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Portrait of Stephanie Szitanyi, Ph.D.

Stephanie Szitanyi, Ph.D.

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  • Ph.D. Political Science, Rutgers University
  • MA International Relations and European Studies, Central European University
  • BA International Studies and French, Adelphi University

Stephanie Szitanyi, Ph.D., is a university administrator and diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist. She also authored "Gender Trouble in the U.S Military." Her op-eds have appeared in The Hill, New York Daily News, and Dame Magazine.

In her spare time, Stephanie conducts research on the use of stand-up comedy among military veterans and teaches courses on comedy and social activism as well as gender and war at several universities. Stephanie holds a Ph.D. in political science from Rutgers University.

Subject areas
University administrator, diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist

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