College TikTok’s Most Popular Influencers

As students increasingly use TikTok to discuss the ins and outs of the college experience, some are becoming influencers with large followings.
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  • Many students use TikTok to detail their experiences in college.
  • Some have become influencers, garnering millions of views for college content.
  • Students often create videos about studying, jobs, and their social lives.

College content on TikTok is continuing to grow, giving rise to a new type of influencer. Hashtags like #collegelife and #university each rack up billions of views, and creators add new higher ed videos every day.

Some creators on the app have dedicated their accounts to discussing the ins and outs of the college experience for incoming students. These college influencers use their platforms to tell prospective students what they wish they knew before starting school. They often share pointers for how to balance the responsibilities of being a college student and offer social and academic tips for navigating campus life.

Here are some of the most popular influencers on TikTok who discuss all things college.

1. Niki Patton, @niki_patton

Niki Patton has more than 1.7 million followers on TikTok and has shared dozens of college-related videos offering advice to incoming students. One of her most popular videos detailing the things you don't actually need in school has more than 12.6 million views. On her college playlist, she shares videos about move-in day, school parties, and safety tips for students.

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2. Gabriella Carter, @growingwithgabby

Gabriella Carter isn't your average college TikTok influencer. The current senior at Princeton University may have more than 244,000 followers on the app, but what makes her stand out is the business she's created as a scholarship coach. To continue her education at Princeton, Carter managed to earn over $2 million in scholarship funds and now uses her knowledge of the process to help others. In addition to giving tips and tricks about which scholarships to apply for and where, Carter has begun funding scholarships in her name for students.

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3. Taylor Donoghue, @taylordonoghuee

With more than 203,000 followers and a collective 9.4 million likes, Taylor Donoghue is a standout on college TikTok. The health sciences major at James Madison University is in her third year of school and uses her ever growing platform to discuss the ins and outs of college. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, including advice on how to handle homesickness, peer pressure, and communal bathrooms. She also discusses what you really need at school and shares a day in the life of a student during finals week.

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4. Taylor Dodd-Owens, @taylor.doddowens

Taylor Dodd-Owens is a current senior at Cornell University in New York. She has more than 138,000 followers on TikTok and has garnered a collective 8.7 million likes from her videos. On her account, she has shared study tips, advice on how to apply for top schools and jobs, and alternatives to studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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5. Bre McClarey, @bremcclarey

Bre McClarey has a growing following of more than 11,300 users. As a current student at Northeastern University in Boston, McClarey shares packing tips for college first-years, as well as pointers for how to find off-campus housing and manage competitiveness at a top school.

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