10 Podcasts for Hispanic and Latino/a Students

Curious about Hispanic and Latino/a culture? Check out these 10 podcasts to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.
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Nielsen data shows that Hispanic podcast listeners have doubled between 2018 and 2021. Digital media has risen in popularity over the past 20 years, and podcasts are more popular than ever.

Podcasts offer diverse listening experiences — from bite-sized fictional storytelling for short commutes to long-form journalism and interviews to listen to while studying or exercising.

Podcasts hosted by and for Hispanic and Latino/a people offer listeners the opportunity to learn about the many identities that shape these cultures. Podcasts also foster pride and connection for members of these communities.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these 10 podcasts that entertain and educate listeners about history, politics, financial independence, and pop culture.


"Diversifying" is a financial independence podcast hosted by Delyanne Barros. Barros's fascinating commentary examines our financial culture to demystify money and show listeners how to make money work for them. The show focuses on how the financial system works against many who identify as brown, especially women and single people. Barros, also known as Delyanne The Money Coach, explores why the traditional rules of money management no longer apply to new generations.

All Things Latina Podcast

"All Things Latina Podcast" offers information and advice for Latinas who want to grow in their businesses and careers. The show is hosted by Tani Estefy, an enthusiastic, insightful Latina. She offers "a kick of motivation" along with self-development coaching and tips on how to break away and heal from toxic generational beliefs. Topics include social media, self-doubt, self-inspiration, money in relationships, small business grants for women, and tips to negotiate pay raises.

This Latina Needs Therapy Too

On this weekly podcast, hosts Eli Ortega and Jackie Velasco share experiences that shape Latino/a hearts. A funny, relatable podcast, "This Latina Needs Therapy Too" blends true crime, culture, humor, and gossip to discuss a breadth of Latino/a issues. Listeners will find honest and vulnerable insights on navigating friendship breakups, romantic relationships, and mental health matters like coping mechanisms, supporting people with depression, and breaking toxic generational cycles in the Latino/a community.

Latino Rebels Radio

"Latino Rebels Radio" is a podcast that combines commentary and news to analyze U.S. Latino/a culture. Hosted by journalist Julio Ricardo Varela, "Latino Rebels Radio" includes reports on the January 6 hearings, the historic Puerto Rico status bill, and reflections on the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Guests join Varela to delve into certain topics, like the Latino/a pioneers of punk rock from Peru to Mexico to New York, and the institutional racism of the NFL.


"Tamarindo" is an empowerment podcast that discusses politics and pop culture and offers advice. The Oprah Magazine highlighted "Tamarindo" in a list of the best Latino/a podcasts for learning and laughing. Hosts Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino inform and inspire the Latino/a community through discussions of race, identity, gender, and representation. Each episode offers a Latino/a lens to media and culture, and guests appear to share their expertise on sex, entrepreneurship, and film.

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In The Thick

Award-winning journalists Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela host "In the Thick," a podcast that holds conversations about race, identity, and politics — stories not covered by mainstream news channels. Both journalists of color, Hinojosa and Varela discuss cross-racial solidarity, climate change, vaccines, rejecting assimilation, and the politics of COVID-19, among other fascinating, relevant topics. With diverse stories such as the American Myth, raising antiracist leaders, and the culture war on education, this podcast is for any Latino/a living in the U.S.

Basic Brown Nerds

Hosted by Joy Valerie Carrera, "Basic Brown Nerds" examines identity, unlearning, and living authentically for Latino/a listeners who are tired of being a "model minority." The show offers valuable insights for Latino/as who are building their lives and businesses and covers topics like ethical fashion, representation via the stories of undocumented immigrants, laughter as healing, and professional development. Guests come from various professions, including clinical psychology, business, poetry and performance art, finance, and tech.


"Hyphenated" is a podcast about living in the "hyphen" that connects American Latin culture. Hosts Joanna Hausmann and Jenny Lorenzo are Latina comics who discuss living as bicultural people in contemporary U.S. Listeners can laugh and learn about how reproductive rights affect us all, how corporate mergers result in canceled Latino/a TV shows, and how living with strange roommates can be maddening. "Hyphenated" guests appear to share insights on a variety of topics that include web series, business, and the music industry.

La Brega

Presented by WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios, "La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience," blends investigative journalism and narrative storytelling to explore la brega's influence on Puerto Rican life. "La brega" refers to unsolvable challenges that require one to hustle to overcome their struggles. Host Alana Casanova-Burgess defines and explores what la brega means among Puerto Ricans today, finding that "la brega" holds a sense of hope.

Bodega Boys

Until 2022, comedic pair Desus and Mero hosted "Bodega Boys," a long-running podcast renown for its satirical takes on pop culture. The podcast's popularity resulted in a media expansion that includes books and a late-night Showtime series that began on Viceland and lasted four seasons. While the Bodega Boys, whose real names are Daniel Baker and Joel Martinez, parted ways earlier this year to pursue separate creative endeavors, the podcast is still available online.