As the economy continues to recover in the wake of COVID-19, growth in the finance industry should lead to high demand for financial professionals. Between 2019 and 2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects jobs for these professionals to grow 5%, a rate that outpaces the national average.

Seeking an associate degree in finance helps professionals launch a career in this field. A two-year degree enables graduates to move into entry-level roles that allow them to learn from established professionals and set themselves on a path toward more advanced degrees and career opportunities.

An associate degree in finance qualifies graduates to serve as financial or accounting clerks, billing specialists, and bookkeepers. Some graduates move into related fields, such as real estate and entrepreneurship.

This guide features information related to getting an online associate degree in finance, what students learn in these programs, and various career opportunities for degree-holders.

Should I Get an Associate in Finance?

Associate degree-holders can move into entry-level jobs, usually assisting established financial professionals.

Pursuing an online associate degree in finance is a considerable first step toward a rewarding career in business, accounting, finance, economics, and various other sectors.

Associate degree-holders can move into entry-level jobs, usually assisting more established financial professionals. They gain valuable experience and knowledge they can apply in a bachelor's program or in the workplace.

Earning an associate degree in finance takes about two years. Graduates usually enter jobs that focus on the clerical or menial aspects of finance. Students should be ready to take on these roles as they start their careers.

After earning an associate degree in finance, students can supplement their education and knowledge by securing a bookkeeping, financial clerk, or accounting clerk certificate. Doing so can make them more appealing to employers.

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What Will I Learn in a Finance Associate Program?

Through an online associate program in finance, students learn basic concepts in finance, accounting, and bookkeeping, setting the stage for a business career. The typical program features introductory courses in financial accounting, payroll accounting, accounting software, and banking.

These programs help students build skills in managing financial spreadsheets, budgeting, preparing taxes, and analyzing financial data.

Most two-year finance programs offer associate of science (AS) degrees, which prepare students to move into bachelor's programs. Some provide associate of applied science (AAS) degrees, which focus on skills students can immediately apply to entry-level jobs.

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What Can I Do With an Associate in Finance?

An associate degree in finance can help graduates enter a variety of careers. Most degree-holders fill clerical or entry-level roles, serving as bookkeepers, clerks, or assistants to accountants and financial professionals.

While many individuals with an associate degree in finance go on to pursue bachelor's degrees, they can gain valuable experience and skills through their professional experiences.

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How Much Money Can I Make With an Associate in Finance?

Professionals with an associate degree in finance can earn solid salaries that increase over time. According to the BLS, financial clerks made a median annual salary of $41,520 in 2020, while bookkeepers and auditing clerks earned $42,410. Some degree-holders work as real estate brokers, who earned a median annual salary of $51,220 in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions About Associate in Finance Programs

Are finance majors in high demand?

Finance remains an in-demand field, as the BLS projects jobs for financial professionals to grow 5% between 2019 and 2029. During this same period, the BLS projects the addition of 476,200 new business and finance jobs.

What kind of jobs can I get with an associate in finance?

Earning an online associate degree in finance qualifies graduates for jobs as bookkeepers, financial clerks, accounting clerks, and account resolution specialists. These jobs tend to involve assisting certified public accountants, financial advisors, and other finance professionals.

How much does it cost to get an associate in finance?

While tuition varies depending on the school, the typical associate degree at a public in-state college costs about $9,690 per year. Many students receive financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans to help cover education costs.

Is an associate in finance worth it?

An associate degree in finance can help students launch their finance careers. Finding an entry-level job in the financial world allows professionals to gain valuable experience while earning solid pay. This degree can also lead to a bachelor's or eventual master's degree in finance, business, or economics.

How long does it take to get an associate in finance?

The typical associate degree in finance requires 60 credits and takes two years to complete. Some programs offer accelerated tracks, through which students can earn their degree in 12-18 months. Conversely, attending part time may lengthen completion times for an associate degree.