How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party in College

The Big Game is among the most enjoyable winter events in college. Read our guide to learn how to throw the best football party.

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Updated February 24, 2022

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How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party in College

Football is a central part of many students' college experiences. A lot of students love attending college football games, and the championship game in February offers another chance to get together with friends.

Both dorm rooms and off-campus houses can be great venues for a Super Bowl viewing party. Read on for fun party ideas, including options for football party food and drinks.

Creating the Perfect Super Bowl Viewing Party Atmosphere

The good news is that Super Bowl viewing parties require almost no decoration. Instead, you should focus on the snacks.

Depending on the amount of room at your place, most tailgate staples also work great for a football-viewing party. If you have a backyard, you can break out the grill and set up cornhole or pong tables.

If you don't have a big TV, consider asking a friend to bring theirs. You can also ask people to show up in football jerseys or their favorite team's colors.

3 Football Party Essentials You Need to Have

Most good sports-viewing parties include the same elements. Read on to learn about three must-haves for your get-together.

1. Guests

No party is complete without guests! Invite all your friends to your football party, even if they're rooting for different teams. Guests don't need a deep familiarity with football to have a good time. But if you really want to focus on the game, you may want to only invite hardcore football fans.

Consider how much room you have at your place, too, when deciding how many people to invite. Remember that everyone needs to be able to see the TV!

2. Tasty Food

The most popular game-day food items are staples like wings, pizza, nachos, and buffalo chicken dip. Chips, veggies, and cheese trays are also good snacks to have out on the table. You can find many of these items at your local grocery store.

To save money, you may consider hosting a potluck, asking each guest to bring a dish to share with the group.

3. Party Drinks

To make your party more inclusive, consider providing both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The under-21 crowd might enjoy fruit punch and soda, while others might prefer a keg or a bowl of spiked punch.

Since drink costs can start to add up for larger get-togethers, you may want to use a BYOB policy.

5 Things to Double-Check Before Your Super Bowl Viewing Party

Before opening the doors to your football party, double-check the five items below to ensure your party runs smoothly.

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