners can pursue two-year associate degrees in Bible study, addictions counseling, and more. Psychology, human services, human resources, and theological study are just a few of the bachelor’s degrees available exclusively online. Postgraduates can choose from a thorough list of accredited online Bible college programs, including Christian school administration, educational leadership, divinity, and family ministry. Some disciplines have also been combined into fast-track dual programs that lead to a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. These dual degrees may be earned in church leadership, child and family ministry, pastoral leadership, or youth and student ministry.

13 Piedmont International University Winston Salem, NC Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 32%

PIU has been serving the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area since 1945. A private evangelistic Christian school, PIU enrolls about 375 undergraduates each year, allowing it to maintain a student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1.

Biblical and theological studies, preK-12 education, church music, and specialized ministry majors are available to all campus-based students. The Spurgeon Online School makes each of these degree programs available to distance learners, with the exception of education and music degree programs. At the postbaccalaureate level, online Bible college programs outnumber residential offerings. Master’s degree programs in biblical studies, Christian ministry, leadership, divinity, and curriculum development can all be earned entirely online, as can PhDs in ministry or leadership. PIU manages its distance learning with the Blackboard platform, delivering classes in seven-week blocks. Classes begin on six dates during the calendar year.

14 Crown College Saint Bonifacius, MN Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 47%

Situated just west of Minneapolis, Crown College is a small liberal arts college that is affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. All students are expected to take at least one Bible class each semester. Service is a key component of any ministry, and Crown students have the opportunity to do so on a global scale in its Destination:Serve study abroad program.

Online Bible college study at Crown offers the same rich experience and small class sizes that its campus residents enjoy. Distance learners can choose from 13 programs at the associate or baccalaureate level, all of which can be earned entirely online. These programs are a mix of secular and pastoral majors; some options include bachelor’s degrees in disaster management or biblical studies. Graduate students may opt for one of seven master’s programs, each of which has multiple study concentrations. The majority of graduate programs are centered on ministry, and include concentrations like spiritual formation, nonprofit leadership, or Christian studies.

15 Messenger College Euless, TX Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 73%

Messenger College, located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, is maintained by the Pentecostal Church and is considered the church’s collegiate institution for the education of its clergy and professionals. Until 2011, this facility was located in Joplin, Missouri. Though its campus is quite small, housing about 100 students per year, its online study programs reach students all over the globe. Depending on individual goals, students may choose from three accredited online Bible college programs in Christian ministries: a one-year certificate, a two-year associate degree, or a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Students pursuing the bachelor’s degree must choose among concentrations in either biblical study, discipleship ministry, intercultural ministry, leadership and management, student ministry, pastoral ministry, or welcome ministry. A BA in counseling may also be earned exclusively online; it’s important to note, however, that this degree is not for licensure. The BA in counseling does require a supervised field experience, which the student must arrange at an approved facility. All degree programs at Messenger are based on a foundational core curriculum of biblical study in addition to general education requirements.

16 University of Northwestern-St Paul Saint Paul, MN Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 66%

The University of Northwestern is known in the Christian community for Northwestern Media, which manages 15 listener-supported Christian radio stations in eight cities in the Midwest. This private college is perhaps equally well known for its alumni, including Billy Graham, Roger Youderian, and William Bell Riley. Based in the Twin Cities, UNW is home to about 3,000 students per year.

UNW offers 70 undergraduate degrees in religious and secular disciplines, as well as six graduate study options. Students outside of the Twin Cities area can earn a degree from UNW online. Students who aspire to careers in ministry can earn either a one-year certificate, an associate, or a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies entirely through distance education. The four-year bachelor’s program is designed to serve as preparation for pre-seminary studies or graduate study in education. Online Bible college courses at UNW follow a traditional semester calendar.

17 Amridge University Montgomery, AL Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 40%

Amridge University, based in Montgomery, Alabama, is an independent private Christian school that provides exclusively online education. Amridge was a pioneer in the development of distance education, and was one of the first schools selected by the U.S. Dept. of Education to pilot an online Bible college program on a broad scale. Today Amridge continues to use state-of-the-art technology to educate those who aspire to Christian service and leadership. Entire degrees and degree completion programs are available in disciplines that either directly serve the church community or support the administration of it.

Two-year associate programs are offered in Bible study, human development, and business studies; four-year bachelor’s degrees can be earned in the same majors, and additionally in management or information systems. At the postgraduate level, online degrees are offered in management, counseling, marriage and family therapy, divinity, and theology studies. Finally, Amridge offers seven fully online degree options at the doctoral level: PhD studies in professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, and biblical studies, as well as three terminal ministry degree programs./p>

18 Regent University Virginia Beach, VA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 36%

Regent University is a distinguished private Christian college in scenic Virginia Beach. About 3,000 undergraduates enroll at Regent each year, choosing from among its degree programs in 95 academic disciplines. Regent offers academically rigorous study in both secular and religious subject matter, but approaches all curricula from a Christian perspective. Its goal is to produce Christian leaders, regardless of chosen profession.

Distance learners have over 110 online degree options at Regent, 70 of them at the baccalaureate level. Nearly all of Regent’s campus-based programs have online counterparts; distance bachelor’s-seeking studies can pursue courses from departments such as criminal justice, leadership, and film & animation. All classes at Regent, online and on campus, are taught in accelerated eight-week sessions. Distance learners receive their online Bible college class materials and study asynchronously via the Blackboard learning management platform.

19 John Wesley University High Point, NC Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 18%

John Wesley was known as Laurel University until July of 2016. This interdenominational Christian university’s name change reflects its evangelical roots as John Wesley College, prior to 2011. Located in historic High Point, it is the only Christian college in the state of North Carolina that offers a state-licensed business management degree offering.

Distance learners can take advantage of JWU’s management and ministry programs online. The AA in religious studies is a two-year program focused on scripture that can be earned entirely online. The BA in Christian ministry offers concentrations in pastoral ministry, worship arts, counseling, education, missions, and family ministry. For postgraduates, the MA in theological studies explores orthodox church doctrine. Christians with an eye toward business may be interested in JWU’s online BA in management & business ethics, or the MA in business administration. All JWU students receive a Bible minor, regardless of major field of study.

20 Nazarene Bible College Colorado Springs, CO Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 40%

Maintained by the Church of the Nazarene, Nazarene Bible College is a small urban commuter school located in Colorado Springs. It serves as one of two institutions charged with the education of the church’s ministers, and its primary goal is to prepare graduates for leadership roles amid a Christ-like life. Because its educational purpose is relatively specific, NBC’s student population is not typical. Most have years of ministry experience behind them and are preparing for a career move; the average student is around 40 years old.

NBC’s programs are available in the classroom or online. Its AA in ministry program is a two-year program designed for lay clergy or professionals in Christian organizations. Students may concentrate their Bible college online studies in educational ministries, church ministries, early education, or Hispanic pastoral ministries. The BA in ministry is a four-year program intended for aspiring pastors, deacons, ministers, or educators. Alternatively, students who have some college credit may be eligible for the online AdVantage degree completion program, which leads to the BA in ministry.

21 Barclay College Haviland, KS Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 53%

Barclay is a Quaker institution serving the south-central Kansas area. This private evangelical Christian college is very small, home to fewer than 300 students per year. The college’s mission is to provide a Bible-based education to students who plan lives of service, leadership, and pastoral ministry. Campus residents can choose from academically rigorous bachelor’s degree programs in biblical studies, missions, pastoral ministry, psychology, worship arts, and elementary education. Thanks to unusually generous private endowments, students who reside in on-campus housing receive a full-ride scholarship.

For students living outside of the area, Barclay offers several online Bible college degree options. An associate degree in general studies, plus four completion degrees designed for students who already hold 50 to 60 hours of academic credit, can be earned entirely via distance education. Online Bible college degree completion programs are offered in biblical studies, psychology, business management, and Christian ministry leadership.

22 The Master's College and Seminary Santa Clarita, CA Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 56%

At The Master’s University, the words of scripture are believed to be infallible and reflect a literal history of our world. The university's mission is to produce graduates who live lives of biblical fidelity and moral integrity, whether in secular professions or ministry.

TMU’s distance education programs are aimed at students who aspire to careers in ministry and pastoral services. The BA in biblical studies is offered with and without an emphasis on the Greek language; the BA in biblical counseling is also separated by Greek and non-Greek language emphases. Undergraduates may also opt for bachelor’s degrees in organizational management or Christian ministries. Postgraduates are offered an MBA program or an MA in biblical studies program. TMU delivers its online Bible college education via Canvas in class blocks of eight weeks; all study is asynchronous.

23 Mid-Atlantic Christian University Elizabeth City, NC Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 61%

Known as Roanoke Bible College as recently as 2009, Mid-Atlantic Christian University serves the coastal community of North Carolina. A fully accredited college operated by the Churches of Christ, it educates about 200 undergraduate students each year. Offering degree programs in secular and religious pursuits, MACU seeks to prepare its graduates for Christ-like service wherever they are called.

Regardless of major, all curricula are built on a foundation of biblical study and general education requirements. Campus-based students may opt for bachelor’s degrees in linguistics, biology, pre-law studies, biblical studies, ministry, aviation, nursing, and more.

24 Lee University Cleveland, TN Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 49%

Lee University, associated with the Church of God in Cleveland, is one of the largest Christ-centered private schools in Tennessee with over 5,000 students enrolled. In its mission to integrate faith and vocation, Lee emphasizes the practice of ethical action, redemptive service, and responsible citizenship within the church and society -- all of which is reflected through the school's five-year quality enhancement plan.

Undergrad students at this online Bible college can pursue bachelor's degrees in Bible and theology, Christian studies, or ministry leadership. Ministry leadership students choose an emphasis in either business, church administration, music and worship, or youth ministry, among other options. Online bachelor's degrees are also available in criminal justice and liberal studies. Graduate students can go on to earn master's degrees in ministry studies, business and administration, or marriage and family studies. Distance learners have the option to earn certificates in areas including Bible, Christian education, Christian leadership, or pastoral studies, as well.

25 Southeastern Baptist College Laurel, MS Cost: $$$$$ Graduation Rate: 80%

Located in Laurel, Mississippi, SBC's focus is on serving Christ with a biblical worldview in a Christian atmosphere. This extends to its online sector, where distance students can pursue programs leading to degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Students at the college are prepared for ministry in the pastorate, missionary work, music ministries, Christian education, and more.

Undergrad students at Laurel can pursue an AA in Bible, business, or general education, as well as a BS in church ministries. The school also offers a selection of credit and non-credit courses for those who do not want to follow a structured program towards a specific degree. Online coursework covers areas such as manners & customs of Bible times, Christian doctrine, homiletics, and Baptist history, along with more general topics in Western civilization, English composition, and strategic management. Online students also take part in a new student orientation. Notably, students at the school must complete at least 15 hours on campus to qualify for an associate degree and at least 30 hours on campus to earn a bachelor's degree.

While Christian liberal arts universities and colleges offer a more broad-based curriculum, the best online bible colleges offer focused degree programs and fellowship opportunities with like-minded people who want to devote their lives to service in a faith-based occupation, often as pastor of a church or in the role of a missionary. In addition to comprehensive online programs that center on bible study and preparing for ministry, bible colleges also provide students with off-campus opportunities for community outreach with pastoral training at homeless shelters, nursing homes, prisons and other venues. Students who are pursuing online degree programs in Biblical Studies and Ministry frequently have a chance to socialize with other students and professors through online discussion groups, on-campus meetings or at local churches and community events.

Graduates from online bible colleges have an opportunity to pursue several different careers. The field continues to grow as religious organizations expand and add new administrative and managerial positions. While occupations in the religion sector aren't known for offering the highest paying salaries, the rewards can be great for those who choose to follow their passion and pursue a vocation that makes faith and serving others a priority. The table below highlights median annual salaries for four of the most popular vocations pursued by graduates from bible college online programs.

Minister or Pastor: The minister of a church performs religious worship services and provides spiritual and moral guidance to members. Depending on the size of the church the minister may also be responsible for administrative duties and hiring other staff members.

Bible Studies Professor: A professor of bible studies may teach at a bible College or teach theology or a specialized religious topic at a liberal arts college or university. Education and training may include studying religious philosophy, plus in-depth study of the bible and religions around the world.

Choir Director: The Choir Director of a church has specialized music skills in addition to a college degree from a university or bible college. Duties include working with the minister to coordinate appropriate songs for worship services, overseeing choir rehearsals and recruiting members to perform with the church choir.

Youth Director: Youth directors at many churches are frequently assistant pastors. The youth program director coordinates classes and activities, and works with young people of the church to strengthen their faith through bible study, counseling sessions and community outreach activities.

Position Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate
Minister (Clergy) $46,510 0.9%
Choir Director $48,180 3%
Bible Studies Professor $70,790 13%
Youth Program Director $41,610 1.8%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook

There are many other career opportunities available to graduates of online bible colleges. You might work as a business administrator for a religious group, take on a counseling or administrative role with a faith-based nonprofit organization, or serve as a missionary in a foreign country. Some larger churches and religious groups also employ administrators who oversee missions, community outreach activities and other services. For those hoping to find work with a church or other faith-based organization, a bible college online program can provide the training and certification necessary for a respected and meaningful career.

Professional Organizations

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities: CCCU offers more than 100 programs and services to meet the needs of Christ-centered colleges and universities. In addition to providing professional development and research resources, the website features job postings and networking opportunities.

Association for Biblical Higher Education: Responsible for evaluating and accrediting many of the nation's bible colleges, this association website offers a list of accredited colleges, career listings and practice exams accessible to faculty and students.

Association of Theological Schools: In addition to accrediting theological schools, ATS offers valuable resources for students trying to decide which bible college to choose and how to evaluate career goals.

Moody Bible Institute Career Development Center: Affiliated with Moody bible Institute, the Career Development Center provides career assessment assistance to potential students and assists graduates and churches throughout the country with job listings, counseling and networking opportunities.

Ratio Christi: Bringing together students and faculty around the world to discuss historical, philosophical and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ, this global movement encourages a renaissance of Christian thinking at universities and bible colleges.

Rankings Archive

Best Online Bible Colleges of 2016
Rank School Location
1 Southeastern Baptist College Laurel, MS
2 John Wesley University High Point, NC
3 LeTourneau University Longview, TX
4 Piedmont International University Winston-Salem, NC
5 Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Pineville, KY
6 Baptist Bible College & Seminary of Pennsylvania Clarks Summit, PA
7 Dallas Baptist University Dallas, TX
8 Moody Bible Institute Chicago, IL
9 University of Northwestern - St Paul Saint Paul, MN
10 Heritage Christian University Florence, AL
11 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN
12 Nazarene Bible College Colorado Springs, CO
13 Amridge University Montgomery, AL
14 Regent University Virginia Beach, VA
15 Shasta Bible College and Graduate School Redding, CA
16 Lancaster Bible College Lancaster, PA
17 Lee University Cleveland, TN
18 Gods Bible School and College Cincinnati, OH
19 Huntsville Bible College Huntsville, AL
20 South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary Deerfield Beach, FL
21 Manhattan Christian College Manhattan, KS
22 Colorado Christian University Lakewood, CO
23 Central Baptist College Conway, AR
24 Barclay College Haviland, KS
25 Southwestern Assemblies of God University Waxahachie, TX