Hilarious Nursing School Memes You Have to See

It's no secret that nursing school will challenge you. But these hilarious nursing school memes can help you feel less alone as you earn your degree.
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  • Nursing school can be exciting, challenging, and sometimes hilarious.
  • Memes about nursing school capture the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • The humor and creativity of the nursing community shine in these memes.

In between studying for nursing exams, clocking clinical hours, and practicing on robotic patients, nursing students also have time to create memes. And those memes are downright hilarious.

From capturing the pressure of exams to the unique torture of nursing student clinicals, these are the best nursing school memes on the internet.

The Best Nursing School Memes on the Internet

Ready to dive into the funniest nursing school memes? Here's the silly, relatable, and dark humor memes that will help you get through nursing school.

Hilarious Nursing School Memes

  1. Made it through clinicals? Then you'll understand why this Michael Scott quote from "The Office" is a perfect description.

    It's easy to feel over your head as a nursing student, especially when you're surrounded by experienced nurses.

    @nurse_kiley An improversation #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nursetok #nurselife #nursehumor #clinicalexperience #clinicals #clinicalnursingstudent #theoffice #theofficememes ♬ Michael Scott _ Improversation - The Office

    But don't worry too much if clinicals start to feel like an improv conversation. One of the biggest challenges nurses face is staying on their feet whatever situation arises.

  2. Remember salt bae? Turns out nursing students can also appreciate a decorative touch. Nursing students get a lot of practice updating care plans. And ending each note with "will continue to monitor" definitely adds some flair.

    It doesn't take much digging to find nursing school memes about clinicals. There's a huge gulf between the clear descriptions in textbooks and the chaos of clinical practice. But that's why nursing students benefit so much from hands-on experience.

  3. Here's the truth: Clinicals can sometimes feel soul-crushing. Long hours, unglamorous tasks, and high expectations can leave nursing students stressed out. But there are some benefits of clinicals as a nursing student.

    @readysetnurse However clinicals are getting more fun now that I’m closer to graduation!!! #CapCut #fyp #nursing #barbiedogsdancing #nursingstudent #nurse #nursetok #registerednurse #rn #hospital #studentnurse #nursingclinicals #nursingschool #readysetnurse #healthcare #nursingstudenttips #nursingmeme #vitalsigns ♬ original sound - student nurse 💓

    As long as you've got your nursing school bestie by your side, clinicals can even be fun!

  4. Does it sometimes feel like you're barely hanging on? Every nursing student has been there: overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Well, here's the nursing school meme that understands your pain.

    @nurseloveofficial Barely hanging 😭😭😭 #nurselife #nursesoftiktok #nursetok #nursingschool #nursingstudent #nursememes #nurseloveofficial ♬ Blicky - Fresh X Reckless

    There's good news for nursing students in the trenches, though. Hang in and it does get better.

Dark Humor Nursing School Memes

  1. Sometimes dark humor is the best way to get through nursing school. After all, what nursing student hasn't experienced moments of regret? This nursing school meme captures the feeling exactly.

    As Instagram's nursingschool puts it, "It does not matter whether you found nursing school difficult or not, what matters in the end is if you persevered, worked hard, and became a nurse. It's also important to be a caring and compassionate person."

  2. Jennifer Lawrence's "Hot Ones" "what do you mean" meme is one of the hottest on social media right now. So it's not surprising that there's lots of new nursing school memes that use the clip.

    When it comes to clinicals, sometimes the work isn't glamorous. But someone's gotta do it.

    @codebluememes bro #nursesoftiktok #nursetok #foryoupage #fyp #nurselife #nursehumor #nursememes #nursingstudent #studentnurselife #nursingschool #nursingschoolhacks ♬ original sound - Code Blue Memes

    As mymuna.akter points out on TikTok, "It's such a small part of the job tho, like I'd much rather do patient care all day than monitoring lab values, doing assessments and documentation."

  3. The journey through nursing school, from the first day to graduation, can completely transform you — as this meme captures. Plus, it's packed with nursing school memes that you'll recognize.

    @random8lackguy4 Pretty much sums up nursing school #nursesoftiktok #nursingschool #fypシ #funny #memes #nursingstudent #nursetok ♬ Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin & Richard Wess And His Orchestra

    While some nursing students never finish the journey, others make it through to become exceptional nurses.

Nursing School Graduate Memes

  1. You thought nursing school was hard? Wait until after graduation. The cheerful days of nursing school might look very different after some work experience.

    But as veteran nurse shelleydismang says on Instagram, "Nursing is a calling, not just a paycheck."

  2. Ask a group of nurses about the hardest part of their job and you'll get a lot of different answers. But one comes up again and again: the night shift.

    It's no secret that the night shift is tough. And this Jamie Lee Curtis meme sums it up perfectly.

    @simplymadern #nursingschool #nursinghumor #nursefail #nursingschoolstruggles #nursingschoolhacks #nursehumor #nursingthings #justnursethings #justnursingthings #nightshifthumor #nightshiftmemes #nightshiftproblems #nightshifter #nightshiftlife ♬ original sound - peyton 🤍🩺⚕️

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. If you hate the night shift, you can try to switch to the day shift. But you just might discover that you miss the quiet of the night shift.

  3. Many seasoned nurses look back on nursing school fondly. Someday, you might even catch sight of the first-year nursing students and give them a toast. You'll know what's ahead for them, both the good and the bad.

    Nursing school challenges you — but it also builds lifelong connections and can transform you into a great nurse.