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As students increasingly use TikTok to discuss the ins and outs of the college experience, some are becoming influencers with large followings. Meant to help first-year students transition to college, peer mentoring offers a plethora of benefits for both mentee and mentor. 28 Row is creating a community where college women can discuss shared experiences, offer emotional support and grow their social media presence. The billionaire famously dropped out of Harvard to found Microsoft. Now, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is helping students make better choices about where to go to college. Browse our New Year's resolution list for 2022. Explore New Year's resolution ideas that can help improve your health, grades, and finances. What better way to take a break from studying than a holiday day trip? Check out 15 of the best Christmas towns that are perfect for a winter break getaway. Students can participate in holiday volunteer opportunities to expand their network and make an impact on their communities. Winter doesn't have to be gloomy. Lift your spirits and enjoy the season with outdoor and indoor winter activities. We found seven colleges with the most holiday spirit and the best winter student life calendars. Check out their epic festivities and events. Explore the best places to go over winter break. Browse housing options, temporary employment, and winter break trip ideas for college students. Wondering what gift to get the college student in your life? Check out our guide for 50 great options. California boasts more colleges than any other state. But what are the best college towns in California? Learn more about our top picks. Supporting student veterans first means understanding their diverse experiences. Find out what drives student veterans to academic success. Starting a club can be one of the most rewarding college experiences. Learn how to start a club in college and the benefits it brings. Students are turning to the social media platform to talk about issues such as campus diversity efforts, student debt, and mental health. Discover 18 Friendsgiving food ideas for college students. Explore options for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Plan a fun Friendsgiving with friends and loved ones! Discover Friendsgiving ideas for decorations, activities, and food. Students are using apps such as Yik Yak and TikTok to discuss sexual assault at fraternities and plan protests calling for campus-wide change. Spooky season has arrived, and it's time to find your friendly campus ghost. Check out these scary stories describing seven of the most haunted colleges. Today, the Ivy League stands as a paragon of academic achievement, but these eight prestigious colleges actually have a long and complicated history. From parties to pumpkin drops to haunted houses, learn which schools celebrate the season with fun and spooky Halloween college traditions. Learn how to enjoy fun fall activities as a budget-conscious college student. Kick off the fall semester in thrifty style this year! We've got a fun lineup of college Halloween costume ideas — whether you're looking for something trendy for 2021 or need some last-minute inspo. Leaving home for college can be challenging. Check out our nine tips to help make your college transition easier. Adult learners bring unique perspectives and attitudes to higher education. Check out these six key advantages of being an older college student. Living with a roommate in college can be challenging. Learn how to manage conflict with your roommate by using these tips and mediation strategies. Online education is gaining traction, but many students still have questions. Our BestColleges survey sheds light on online students' biggest pieces of advice. Check out our tips for balancing college, work, and childcare. Learn to strike the right balance and find success in all your responsibilities. What is a nontraditional student? Discover the various nontraditional student definitions as well as the biggest challenges these learners face. Recent graduates reflect on the challenges and unexpected benefits of graduating during a pandemic. Rushing a business fraternity can be a difficult but rewarding process. Here are some tips to keep in mind during recruitment. Many college students feel unsure about what to do once they arrive on campus. Learn about the activities that happen before the academic year kicks off. Commuter students may not live on campus but they can still get a full college experience. Here are some tips for making the most of a commuter lifestyle. Want to know how to find a college roommate? This guide gives you advice on how to match with a compatible college roommate. Learn how to gain access to college disability services to get the support you need to thrive. What is a college resident advisor? Explore a resident advisor's job duties and learn more about what a college RA does. From assistance with study habits to tutoring and counseling, read how student services can help college students. While the pandemic upends higher education and the job force, service programs offer productive gap-year options that can grow skills and advance the common good. What is rushing in college? Learn about sorority recruitment, rushing a fraternity, and making the most of joining Greek life. Check out these five tips for first-generation college students. Learn how to improve your chances of success in college. Learn more about the academic and social benefits of living on campus. Explore the ways that living on campus can enhance your college experience. Want to get involved in college, but don't know where to start? Discover five ways to participate in student life on campus. Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill to survey students on the "ideological and political perspectives" encountered at public colleges. Experiencing impostor syndrome? You're not alone. Implement these tips from a professor to combat the disruptive symptoms of impostor syndrome. Academic freedom enables faculty to explore ideas without fear of recrimination. Racial slurs and other terms that create a hostile learning environment are not protected. Republicans have tried to block discussions of critical race theory on campuses. Academic freedom faces grave threats from both sides of the political spectrum. The recent tenure battle at the […] Don't let your summer pass you by. Instead of sitting at home, consider making a reading list, practicing a new skill, or even taking a class. Learn how to stay safe at a college party, while still having fun. Use these tips to create a safety plan so you can get home in one piece. More and more colleges plan to reopen this fall, but students must maintain realistic expectations as they prepare to return to campus. Though a virtual graduation may seem anticlimactic, college grads can still find ways to celebrate and mark this important milestone and accomplishment. Hazing on college campuses — especially alcohol-fueled hazing — has been a problem for years, but new laws aim to crack down on the dangerous tradition. The U.S. is home to millions of students. Learn how many college students are in the U.S. based on categories like state, school type, sex, and race/ethnicity. Getting to know people in college is often hard enough without a pandemic. One student opens up about her experience with making friends during COVID-19. Many students find making friends in college challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can put yourself out there and meet new people. Social distancing measures and the adoption of remote learning have greatly hampered campus activism, forcing students to get creative about promoting causes. Millions of people listen to podcasts, including many college students. These Black-led podcasts are paving the way for diverse voices in the podcasting space. Check out these tips for waking up early in college so you can get better sleep, maximize your productivity, and feel more energized throughout the day. Many colleges offer prospective students the chance to interview with an alum. Learn what to expect in such an interview and how to leave a good impression. Want to get more organized this semester? Read this post to increase your productivity and boost your organizational skills. Fraternities and sororities offer many benefits, although they're not for everyone. Find out if Greek life is right for you. All college students must wear face masks due to COVID-19, but the policy raises challenges for students in terms of communication, confidence, and learning. Colleges often fail to address the unique needs of student parents. Here are four simple ways universities can support this group's academic success. There's much more to the college experience than classes and grades. Campus traditions let you celebrate your school, oftentimes in fun but odd ways. The pandemic has forced many college students to stay home — but that doesn't mean you can't virtually participate in campus clubs and organizations. One college student shares her and her peers' experiences facing pandemic-related challenges, such as combating depression and staying focused in school. COVID-19 has altered the college experience for students who returned to campus this term, leading to more stress and exacerbating students' mental health. When colleges provide contraception and abortion services to students, they promote women's educational success — but they also fuel a contentious debate. In addition to shuttering campuses and thrusting online education into the spotlight, COVID-19 has entirely reshaped the college freshman experience. Black male students face unique challenges at predominantly white colleges, including feelings of invisibility, microaggressions, and a dearth of Black faculty. The 2020 election will likely be a pivotal moment for college students. VoteAmerica CEO Debra Cleaver speaks on voting barriers and the youth voter turnout. Political activism plays a critical role in many students' lives. These 10 college campuses all boast impressive legacies of student protests and social action. A legacy student attends a school that their parent or other family member also attended. Today, legacy college admissions remains a controversial practice. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to rethink community service, but you can still volunteer and make a difference — even if you're stuck at home. Millennials and Gen Zers represent the largest share of eligible voters in 2020. But college-aged voters often face steep hurdles getting to the polls. Affirmative action was created to improve access to jobs and higher ed for women and people of color — but many still debate its effectiveness and ethics. What are the Ivy League schools? Learn about how the Ivy League was formed, how much an Ivy League education costs, and how selective these colleges are. More students of color are going to college, but graduation rates remain low. Many colleges fail to support and retain Black and Hispanic students. American higher education today promotes learning for everyone, but in the past it exclusively benefited wealthy, white, male, Christian students. First-generation college students face challenges applying to and graduating from college, but college prep and support can help narrow the opportunity gap. Sam Wein discusses his transformative experience with the LGBTQ+ campus group "Safezones" as an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. COVID-19 has exacerbated existing challenges for colleges, such as low enrollment. The future of higher education may lie in technology and online learning. Campus closures due to COVID-19 pose a unique challenge for LGBTQ+ college students. One expert weighs in on how the pandemic has affected this population. The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened challenges for underserved college student populations. One expert discusses the challenges these students face. Student activism has been around for centuries. Discover how college students have staged campus protests throughout history. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced college instructors to transition their classes fully online. Several college instructors discuss how they've dealt with the sudden shift to online learning. Many college students are struggling in school due to the coronavirus. These expert tips explain how to improve mental health and pandemic-related stress. These top 15 podcasts for college students combine vibrant storytelling with insights on student life, real-world issues, and money. Coronavirus has shut down college campuses across the world, but institutions of higher education have weathered worse pandemics with great resiliency. From space flight to computer science, women have made outstanding contributions to the tech industry. Learn about 10 women who pioneered tech. Meditation can help college students remain focused, relaxed, and stress-free. Discover how to start a meditation practice in college. With so many distractions at home, it can be difficult to remain focused on your studies. Discover some essential study habits for remaining productive at home. Students with children face a variety of obstacles in college. Find out what can be done to help parents in the college classroom. Learn how to incorporate adult life skills into a college curriculum and what to include. Balancing work and college is tough. Take the advice of Dr. Jessica Gold about staying mentally healthy while working your way through school. Learn from three college environmental clubs about the steps eco-conscious students can take to fight climate change and encourage a greener college campus. Concerned about attending a religious school as a secular student? Here, we offer tips and advice to help you find the right college for your needs. Some shit like that.