10 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop During Black History Month

Uplift diversity and support local economies by shopping at Black-owned businesses — a great way to celebrate and honor Black History Month.

portrait of Vanesha McGee, M.Ed.
by Vanesha McGee, M.Ed.

Published February 7, 2022

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10 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop During Black History Month

Black History Month is a great time to make purchases at some of the 124,000-plus Black-owned businesses across the country. We increase representation, visibility, and economic development when we shop with companies that uplift diversity. Supporting Black-owned businesses empowers local economies and helps close the racial wealth gap.

Celebrate Black History Month with a trip to one of the Black-owned businesses listed below. Check out their websites, make a purchase, and spread the word.

Bold Xchange

In 2020, founders Danielle Deavens and Doug Spencer unveiled a shopping platform that highlights products exclusively from Black-owned businesses. The duo created a space where people can make purchases and support Black culture.

Deavens asserts, "Bold Xchange isn't just a platform to find, shop, and fall in love with great products from Black-owned brands — it's also a social enterprise. As Bold Xchange grows, so do the Black-owned brands we partner with. Over time, we plan to help Black businesses survive and thrive so we can all build wealth for generations to come."

Products on the Bold Xchange website include clothing, home decor, and skincare items from over 20 brands. Bold Xchange also offers free priority mail shipping, a huge win in the online shopping experience.


ArtistsUntold is a Black-owned retail platform for Black and underrepresented artists. With a mission to support cultural appreciation and to uplift Black artists, ArtistsUntold requires no fees for artists to sell their products on the site.

The platform sells artist-designed apparel and fine art prints. ArtistsUntold also supports the sustainable restoration of African habitats by allocating funds from each purchase to tree-planting initiatives in Africa.

Actively Black

Former professional basketball player Lanny Smith founded Actively Black to increase Black representation in leadership roles within the athletic apparel industry. Actively Black works to improve awareness of healthy food options, physical exercise, historically Black college and universities' (HBCUs') athletics, mental health support, and social justice initiatives within Black communities.

Actively Black sells athleisure wear — shirts, tanks, shorts, hoodies, and a collection of athletic accessories and bags.

Shop at MATTER

Shop at MATTER is a revolutionary bookshop, retail store, and design consultancy. The shop sells resistance-focused books and products, including design tools, educational materials, best-selling books, fine art, stationery, home goods, and art supplies.

Each book and product is meaningfully chosen to represent forward movement. Shop at MATTER also hosts voting initiatives, a Black astronaut research project, and an ongoing book club.

We Buy Black

We Buy Black, launched in 2015, is a marketplace for Black-owned businesses to sell merchandise of all kinds. Founder Shareef Abdul-Malik's goal is to improve economic stability in Black communities.

You can purchase home decor, footwear, books, clothing, cleaning supplies, art, and more on the We Buy Black website. Independent sellers and small businesses use the platform to promote and sell their products alongside We Buy Black's self-branded items.

Wicks NOLA Candle Company

Wicks NOLA Candle Company, established in 2018, sells luxury candles and fragrances inspired by the spirit of New Orleans. With over 60 scents, Wicks NOLA offers natural and vegan-friendly candles, room sprays, wax melts, oils, diffusers, and branded merchandise.

Founder Tiffany Brown created Wicks NOLA to fill a need for environmentally friendly, clean-burning, beautifully scented candles. Her company now offers delightful scents created in her home state of Louisiana.


Miiriya provides a promotional platform for Black-identifying vendors to sell their products. The goal of Miiriya is to offer a convenient way for shoppers to support Black-owned businesses while circulating funds within Black communities.

Since independent vendors pay no fees to post or sell their products on Miiriya's website and app, they receive 100% of all profits. With products in fashion, decor, beauty, hair, and art, Miiriya offers options for all shopping needs.

Pholk Beauty

Founded by Niambi Cacchioli in 2018, Pholk Beauty is a botanical beauty brand that creates natural skincare products. Pholk offers face wash, toners, moisturizers, mists, masks, and more. Pholk matches your personal skin needs to its expansive product line. Pholk celebrates women of color by utilizing natural healing elements and herbalist wisdom from the African diaspora.

BLK & Bold

Founded by Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson in 2017, BLK & Bold is a coffee and tea company operating out of Iowa. BLK & Bold commits 5% of its profits to organizations that support youth programming and the elimination of youth homelessness.

BLK & Bold doubled its contributions to initiatives supporting disadvantaged youth in partnership with the NBA. BLK & Bold sells whole bean and ground coffee, steeped coffee, and loose leaf teas.

Speaking about the goals of the organization, Cezar stated, "One of the key accountabilities I want, that I would want the organization to have is to broaden our definition of consumers beyond coffee and tea and more of conscious consumers, and help educate them on what conscious can be beyond what we just offer."


Yowie, located in Philadelphia, was founded by Shannon Maldonado in 2016. The shop sells everything you need to create an inviting home space — artwork, books, scents, dishware, and bathroom accessories.

The Black-owned business also curates collections specific to individual needs. The Yowie online shop is always open. But stop by their storefront location for a more personalized home-shopping experience if you find yourself in the Philadelphia area.

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